Zara and the Gang

Hey guys, you’ve got to see what I’ve downloaded onto my phone.” Zara heard John say while she was getting a drink. John was one of her older brothers mates, along with Shane and Tom. They were all round Wayne, Zara’s brothers, new pad. He had only moved into the one bed apartment a couple of months ago. Now it was the summer holidays. Zara was preparing to go to collage having finished
school that year. Her brother was heading to the local university, hence the new place to live. Two of his mate, John and Tom, were also going to university. Shane was now working in the kitchen of a local restaurant, a job he had always wanted.

Today was the same as any other day hanging around with them for Zara. She had started when she was only just thirteen. The four of them had always been nice to her, in spite of her being two years younger. Strangely enough she never actually got with any of them. Even though she would admit they were fit. It just never seemed right, and none of the gang ever tried it on with her. Probably because she was Wayne’s little sister. He was the biggest, and toughest of the four.

Zara poured her drink heading back into the sitting room. The four guys were all huddled over John’s phone. Their eyes glued to whatever was happening on the screen. Zara headed over to try and see what it was. Unfortunately she could not see past them. She could, however, hear it. From the sounds coming from the phone they were watching some kind of porn. Rather than try to push in she cheated. Knowing how ticklish Shane was she reach under his arms and started to tickle him. He curled up to protect himself, letting her move into their circle. The four of them all looked up from the screen to her. Then back to the screen, all looking suddenly very guilty.

“I guess I should switch this off.” John said moving his finger to cancel the film. Zara stopped him with her hand.

“No, why, it looks like fun.” She said focusing her gaze on the film. It was of a typical porn woman, fake tits and make up. Who was being fucked by not just one guy, but rather a number. Zara counted at least five, but there may have been more. The woman was giving a good impression of enjoying it. As the different men took turns to fuck her. At more than one point the woman had a cock in her pussy, ass, and mouth. Zara found herself getting a little turned on by the film. The idea of having more than one guy taking her at a time was a fantasy of hers. Though she had never thought of having more than two before. Now however, she could quite happily use the film as a guide for what that was like.

“That wasn’t actually too bad, was it.” Zara said, when the film finally finished. The four guys all looked at her in shock. She smiled sweetly at them, revelling in their reactions.

“You liked that?” Shane said, Zara nodded.

“Yeah, it weren’t too bad for porn. Better than some of the films Wayne’s had.” She added with a cheeky look at her brother. She was rewarded by seeing him blush with embarrassment. Of course the other three all took the chance to add to Wayne’s discomfort with their own off colour comments. The look he gave her as his mates ribbed him for his porn told her that he was so going to get her back.

“You didn’t mind it at all.” John asked, obviously still getting his mind around that idea.

“No, looked like she was enjoying herself. But who can blame her with those guys taking turns with her. I bet that was good for her.” Zara told him, “I know if that was me I’d enjoy it.” She said, again aiming to shock them. Their initial reaction was shocked. Then they glanced between themselves, before looking back at her. Now the looks in their eyes was heated, rather than shocked. Zara swallowed softly, sensing what they were all thinking.

“You mean you would want to do that?” Wayne asked, his voice flat. Zara shrugged, for a second she considered saying no. Then thought, why should she. So, she nodded instead, staring him straight in the eyes.

“Yeah, I would.” She told him, just to make sure he understood. At her words the heat in the room suddenly increased. All four of them were staring at her, like they never had before. Suddenly she was not Wayne’s little sister, instead she was a nice young girl who they might have a chance with. It was a look she recognised, having had it more than a few times before. Zara knew that she was quite good looking. With a slender figure, and a pretty face. Dark eyes, a small nose and full lips. All topped off by long, straight raven black hair. Her only physical flaw was her thinness. No matter how much she had ever ate she had never got above a size six. So she had waif like looks, including the small breasts. If she had been only a few inches higher she could have been a model, but she had never managed to climb those last few inches.

None of this had ever seemed of interest to the gang before. Now she was not the girl that had known for years. Now they were looking at her like she was a hot, sexy woman. Her thin halter neck top and short skirt did nothing to cover her from their gaze. Not that she really wanted to be hidden. Having the four of them all looking at her like this was a serious turn on. Shane with his classic surfer dude blonde hair and tanned skin. Tom with his wild mop of dark hair and almost model good looks. John who was the smallest of the four guys, but still had deep intense eyes and a nice body. Even Wayne was physical good looking, with defined muscles and a face that matched hers. The five of them sat staring at each other for almost a minute, before Wayne spoke again.

