The Neighbor’s Daughter Cynthia’s Request

It had been several weeks since 17-year-old April had made her last visit to Henry’s home. He had continued to occasionally see Tasha’s mother, Helen. Thank goodness he still had a good supply of the little blue pills. With them, he had been able to keep Helen’s pussy and ass well fucked.

As he lounged around the house on a Friday afternoon, he noticed the school bus pull up in front of his neighbor’s house. Thirteen-year-old Cynthia bounded off and ran into her home. Henry returned to watching his favorite court show on TV.

A few minutes later, there was a knock at Henry’s door. It was no surprise when he found a smiling Cynthia waiting as he opened the door. She had changed out of her school clothes and was dressed much more casually. Tight blue jeans and a cut-off T-shirt were her normal at home attire.

“Hi sweetheart. You come to feed the dogs?” He asked as he let her in.

“Yeah.” Cynthia replied as she entered and headed toward the pantry where the dog food was kept. Henry’s dogs jumped up and followed her. They knew it was dinner time. Cynthia fed them far more often than their owner did.

Cynthia was a small thing. She stood just over 5’2″ tall and didn’t weigh much more than 100 pounds. Henry followed the cute young teen with his eyes until she rounded the corner into his kitchen. He enjoyed the way her tight little butt wiggled in her jeans as she walked. Her brunette hair was pulled back into a ponytail that bounced with each step she took. The cutoff tank top she wore left most of her smooth tummy and back exposed.

While Cynthia fed and petted his dogs, Henry returned to his TV. A short time later, Cynthia came back to the living room and stood directly in Henry’s line of sight to the TV. He figured she wanted her usual hug. She was an affectionate young thing and almost always wanted a hug before she headed home.

“You finished feeding, hon?” Henry asked. He stood and hugged her small body snugly to his own.

Cynthia hugged him back and answered. “Yeah. Everybody’s been fed.” As she hugged him, she seemed to rub her chest into his upper abdomen. She had been doing that more and more lately.

Henry had not been blind to the fact that Cynthia was beginning to grow a small set of tits. He figured there was no harm in letting her get a thrill by rubbing them on him through her clothes and his.

“Thank you, sweetheart.” Henry released Cynthia and sat back down. Instead of saying ‘bye’ and leaving, as she usually did, she remained standing in front of Henry.

Henry could see she was nervous. She was fidgeting with her hands, twisting her feet into the carpet, and acting like she wanted to say something.

“Are you OK, Cynthia? What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Nothing. Nothing’s wrong.” She answered.

“Then why are you trying to wring you hands off and paw a hole in my carpet. Tell me what’s bothering you, Honey. You know you can tell me anything.” Making his voice a little firmer, Henry continued. “Now, spill it! What’s up, girl?”

“Well, I…uuuhh…would you…I mean….”

“It’s OK Cynthia. Spit it out.”

“OK! I want you to do to me what you did to Candy and Tasha!” The young teen blurted out.

Henry was clearly shook. He tried to play dumb. “What do you mean, Cynthia? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” It was Henry’s turn to be nervous.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be nosey, but I was walking past Candy’s bedroom door when I heard her and Tasha talking. Tasha said it sure made her pussy sore and Candy said hers had been sore too. I couldn’t help it. I had to keep listening then. They said that after the soreness went away, they loved it. Tasha said she would never have guessed you had such a wonderful tongue and big… ahh… er… cock. Candy laughed and said she wished she could visit you every day. They talked about all the things you did to them and how excited it made them feel. I want to feel that way too. Please?”

“I am going to have a talk with Candy. She and Tasha talk far too much. Cynthia, honey, I’m sorry, but you a much too young to know about the things Candy and Tasha were talking about.”

“I’ll be fourteen in a few weeks. I think I’m old enough. I’m getting strange feelings down there between my legs and my boobs are growing too. See!”

With one swift move, Cynthia pulled her tank top over her head and tossed it to the floor. She stood frozen in front of Henry showing him her blossoming breasts. She held her arms straight down her sides with her hands clinched into fists. Her breasts weren’t exactly grown yet, but they held the promise of developing into a nice set of tits with time. They were about the size of somewhat flattened tennis balls. They were topped by puffy pale pink areolas that were each about the size of a quarter with a pea sized nipple centered in each one. “See? They’re growing.”

“Sweetheart, they’re lovely and very tempting, but you’re still only thirteen-years-old.”

Cynthia’s deep blue eyes began to tear up. “I know, but I still want you to make me feel good like you did with Candy and Tasha. Please, Henry.”

