The Photographer Actress Hot English Sex Story

Sondra Holm was late, by about half an hour, for her modeling appointment. She was late because she had been fucking. She had been fucking Noel Nouveau, her S.L.U.T. friend and notoriously famous porn star.

It was Noel who had set up the modeling appointment for Sondra. The flame-haired fuckstar had dropped by Sondra’s place the night before to see that Sondra was prepared for her first professional photo shoot. The two, as sluts do, had gotten to sex soon enough.

Watching some of Noel’s porn scenes over the Internet, fingering their clits, licking each other’s pussies and assholes, they screamed and creamed and climaxed again and again all night long. Thus Sondra was late getting out of bed the next morning. She wasn’t tired; the sex with Noel had been earnest and loving and satisfying. She had slept deeply and well, awaking well energized, so well energized that she and Noel had to go at it again. The two wanton women could easily have spent the whole day in tongue-to-twat activity, but both had appointments to keep. Noel had headed off after a quick breakfast and a final kiss “For good luck” on Sondra’s tangy twat to a video shoot in the Simi Valley and Sondra had driven to the studio of Richie Gertmann.

And she was half an hour late. She would have preferred, she thought, to be so late as to make the photographer cancel. Though she delighted, like all the S.L.U.T.s, in showing off her body, she had rarely permitted nude photographs of herself to be taken. Sondra had modeled before for three different swingers magazines, and had appeared on the cover of two but always partially covered or dressed in lingerie or bra and panties. This time she would be fully nude; a full spread-legged photo set for “Playful Partners”, a national swingers publication.

Sondra was excited, nervous and incredibly horny as she entered the studio located in a modest West Hollywood neighborhood. She had met the photographer, Richie Gertmann, through Noel and two other S.L.U.T. friends, Lesiah Thrace and Chloe Veiel who were also in the porn business when she had visited them on the set of a hard-core photo shoot a few weeks past. Richie had photographed many of the top porn stars for magazines and video box covers. He had balled many of them too. Sondra had less interest in posing for Richie than in balling him, but she was sure that the one would lead to the other.

The brawny photographer greeted her with a friendly hug, his massive arms wrapping tightly around her thin waist. Richie reminded her, and most people, of an overgrown teddy bear. His look seemed ill suited to his sensitive nature, to his tremendous talent with camera. He was a burly, outgoing, flamboyant individual. “How the hell are you, baby?” he roared in greeting as he crushed her to his huge frame. “You look great.”
“Fine. I am fine.” She looked up into his twinkling blue eyes. “And nervous. A little.”

“Nothin’ t’be nervous about, cupcake.” He led her further into the studio. “We’ll take it nice and slow.” They walked along a corridor lined with Richie’s photographs, arrived at his office, the walls of which were also covered with images he had created. The sight of these images of scores of women and men in sexually explicit status was, somehow, comforting to Sondra.

“Drink?” he asked, and she nodded an affirmative.

The Swedish swinger looked over the pictures as Richie poured their drinks. A deeply tanned woman sucking the cock of a pale, fat man; three big-dicked men spewing cum on a young brunette; a tiny woman smiling as she stuffed her rectum with the large end of a champagne bottle; two couples making love on a verdant hillside; Lesiah standing with pelvis thrust forward pissing or ejaculating female cum, Sondra couldn’t be sure, toward the camera; Noel with cunt, ass and mouth crammed with hard cock; Noel and Chloe in a woman-to-woman love licking; Chloe with a speculum in her ass; Noel and Lesiah with faces covered in the sperm of at least a dozen cocks; and scores more.

Sondra and Richie sipped wine and chitchatted about anything and nothing for a while. Sondra learned that the photographer had been in Sweden recently, quite near her hometown of Sundbyberg, shooting photos sets for several European porn magazines. A busy ten days, he said, but he had been happy with the resulting photographs, and happy to have made it with thirteen of the sixteen models he had used for the shoots. He was from a small town in Montana where he discovered a love of photography working for the newspaper run by his father, had had sexually transmitted diseases only twice in his life, was currently working on a book to showcase the best of his erotica, and would be off to another photo shoot, this time in Aruba, the first of next month.

Little, if any, of what Richie told Sondra about his background was true, but, he had discovered, his models worked best if they felt they knew a little something about him. He had never told the same story to more than one model. But whatever he told them always seemed to help them to relax and thus he was able to get the best results.
One of the bearlike photographer’s assistants knocked on the jamb of the open office door. “Ready anytime you are.” he informed his boss. “We’ve got everything all set up.”

“Thanks, Jeremy.” Richie indicated Sondra. “This is Sondra Holm, our model. That’s Jeremy. He and his brother help me out ’round here.”

Richie stood, held out a hand to Sandra. “If you’re ready, let’s get to it.”
The three walked to a small set made to look like something like a Victorian bedroom. While the photographer gave final instructions to Jeremy and his other assistant, Jeffrey, Sondra went behind a screen and changed into the lingerie Richie had provided. She had supplied him with her measurements when she had agreed to do the shoot and he had gotten some sensual outfits at LA Lingerie in Hollywood.

Once the camera was clicking, Sondra felt completely at ease. All she had to do was act sexy, and she certainly knew how to do that. She flashed her titties, wiggled her butt and spread her legs, and all the time got more and more horny. It was she who made the first overt move toward sex, though everyone knew it was coming.