“Do you want to do that with us.” He said, voicing the thought she could see on each of their faces. The fact that he seemed to have included himself for some reason failed to shock her as much as it should. She licked her lips, giving herself time to think. If she said yes, she could tell exactly what would happen. Part of her really wanted to say yes. Part of her was suddenly very wary. If they did this how would it alter the dynamic of their little group. Would the consequences mean that they split apart. How would Wayne handle the knowledge that the other three had fucked her. God, how would she manage if Wayne did include himself in the equation. She took a breath, now not as certain as before of her answer. She could see them hanging of her every move, waiting for her to respond. She opened her mouth, intending to say no. Then caught the look in Wayne’s eyes, a challenging look she knew so well. One he absolutely knew she could not resist.

“Yes, I do.” She said, blinking as she heard herself speaking the words. She knew exactly what Wayne had just done. She could guess why as well, pay back for her comment about his porn collection. As soon as she said the words the heat in the room went up. The four guys looked at her, their gaze burning into her. She took a deep breath in, swallowing against a throat that was suddenly dry. She licked her lips, wondering what would happen next. For about a minute nothing happened. Then Shane pushed himself up off the seat. He took hold of Zara’s hands pulling her to her feet. Moving her away from the table into the open space in the room. Zara was breathing heavily, her emotions a weird mix of fear, excitement, and anticipation. Shane lent down to kiss her, pressing his lips against hers. Not in a soft, romantic manner. Instead he seemed to be devouring her mouth. His lips crushing against hers. His tongue pushing into her mouth, twirling around it. As he kissed her, he reached up to undo the strap of her halter top. Sliding it down, exposing her naked breasts. He lent back, looking down at them. Zara did not have to look down, she knew exactly what her breasts looked like. Two small mounds of flesh pushing out from her chest. Each was topped by a large, dark nipple. Nipples that were suddenly tight and hard. Instead Zara watched Shane for his reaction. His face showed the sudden hunger the he was feeling. Zara felt her nipples tighten even more, at the same time she felt heat spreading from between legs.

Shane lent down to take one breast into his mouth. Sucking hard on the nipple, licking it all over. Zara moaned softly, arching her back. As she did her head connected with the chest of someone behind her. Glancing up, she just had time to see Tom’s face before he lent down to kiss her neck. She felt him pressing against her, pushing his whole body into her as he kissed her neck and shoulders. She rubbed her hips against him, feeling how hard he was. As he kissed her she felt him undoing the back straps from her top. He pulled it off, flinging it across the room. Shane had started to suck on her other breast. Licking it as he sucked the hard nipple. Tom began to kiss the side of her neck, and shoulders. Zara was caught between them, pressed into Tom. Reaching back with her hand she began to rub her fingers along Tom’s hard cock. She heard his soft hiss of pleasure. Smiling to herself she rubbed her hand along him. Then she began to use both hands to undo his jeans. Releasing his cock, feeling it wrapped in her hand.

Shane pulled back from her breasts. Zara quickly twisted round to face Tom. She dropped to her knees, slipped her lips over his cock. Drawing him into her mouth. Tom moaned deeply as she sucked him deep inside her mouth. Sliding her lips down him. She began to suck on him, moving her mouth up and down his cock. Just as she was starting to get a rhythm she felt movement beside her. Glancing over she saw Shane had pushed his jeans down. His hard cock pointing towards her. Zara wrapped her fingers around Tom’s cock rubbing at him as she turned to start sucking on Shane. Sliding her lips along him, sucking him into her mouth like she had Tom. She heard someone moving behind her. Pulling away from Shane she turned to look. It was John, he too had his cock out for her. With a happy smile Zara began to suck on him as well.

She moved between them, taking turns on each of their cocks. Sucking on them deeply as she did. When she was not sucking on them she was wanking them off with her hands. For a girl who liked sucking cock, she was in heaven. Zara knew some of her friends hated it, would not do it. They considered it demeaning or dirty. Zara loved it, loved the taste, the feel of a hard cock in her mouth. She even liked the taste of a guys cum. Which made her a minority of one amongst her friends. Even the ones who did suck on their boyfriends did not let them cum in their mouths. Ok, this was the first time Zara had ever had three cocks at once. She seemed to be handling it quite well from the moans of pleasure the three lads were giving her. She was interested by the differences in the three of them. Tom was the longer of the three, John the shorter but he was thicker than the other two. Shane came somewhere in the middle, but his cock was still nice and hard in her mouth.