Henry didn’t want to hurt his little friend so he figured he’d try to frighten her. Maybe if he could scare her out of wanting to be so intimate with him. He reached out and took a small boob in each hand. After massaging them for a few seconds, he tweaked the nipples and said. “Yes, I see you’re growing a nice pair of tits.”

Henry then swiftly spun Cynthia around so she faced away from him. He reached around her chest and
covered a boob with each hand. They were much less than a handful each. He stood and pulled her to him. With her back firmly pressed to his chest, he continued massaging her little boobs. He began kissing and licking her right ear and neck. He shifted his left hand to wrap his arm around the small girls chest and squeezed her right boob. He let his right hand slide down to her belly and rub circles on her soft mid-section.

Henry didn’t get the frightened affect he had hoped for. Instead, Cynthia had unclinched her hands and laid her head back on his left shoulder. She moaned in delight as Henry fondled her.

He had one last idea to discourage his young friend. As she cooed on his shoulder, Henry flattened his hand against her belly and somewhat roughly, shoved it down her belly and into her tight jeans.

Cynthia gasped and stiffened when Henry’s hand pushed into her pants and cupped her virgin, panty covered pussy. Rather than become frightened and run away as Henry expected, she quickly relaxed and laid her head back on his shoulder again.

That was when he noticed her panties were damp. ‘Damn, this little gal is getting excited, not scared. Her pussy is getting wet.” He thought to himself.

Other than moaning and cooing, Cynthia had not said a word while Henry had fondled her.

He gave her damp pussy a squeeze and took both of his hands off her. He was the one who was a bit frightened. He was fondling a thirteen-year-old’s tits and wet pussy.

“Cynthia, please, put your top back on and go home. Let me think about this for a day or two.” He then kissed her forehead and patted her butt as if shooing her away.

Cynthia bowed her head and walked out of Henry’s door. She looked like her puppy had just died. Henry felt so sorry he had made his little friend feel bad by not giving her the thrill she wanted.

Later that night, Henry called Cynthia’s mother, Janie. He asked her to come over for a few minutes after the kids were in bed. She happily agreed.

Janie showed up on Henry’s door step at a little after midnight. She was wearing one of her baby-doll nighties under a thin robe. With a broad grin, she stepped in, tossed her robe off, and asked. “You wanted to see me? Well, here I am. What can I do for you?”

“Yes, I wanted to see you, but not for sex. We need to talk about your daughter.” Henry said as he handed her robe back.

“Yes, I know. Candy does talk much too much. I’ve told her not to discuss what you’ve done with her and Tasha. I’ll….”

“No!” Henry interrupted. “I’m talking about Cynthia. She came over to feed the dogs this afternoon and asked me to make her feel good like I did for Candy and Tasha. She had overheard them talking in Candy’s room. And now she wants me to make her feel good too.”

“My God, Henry. She’s only thirteen. I didn’t know she had sexual feelings yet.” Janie seemed shocked.

“Well, she does! And she wants me to scratch that itch for her. What the hell are we going to do about her? I don’t want to hurt her feelings, but, at her age, I can’t do for her what I did for the other girls.”
I don’t know, Henry. She has always been overly affectionate toward men. She’s also been very strong willed when she wants something. At this rate, some punk will probably knock her up by the time she’s fifteen. That’s what happened to me when I wasn’t much over fifteen. Do you think maybe you could string her along without actually screwing her for a while?”

“For over two years? She’s not quite fourteen. Do you really think she’ll wait for two years before getting someone to screw her?” He asked.

“No. Probably not. How about if you just play with her a little without really doing her. Could you do that? I promise no one will rat you out. I just wish I knew why she got so horny all the sudden.”

‘The poor thing is surrounded by a sex pot sister, her sister’s horny friend, and a mother who’ll fuck about anything with a dick and the price of a cheap meal or drink. What the hell did you expect?’ Henry thought. “I don’t know Janie, but I’ll try to keep her happy without losing her young cherry.”

“Thanks Henry. I don’t know what we’d do without you.” Janie hugged and kissed his cheek and prepared to leave.

“Wait, since you’re here, how about taking a little taste of this?” Henry asked. As he dropped his pants, his semi-hard cock flopped out.

“Why, I’d love to, Sir.” Janie said with a smile. She immediately dropped to her knees and began slurping his cock into her cum hungry mouth. She soon had his cock fully inflated and was happily sucking it deep into her throat.