Throughout the shoot she said things like: “So you like my tits, my soft, fleshy tits with their hard nipples.” and “Look at my asshole. See how easily my three fingers go in. Wouldn’t you like your cock in there, in my ass hole” and “Oh yes, I just love showing off my pussy for men. See it all nice and pink and wet, and I’ll bet you would love to lick it, to stick your tongue inside and lick it all up.”

And when Richie set the camera down for a moment to adjust one of the lights, Sondra said: “Why don’t you?”


“Come on, Richie. You’ve got eight rolls of pictures of me. Enough. I can see the bulges in your pants. I can tell there are three hard cocks that want me. C’mon, guys, fuck me now.” Sondra’s legs were spread and her fingers were buried deep in her creaming cunt. It was an invitation none of the men had any intention of declining.
Richie pulled down his pants and walked to the bed. As he removed his shirt, Sondra could see that he was very much a bear of a man with coarse brown hair covering most of his body. Jeremy and Jeffrey undressed also and moved closer to the bed.

At this point Sondra was wearing only a garter belt, stockings and heels. Richie buried his face between her bare breasts, then licked left, then right. The Swedish sexpot had sensitive nipples and she enjoyed having them sucked, had, in fact, experienced orgasm on an occasion or two from lots of long, intense stimulation of them, but her need to cum was urgent; she wanted to waste no time getting him inside her.

His cock was already hard; she could feel it pressing against her thigh. She shifted her weight, got her cunt where she wanted it, notched over the head of Richie’s cock. “Ummm…. Drive it into me. I’m so wet for you.”
“Oh yeah, sweetie pie. All right.” Richie thrust his hips forward and seven of his nine inches burrowed into Sondra’s craving cunt hole.

She threw her legs up to better accommodate him and soon the photographer was plowing all of his cock into her, pounding in and out, the two-hundred ten pounds of the muscular man pleasuring her pussy. In minutes she experienced a mind-blowing orgasm. She tensed, screamed and relaxed, pleased to feel hot jets of Richie’s cum spewing deep into her.

Then, as the hairy stud rolled away, Jeffrey pounced on her and began pumping his cock into her fuck hole. Sondra was glad to see and feel that he was in the same class of cock-size as Richie. Looking to her left, she saw that Jeremy was equally well endowed.

Sondra held her feet back by her ears, thrust her fuck hole upward, opening as much as possible to Jeffrey’s amorous assault. He pounded away in a manner similar to what Richie had done. Soon Sondra and Jeffrey received the same reward of their actions as she and Richie had; intense orgasm and a hot outpouring of sperm.
Jeremy had a go with Sondra next. Barely had Jeffrey gotten off, and off of Sondra before his brother’s cock was right there, right where Sondra wanted it. Jeremy too pounded away at her upturned pussy.
Sondra had caught on to the game quickly. Clearly the photographer and his assistants had played it many times before. They had worked out a process of pleasure that worked for them. S.L.U.T. Sondra gave in to the game and enjoyed it.
Richie mounted her again, then Jeremy, then Richie, then Jeffrey, then Jeremy and Richie finishing up, the men producing four more loads of cum in the process. Sondra’s pussy was now loaded with sperm. What, she wondered, did they have in mind next?

“Keep your legs up like that. Good. Thanks.” Richie rested one of his big hands on the backs of her thighs to help her hold her legs up. Her legs had been up for most of the hour that the three men had spent pumping their hot cum into her. “Bring it over, boys, bring it over.”

The brothers placed a glass top table by the foot of the bed. Richie helped Sondra to stand over the table. She held her hands over her pussy pressing the lips as tightly closed as she could. Jeffrey got under the table with a camera.
“Let her rip,” Richie said, and Sondra did. Laughingly she pulled her pussylips apart and let the men’s cum begin to flow out. Their was a lot of it and it dribble nicely down onto the table top. Jeffrey clicked pictures.
Then Sondra bent over and began licking up the cum from the table, her long tongue snaking out to get every drop. She smiled at Jeffrey under her as he clicked off several shots. “Ummmm. That is so tasty. I just love hot cum.” She licked the tabletop clean.
Later, Sondra was alone with Richie. The assistants, Jeremy and Jeffrey, had packed up the equipment, straightened up the studio and washed the glass tabletop. While this was going on Sondra had showered in a little cubicle next to Richie’s office, toweled herself dry. She was still naked when she walked into his office.
“You can get dressed, sweetums”, the photographer said. “We’re done. I’ve got your check right here.”
“Can you get your dick hard?” she asked as if she hadn’t heard what he had said, or didn’t care.
“I guess. Yeah. Sure.” He felt his hardening organ through his trousers. Just the thought of one more fuck with S.L.U.T. Sondra was arousing him.
“Good. Because I need one more load of your cum in me for the road, I think, is the expression.”
Richie unzipped his pants and showed his almost fully hard cock. Sondra stood over him, legs outside his, then lowered her hot cunt onto Richie’s upward pointing organ.
“That’s very good.” The Swedish sensualist commenced a gentle rhythmic motion with her hips. It was just enough to bring pleasurable sensations to both of them but not enough to get either of them off. “This way we will both last a good long time. Yes?”

“Yes,” the photographer affirmed. Her pert breasts were pressed against his chest. He took hold of her smooth ass.
“Yes? Good. Then you can tell me the true story of your life.”
“Huh?” He tried to look as though he hadn’t been caught in a lie, and was sure the look hadn’t worked.
“Didn’t you think I would talk to my friends Lesiah and Noel and Chloe? And that they would talk to each other and to other women you had… been with? Didn’t you think that? I guess not. So now you will tell me the true story. Yes?”
He did.
– The End –