She would have quite happily sucked all three off, However, as she was sucking on John she felt someone lifting her by the waist. She pulled her head back to look behind her. Shane was stood behind her, pulling her panties down and lifting her short skirt up. Knowing what he was going to do to her Zara smiled. Then turned her attention back to John. Sliding her mouth down his cock. able to take almost all of him in her mouth. She felt Shane pressing his cock against her, moving it until it was pushing at her pussy. His fingers wrapped around her hip, then he thrust into her hard. Her gasp was muffled by John’s cock as she felt Shane thrust inside her. Her pussy opening around the hard cock pushing into it. Shane began to push in and out of her. Sliding his cock deep into her. She gasped deeply around John’s cock as she felt Shane fucking her.

“God Zara you’re so wet and tight.” Shane murmured as he fucked her. His thrusts growing harder and faster. Zara lifted her head to glance back at him.

“Fuck me hard Shane.” She told him, “do me harder.” She gasped to him, urging him on. He reacted instantly, thrusting harder into her. Ramming his cock deep into her pussy. Zara gasped loudly as she felt him ramming into her. His cock piercing her, filling her. She turned back to John sliding her lips back around him. Pushing her mouth right down him. Using the motion of Shane’s thrusts to help her. John moaned softly, she felt him cupping her head as she took all of him into her mouth. She sucked hard on him, licking her tongue around him. Using all of her experience to give him the best blow job she could. All the time Shane was ramming into her. Thrusting his cock as deep inside her pussy as he could.

“Fuck Zara, I’m going to cum soon.” John hissed after a short while. Zara increased the pressure on him, wanting his cum in her mouth. Reaching down she squeezed his balls with her hand. Rubbing her finger at the sensitive spot just under them. “Fuck, fuck Zara yes.” John gasped, she felt his cock throbbing in her mouth. Holding her mouth still, she sucked hard on him. His cum exploded into her mouth. Jetting to the back of her throat. She swallowed, murmuring in pleasure at the feel of him cumming. She knew that her friends might consider her a traitor for enjoying it, but did not care. She held his cock deep in her mouth until he had finished cumming. All the time rubbing his balls with her hand. Only when she felt him pulling back did she release his cock.

As he pulled away, Shane increased the power of his thrusts. Slamming his hard cock into her fast and deep. Zara cried out, deep groans of pleasure at the feel of him pounding into her. His fingers dug into her hips, pulling her back against him. She sensed that he must be close to cumming. Luckily John had not moved too far away, which allowed her to cling to him. Otherwise Shane’s hard thrusts would have pushed her over. She could hear Shane grunting hard with each thrust. Ramming his cock deep into her.

“Shit, oh shit yes.” Zara cried out as the thrusts grew harder and faster.

“Zara, fuck I’m going to…” Shane grunted, “Oooohhh fuck yes, cumming.” He hissed as he rammed into her one final time. Zara gave a soft moan as she felt his cum pump into her body. His cock pushed deep into her pussy as he came inside her. She felt him shuddering with his orgasm. Pushing himself into her, holding his cock deep in her pussy. Then he released her, stepping back, gasping hard for breath. Zara had no time to recover from his fucking her. Tom grabbed her hand and pulled her across the room. He squatted down on the one chair, pulling her onto his lap. She reached down to his cock, holding it still as she climbed onto his lap. Guiding him into her, she sank down onto him with a soft moan of pleasure. Tom matched her moan with his own. She slid down him until he was totally inside her. His cock pushing up into her deeply. She was sure she could feel him pressing against her cervix. Slowly she began to move on him. Sliding herself up and down him. Feeling her pussy opening around him each time she dropped onto him. His cock pushing deep into her body. Once she became used to the feel of him inside her she began to move faster. Sliding along him, riding him with quick but deliberate movements. Simply enjoying the feel of him inside her. From the soft moans and gasps Tom was making he was enjoying her as much as she was enjoying him.