Henry thought as he shoved his cock down Janie’s throat. ‘Why indeed. Why should Cynthia not become a horny little teen slut? Her sister came begging an older man to take her cherry. And look at her mother sucking a cock just for the asking. It’s no wonder the poor kid wants to fuck. She’s surrounded by horny bitches. Besides, Janie does give one hell of a blow-job.’ Henry then fed Janie his load of cum.

As Janie swallowed, wiped her mouth, and stood to leave, she said. “By the way, I think we should keep this talk between us. I don’t want Cynthia to know I agreed to let you go along with this little adventure of hers.”

“Sure. No problem. That may help keep her mouth shut for fear of you finding out.” Henry grinned and swatted Janie’s ass as she walked out his door.

The next afternoon, immediately after changing out of her school clothes, Cynthia again came over to Henry’s home to feed the dogs again. She wore another cut-off tank top, but her tight jeans had been replaced by pair of rather loose fitting shorts.

When Cynthia finished feeding the dogs, she returned to the living room and again stood in front of Henry blocking his view of the TV. Again she fidgeted hoping Henry would say something first.

He didn’t. He just looked up at her and grinned. After making the poor teen suffer just a bit longer, he teasingly asked her. “What is it, Cynthia? You seem nervous again.”

“Did you think about it?”

Henry just had to tease her a little more. “Think about what, sweetie?”

“You know. What we talked about yesterday. You said you wanted to think about it a day or two. Have you thought about it?” She nervously asked.

“Thought about what?” He continued to tease her.

“You know.” She was getting a bit aggravated. “Did you think about making me feel good like you did Candy and Tasha. Please Henry, please say yes.”

“Cynthia, Yes, I did think about it. Your much too young to be asking me to do such a thing.” He paused to see the disappointment show on her face before continuing. “But, since you really want me to help you feel good, I’ll do it. There’s just one thing we need to get straight first. You must never tell anyone about what we do. Not Candy, not Tasha, not your little friends at school, and certainly not your mother. If this ever gets out, she will beat you half to death and ground you forever. Do you understand?”

You would have thought Santa had just left her a new puppy. The young teen lit up like a Christmas tree on Christmas eve. She practically leapt at Henry, hugged his neck, and kissed his cheek. “Oh thank you, Henry. I’ll never say a word about this to anyone. I promise.”

“OK then. Honey, did you enjoy it when I rubbed your boobs yesterday?” Henry asked.

“Oh yes. That felt so nice. I even got wet and tingly between my legs.” She replied.

“Well, baby get that top off so I can see those pretty little tits again.”

Practically before Henry finished telling Cynthia to remover her top, it was falling to the floor. She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. “Oh thank you, Henry. Thank you.” She kissed him on the lips then took a small step back. She asked. “Do you really like my boobs, Henry. They’re not anywhere near as big as Mom’s or even Candy’s. You can play with them if you want to. Do you want to rub them again?” Cynthia pulled her shoulders back and offered her small tits for Henry to fondle.

He reached out and gently massaged her tits. She closed her eyes and moaned when he softly squeezed her puffy areolas and nipples between his finger and thumb. Her nipples quickly hardened. Even hard, her nipples were like small pink baby peas.

Henry massaged Cynthia’s tits until her breathing was coming in gasps. He then slid off his couch and fell to his knees in front of her. That put his mouth at the same level as the teen’s budding tits. While continuing to rub her left tit and roll its nipple between his finger and thumb, he kissed, licked, and sucked her right tit. He put his left arm around her bare back and pulled her tightly to his mouth. She groaned loudly when he sucked nearly all of her left tit into his mouth and repeatedly swabbed its hard little nipple with his tongue.

After a several minutes Henry switched tits and massaged the right tit while licking and sucking the left. Taking both tits in his hands he asked the breathless teen. “Cynthia honey, you seldom where shorts. Why did you where these today?”

“Well, I…uh…I…. My jeans are all so tight, and….”

“And you thought I could put my hand in these shorts easier than your usual pair of tight jeans?”

“Uh huh.” She blushed.

‘Dressed for speed, just like her mother.’ Henry smiled at her as he slid both hands around Cynthia’s ribs to her back. After rubbing her back for a minute or so, he slid his hands down to her butt. He then firmly squeezed both cheeks through her shorts as he continued alternately sucking both of Cynthia’s tender titties. The puffy areolas of her budding tits were such a turn-on for Henry.