“Yes Zara, ride my cock girl.” He hissed as she began to move slightly faster on him. His hands resting on her thighs as she moved up and down. Zara bit her bottom lips softly, gasping loudly as she rode him. Enjoying the feel of his long cock pushing into her. Then she caught something out of the corner of her eyes that made her stop. Turning she looked at her brother, who was rubbing something over his cock. Some kind of liquid gel out of a tube.

“What’s that?” She asked him, her voice a little shaky. Up until then she had not known if he was going to join in. Had not known if she wanted him to join in, he was her brother after all. Now it seemed like he was, she was nervous but also excited by the idea. Wayne looked at her, his eyes hot with lust.

“I’m going to make this a proper gangbang sis.” He told her, “I’m going to fuck your ass while you’re riding Tom.” Zara felt her eyes go wide in shock.

“You what?” She gasped as he moved towards her.

“You heard me Zara, I’m going to fuck your tight little ass while you ride my mate.” A shiver of fear ran through her as he knelt down behind her. He had to be joking right. When he parted her buttocks, she quickly realised he was not, . Tom had suddenly gripped her thighs, as if to hold her down. Not that Zara could move, she was frozen in shock. She felt Wayne pressing his cock against her. It felt slick from the gel on it. He pushed it against her ass. Pushing it into her slowly. Zara lent forwards burying her head into the back of the chair. Gasping hard as she felt her brother pushing his cock into her ass. He felt so thick, so hard as he slowly opened her up. A sharp jolt of sensation, almost pain, flashed up her spine. She grunted hard as he pushed against her. For a moment it seemed as if he would not be able to enter her. Then he suddenly was inside, pushing his cock up into her ass. Zara squealed loudly at the shock of him being in her. Wayne held himself inside her, his cock buried totally in her ass. He lent forwards to whisper in her ear.

“You ever had a cock up your ass before little sis.” Zara shook her head. Not trusting herself to be able to speak. “Um so I’ve taken you anal virginity then.” He told her as he pulled back. Then thrust up into her again. Zara arched her head back, gasping hard as she felt him thrust into her ass. A sharp jolt of sensation flashed through her. Wayne began to thrust in and out, slowly at first. Pushing his cock deep into her ass. Zara grunted with each thrust, biting on her bottom lip to keep from squealing. Then she felt Tom thrust up into her. She gasped hard at the sudden change in sensation. The two of them began to take turns in fucking her. Wayne pushing into her ass, followed by Tom thrusting up into her pussy. Zara caught between them, caught in a mix of sensations.

The wild mix of sensation swirled in her head. Deep pleasure from Tom’s long cock pushing up into her pussy. Followed by sharp jolts of feeling flashing from Wayne’s cock pushing into her ass. She gasped, cried out, squealed as the pair began to increase the power of their thrusts. Each pushing harder, faster into her. She clung to the back of the chair, her face buried in the material. Tom began to suck on her breasts as they were pushed against his face. Zara hissed, arching her head back at the added feeling it caused. Tom gripped her hips as he thrust up into her, while Wayne gripped her shoulders. The two were now fucking her hard. No longer in unison, rather they were ramming in and out wildly.

Zara was caught between them. Almost impaled upon their hard cocks as the two men fucked her hard. Slamming into her pussy and ass with deep, fast thrusts. Her brain was overwhelmed by the mix of sensations. She did not even notice when the feel of Wayne’s cock in her ass went from sharp discomfort, to even sharper pleasure. Now she was crying out in passion as they fucked her hard. Her brain so confused by the mix of sensations that it took her several seconds to realise how close to cumming she was.

“Oh shit, shit, I’m, oh yes I’m close to…” She gasped loudly as the two continued their sexual assault on her body. Tom was still moving from breast to breast. Sucking and licking on each small mound, focusing on her hard nipples. Sending added sensations flashing to her groin. Where they joined the molten heat between her legs. She felt Tom lower one hand between her thighs, pressing his thumb against her clitoris.

“Shit, shit, oh god shit.” Zara screamed as just the touch of his thumb sent her over the edge. Her orgasm blasted through her, making her whole body shudder with the feeling. She heard Tom hiss as she came. Behind her Wayne grunted hard.

“Christ.” He snarled as she shuddered around him. The two men suddenly increased their thrusts. Slamming their cocks into her hard.

“OH SHIT!” Zara screamed at the sharp increase of feeling at the very peak of her orgasm. She arched back against Wayne, gasping as their repeated thrusts seemed to send her orgasm into overdrive. Then, as if her cumming had been some sort of cue, they both came. First Tom, slamming up into her, grunting hard as he came inside her. Then Wayne, ramming his cock deep into her ass. Whispering her name in her ear as he emptied himself into her. She hung between them, pinning by their cocks inside her. Trapped tightly by their bodies as they impaled her. Emptying themselves into her body. She gasped loudly, her whole body shaking as she felt them cumming inside her.

Wayne pulled away shortly after he pumped the last of his cum into her ass. When she felt him moving she slowly lifted herself off Tom. He remained in the chair breathing hard. Zara matched him, gasping in deep gulps of air. Her body shaking from the fucking the pair had just given her. She staggered to one side, resting her hand on the sofa to try and remain standing. However, her legs were too shaky. She slid to the floor, gasping hard for breath. For a few moments she closed her eyes, just focusing on breathing. Then she felt hands behind her, pulling her back. Glancing round she saw John pulling her towards him. She felt him pressing his cock against her. Sliding it between her legs, then between her buttocks. Only then did she realise what he was about to do.

“God, you’re not going to. Shit!” She squealed as he thrust his thick cock into her ass. She felt herself opening around him. Felt him pushing himself right into her ass. He began to fuck her hard and fast. Not starting slowly, instead simply ramming his cock into her. She squealed loudly, gasping with each hard thrust into her. He reached up to grab her hair, wrapping his fingers in it. Pulling her head back, arching it towards him. All the time keeping up the repeated thrusts into her ass. Sharp jolts flashed through her with each thrust. Without the alternating sensation of a cock in her pussy she was at the mercy of the feeling his cock caused in her ass. The feeling was of sharp thrusts, almost on the edge of uncomfortably sharp. Just not quite getting that bad. If he had been as long as he was thick she knew he would have been too much. As it was she could just take him in her ass.

Zara gasped, mewed, squealed as he slammed into her. Her eyes closed tight against the assault on her ass. She felt someone pressing his cock against her mouth. Opening her eyes she looked up, saw Shane stood above her. His eyes flashed with lust as he pushed his cock against her mouth. Zara automatically opened her lips, letting him push into her. She sucked hard on him, sliding her lips along his cock. Taking as much of him in her mouth as she could. Reaching up to wrap her fingers around the base to hold him steady. She began to slide her mouth along him. Using the motion of John’s hard thrusts to aid her. Sucking hard on Shane, licking her tongue over him. His cock muffling her squeals as John’s thrusts grew faster and harder.

John was gripping her hip and shoulder now. Pulling her back onto him as he thrust into her. Grunting hard as he rammed inside her ass. Shane had his hand cupping the back of her head. Moaning as she sucked on him, taking his cock deep into her mouth. Lowering her lips down until they met her fingers. Sucking hard on him. Licking her tongue over him. Both of them were moaning her name, showing her how good she made them feel.

“God Zara, fuck your ass feels so good.” John moaned as he slammed into her repeatedly. Ramming his cock up into her, filling her with him.

“Oh baby, suck my cock. Yes, suck it.” Shane murmured as she lowered her lips down on him. She could feel him throbbing softly in her mouth. At the same time John’s thrusts were growing wild, hard. She knew instinctively that they were both close to cumming. Reaching up she cupped Shane’s balls, squeezing them softly as she sucked hard on him. At the same time she clenched her buttocks tight, squeezing her ass around John. Both came at almost the same time. Grunting and gasping as they emptied themselves into her mouth and ass. Zara happily swallowed Shane’s cum as it pumped into her mouth. Even as she felt John’s cum pumping into her ass. The two men moaned as they came in her, holding their cocks inside her until they had emptied themselves totally in her.

Zara sank down to the floor as soon as them pulled away. Rolling onto her back, gasping hard for breath. Her body was sore, filled totally by cum. She was covered in sweat from the repeated fucks she had been given. Her lungs all but screamed for air as she took in deep gulps. She was so shaky that she doubted she could walk for several minutes. She stared up at the ceiling gasping hard, waiting for her body to recover. She was not given that chance.