When Cynthia almost imperceptibly pushed her butt out to Henry’s kneading hands, he firmly squeezed her butt one more time. He then placed his thumbs in the waistband of her shorts. Slowly, he pushed Cynthia’s shorts down to her knees.

Without saying a word, the visibly nervous teen spread her knees just enough for her shorts to fall to the floor. She stepped out of them and kicked them, along with her shoes, off to the side.

Henry then sat on the edge of the couch and turned her as he had the day before. With her back to him, Henry pulled her firmly to his chest. She slipped easily between his spread knees. While continuing to fondle her tits, he nibbled, kissed and licked Cynthia’s ears and neck. He then stood and bent over the small girl. He wanted her to feel protected but under his control. While he nuzzled her ear and neck, he slowly ground his hard cock in his pants into the crack of her butt.

She laid her head back on Henry’s chest and was cooing like a dove. She had her eyes closed and a broad smile on her face.

He turned her to face him, slowly lifted her chin, and brought his lips to hers. As he wrapped her in his arms, he gently kissed Cynthia fully on her lips. Her first real kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and returned his kiss.

With his left arm, Henry held Cynthia firmly to his chest. His free right arm and hand slid down her back to her butt and squeezed a cheek. Henry then slowly turned her again and returned to nibbling her ear and neck. He brought his hand around her hip and gently cupped her panty clad pussy.

Cynthia gasp and groaned but made no effort to get away. Her white cotton panties had become very wet with the lubricating juices from her virgin pussy.

Slowly, Henry began rubbing Cynthia’s wet slit through her panties. Her breathing became raged. She moaned and turned her head to be kissed. As their lips met, Henry pressed his index finger into her slit taking her panties with his finger. He soon found her clit.

After just a few gentle strokes of her slit and clit, Cynthia’s body began to noticeably quiver. “Oh my!” Cynthia gasped as she brought her hands to her pussy. She covered the hand that was petting her with her own. With both of her hands she pressed Henry’s hand tightly to her horny little pussy.

Henry held her tightly as she nearly swooned in his arms.

Her breathing slowly returned to normal and she soaked in her first post orgasmic glow. Henry brought his hand, glistening with Cynthia’s juices, to his face. As Cynthia watched wide-eyed, her mouth gaped open, as he sniffed his hand and then licked her juices from it.

Henry kissed her and softly said. “Huummm. There’s nothing like the aroma and taste of fresh, young, virgin, pussy. Maybe next time I’ll be able to get a better taste. Did that make you feel good, Honey?”

“Oh God yes! I’ve never felt anything so good. Can we do that again?”

“Yes Baby. We’ll do it again real soon. But for now, you better get dressed and head home. Your mother will be home soon and you need time to take a shower. You don’t want to smell like a horny teenaged pussy when she gets there.”

Cynthia pulled her shorts and top back on and slipped into her shoes. “No! That would be bad. She’d probable kill me. Tomorrow is Saturday. Mom works from nine ‘til four. Can I come over tomorrow?”

“Sure, Baby. Maybe I will show you something else to make you feel good. Now get!” Henry gently and passionately kissed Cynthia’s lips and gave her a light swat on her butt.

She giggled as she practically bounced out the door and ran home. Her ponytail seemed to be waving at Henry as she ran.

Henry was dressed and on his second cup of coffee Saturday morning when Cynthia knocked on his door. He looked at the clock on his kitchen wall. It was 8:45 AM. Cynthia’s mother had left for work less than five minutes earlier. ‘Cynthia, you’re one horny little girl.’ Henry thought as he let the teen in.

Cynthia was wearing a cutoff tank top that barely covered her blossoming tits. Her shorts were even looser than the ones she had worn the day before.

“Good morning, Baby. How are you doing this morning? You’re here bright and early. Would you like something for breakfast?” He greeted her.

“No, thank you. I wanted us to have as much time together as possible today.”

Henry admired her young body for a short time then said. “I see you’re dressed in some loose clothes again. Is that so I can easily feel you up? Or so you can get out of them quickly?”

Cynthia giggled and said, “Both if that’s what you want me to do.”

“Well Baby, while I finish my coffee, why don’t you go close all the blinds in the house. When your done with that, I’ll be waiting for you in the living room.” Henry realized he had just begun training his young friend to be obedient to his instructions. The thought of Cynthia being his personal slut in the years to come brought a smile to his face.

Just as Henry swallowed the last sip of his coffee, Cynthia returned. “The blinds are all closed, Henry. Now what would you like me to do.”

“Cynthia, since you’re here so early, can I assume you’re horny and ready to play already this morning?” Henry asked.