Wayne climbed on top of her. His eyes blazing with lust as he did. He pushed her thighs open, she felt his cock sliding down her leg. He felt so hard, so hot against her skin. Then he was pressed against her pussy. With a hard thrust he slammed into her. She gasped hard at the sheer power of his thrust. Then continued to gasp as he began to slam repeatedly into her. Fucking her hard, fast, deep. Ramming his cock totally into her. Shocking her body totally, rocking her to her core. She could see in his eyes that he had no intention of being loving, gentle. He was taking her hard, wildly. Fucking her with his hard cock, slamming it in and out with fast thrusts. Zara responded in kind, her body reacting on instinct. Wrapping her legs around him she pushed her groin upwards. Matching each of his thrusts with one of her own. Letting him slam his cock as deep into her as it could go. She squealed loudly at the force of his thrusts. Riding the sensations he was causing in her. Heat was growing rapidly between her legs where his cock slammed into her. Spreading out into her body in strong waves. She clawed at the carpet as he kept pounding into her. Fucking her hard, fast. Ramming his cock deep inside her. She pushed up at him, taking him totally into her body.

“Shit, oh yes, shit.” She grunted with each hard thrust. Her whole body felt like it was on fire, ready to explode around her. “Yes, yes, oh god yes. Wayne, oh bro yes. Shit, SHIT, SHHHIITTT!” She screamed as she exploded with her orgasm. The fire turned to a blaze within her. Every nerve ending flashing as if struck by lighting. She bucked under him, only his weight keeping her pinned to the floor. He grunted hard, lowering himself down until he was resting his whole weight on her. He kissed her neck, shoulder, breasts as she came. Then wrapped his arms under her. Hooking his hands over her shoulders.

As her orgasm died he began to slam into her with even greater force. Ramming in and out, rapid, hard thrusts. Zara squealed loudly, clinging to him as he took her. Fucking her with all his strength. Slamming into her hard, his cock like a piston. Ramming in and out, hard inside her. She called out his name, clawing at his back as the force of his thrust slammed through her. Shaking her waif like body to it’s very core. She felt herself breaking under him, shattering as another orgasm began to start. Just as it did he called out her name. Ramming his cock into her and cumming. Zara shattered around him with her orgasm. If the previous one had been big, this was overwhelming. She lost all ability to speak, think, even make coherent thought. All she could do was scream with passion as her body shuddered with the power of the orgasm.

She vaguely felt Wayne climbing off her after he had emptied himself inside her. Laying on the floor her vision was glazed from the after effects of the orgasms she had experienced. She closed her eyes, waiting until she felt able to open them again. When she did she saw the four of them stood over her. Looking down at her, she smiled up at them.

“Now if this is going to end properly.” Wayne began.

“We’ve got to all cum on your face now.” John finished for him. Zara blinked up at them. Forcing herself to remember the video on John’s phone. Yes, the guys in that had all cum on the girls face at the end. Slowly she pushed herself up onto her knees in between them.

“Well if you all think you’re up for it.” She said to them, flicking her gaze between them. Instantly the four of them began to wank themselves off. Rubbing their hands along their cocks. Zara watched for a moment, then decided to help. She began to move between them. Sucking each of them into her mouth. Sliding her lips along their hard cocks. Doing her best to make them cum as quick as she could. Taking turns to slide her mouth as far down them as she could. It was not often that she took all of a guys cock in her mouth. For them she did, for this. Pushing her mouth down each of them. Until she could curl her lips around the very base of their cocks. From their moans of pleasure she guessed how effective a ploy it was. Soon enough she was proved right.

They came in quick succession. John and Shane almost cumming together. Their hot cum splashing onto her face and neck. Into her open mouth, covering her. Then Wayne came, grunting as he aimed his cum onto her face. Zara had to close her eyes as it splash over them. Finally Tom came, first aiming into her mouth. Then down to splash the last drops onto her breasts. She knelt in front of them, rubbing her fingers over her body. Rubbing their cum into her skin. Then, slowly, licking her fingers clean. She knew what she looked like. Knelt on the floor, her hair matted, her body glistening with sweat. Covered by their cum, and licking her fingers clean. She did not care because she could see the desire in their eyes.

“Maybe we should do this again some time.” She said to them. “Just not tonight.” She added quickly, the four of them nodded. Their faces showing their lust. Something in Wayne’s eyes caught her attention. She sensed that he wanted to have her one time when he was not sharing her. The heat in his eyes seemed to flash to between her legs. She knew that when he wanted her, she would be their