She giggled and said. “Yes. I’ve been waiting all night to come back. I tried playing with myself, but it just didn’t feel as good as when you did it.”

“We might as well get going then. Take your clothes off. I want you naked so I can see those pretty tits and cute little butt. As a matter of fact, from now on, whenever you’re over here, and we are alone, I want you naked. OK?”

Cynthia thought about this new instruction for a few seconds. “OK.” She agreed and quickly stripped.

Henry gazed at his young friend’s nude body. “My, my! You certainly are one tempting young lady. You look good enough to eat. I may do just that in a little while. Have you ever heard of a man eating a girl’s pussy, Cynthia?”

“Yeah. Some of the girls at school have said their boyfriends licked them between their legs. They said it was nice, but not that big a deal.”

“That’s because they had boys eating them. Boys who didn’t know what they were doing. Would you like me to eat you, Honey?”

Cynthia was shy all of the sudden. She hung her head and replied. “If you want to.”

“I do! So, carry your clothes to the bathroom and then go to my bedroom.” Henry instructed.

“Yes, Sir.” Cynthia scooped up the clothes from the floor and headed to the bathroom then the master bedroom.

Henry entered his bedroom shortly before Cynthia. When she got there, she stood nervously in the doorway. “You do look delicious, Cynthia. Come here and lay next to me.”

Cynthia was nervous as she crawled into Henry’s bed. She laid flat on her back, trembling slightly, with her hands balled into fists at her side, she held her legs tightly together. Her head and neck were nestled in the crook of Henry’s arm.

Henry gently stroked her dark hair and kissed her cheek. Cynthia, honey, any time you want to leave, you may. I will never force you to do anything you don’t want to do. If you stay, all I am going to do is try to make you feel as good as I can. You just have to do what I tell you to do. Are you alright with that?”

“Yes! I’ll do whatever you want me to do. I’m just a little scared. Will it hurt? Will I be sore down there after you….”

Henry kissed Cynthia’s lips. “Relax Baby. I am not going to hurt you. I am going to use the words you heard Candy and Tasha use. OK?”


Cynthia, Candy and Tasha’s pussies were sore because they had been fucked and lost their cherries. Do you know what it means to get fucked?”

“Yes. It means a boy puts his thing in a girl’s thing.”

Still stroking her hair, Henry told the teen. “I am not going to fuck you for a long time. I am only going to help you learn about your body and mine and help you feel real good. OK?”

“OK. You can f…f..fuck me if you want to.” She offered.

“No, Baby. Some day, I may fuck you and take your virginity, but you are nowhere near ready to do that. Let’s just play like we have been and make you feel good.”

Henry then partially rolled onto Cynthia and gently but passionately kissed his little friend. He knew he needed to go very slowly and gently with such a young girl. The kiss lingered, and he could feel Cynthia relaxing. He continued stroking her hair and began kissing all over her face, ears, and neck.

Cynthia’s moans indicated approval of Henry’s actions. When her breathing began to quicken a little, he kissed down her chest to her breasts. She was soon panting as he fondled, kissed, and sucked her small tender mounds. Her little nipples hardened into small pebbles. When Henry pinched her left nipple, Cynthia groaned loudly and let her legs fall open just a bit.

Henry then sucked the nipple he had just pinched. The nipple and most of its adjoining titty meat were sucked into his mouth. As he repeatedly flicked his tongue over the captured nipple, Cynthia brought her hand to the back of his head and pulled him tightly to her chest.

Henry slid his free hand down Cynthia’s belly to her sparse bush. Though he preferred shaved pussy, Cynthia’s pubic hair was not thick enough to be a distraction. He stroked her pussy’s hair like it was one of his favored pets.

Cynthia began to enjoy the petting and opened her legs a bit more. She rock her pelvis up to meet Henry’s strokes. She gasped deeply when Henry slid a finger between her legs and stroked her slit. In a short time, Henry had petted Cynthia’s pussy enough that she had spread her legs wide enough for him to get his hand between her legs. He cupped her pussy in his hand and teased her slit and clit with his middle finger.

Cynthia was moaning loudly and rocking her hips to meet Henry’s finger. “Oh God! I feel like I’m going to explode.”

Henry left the tit he was sucking and teased her. As he pulled his hand from her pussy, he asked. “Do you want me to stop?”

In a flash, Cynthia hand flew from the back of Henry’s head. She grabbed the hand at her pussy and held there. She pressed his hand tightly to her soaked crotch. “NOOO! Please don’t stop! Keep going. Don’t ever stop!”

“Ok, Baby. If you insist.” He then resumed bring Cynthia to the peak of her newly awakening sexuality.

She was soon repeatedly thrusting her hips up to Henry’s hand. Henry gently pinched her clit and Cynthia fell over the edge. She thrust her hips up and held them high off the bed while seemingly trying to shove his hand into her horny hole. She yelled. “OH! OH! OH! OH MY GOD, HENRY! WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME?”

Henry pulled her tightly to his chest as she rode out her first full fledged orgasm.

As her orgasm ebbed, Cynthia let her ass flop back down to the bed. Her breathing was shallow and rapid but slowing. Her blue eyes were glazed as she stared into Henry’s eyes. A broad smile crept across her face. Breathlessly, she asked. “Oh my God, Henry! Is that what an orgasm feels like? I came didn’t I? I’ve never felt anything like that in my life.”

Henry kissed her and answered. “Yes, Baby. You came. Did you like it? Do you feel good?”

“Oh yes! I feel wonderful.”

“I’ll bet we can get you to feel even better if you’ll let me. Would you like to do it again?” Henry asked.

“Can we? We can do it again? Oh yes, please do it again.”

Henry then kissed her lips again. Pushing his tongue between her lips, he rubbed her teeth until she partially opened her mouth. She quickly picked up on the idea of a French kiss. Their tongues playfully dueled while Henry again slid his hand down her body to her pussy.

Cynthia spread her legs wide to accept his manual attentions.

Henry again petted her pussy while he kissed his way from her lips to her tits. He then rolled on top of the small teen. Her small body nearly disappeared under the older and larger man.

She tensed but spread her legs wide enough to accommodate his body. A little nervously, she asked. “Are you going to fuck me now?”

“No, Baby. I told you you’re not ready for that. I’ll fuck you some day, but not today.”

The tension left Cynthia’s body and she hugged Henry’s face to her chest.

Henry kissed, licked, and sucked the teen’s little titties until she was again breathing hard. He kissed his way down Cynthia’s torso, stopping to delve his tongue into her belly button.

She giggled and said. “That tickles.”

He continued his kissing trip down her body until he reached her sparsely covered pubic mound. She didn’t have enough fur to call it a bush. When she rocked her pelvis up to give him access to her soaking pussy, Henry slid down and kissed the inside of her right knee. From there he kissed his way up her leg until he could smell her virgin musk and feel the heat radiating from her pussy.

Again she rocked her pelvis up for him. Again he slid down and away from her horny hole. He kissed the inside of her left knee. By the time he kissed his way up her left leg to near her hot pussy, Cynthia was about to go nuts. She was continually rocking her hips as if some invisible cock was drilling her.

Henry paused when he was again close enough to Cynthia’s pussy to smell her musk and feel the heat she was generating. She was ready. Her hips continued to rock, her eyes were tightly closed, and she was balling her hands into fist fulls of bedding.

He gently blew on her glistening pussy. She gasped thrust her hips up. Henry immediately covered her entire pussy with his mouth. She brought her hands to the back of his head and tried to shove Henry’s face into her horny hole. He gave her a long, pussy lip parting lick that ran from her asshole to her clit.

Again she gasped for breath and pulled even harder on Henry’s head.

In rapid fire, Henry repeatedly drove his tongue into her virgin hole. When Cynthia seemed to be on the verge of another orgasm, he briefly pulled away from her pussy and firmly told her. “Cum for me, Cynthia. Cum for me, now.” He immediately sucked her clit into his mouth and repeatedly flicked it with his tongue. She thrust her pussy up to his mouth and exploded in orgasm as his tongue ran laps around her clit.

She coated his face with her juices, and screamed. “AUUUUUGH! IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN. OH GOD! EAT ME HENRY! EAT ME! MAKE ME CUM! OH GOOOOOOOD!” Cynthia was a screamer when she cums hard, and she came hard.

When Cynthia let her butt fall back on the bed, Henry crawled up and laid next to the panting teen. When he kissed her, she tasted herself for the first time. “Baby, remember when I told you there’s nothing like the smell and taste of a fresh young virgin pussy? Taste yourself! Lick your juice off my face, please. You should always clean up after cuming.”

Though she wasn’t sure she liked licking her own pussy juice, she did as he asked and licked his face clean. After all, he had just given her two of the most incredible orgasms. She owed him this much. Besides, she soon decided she kind of liked how she tasted on him.

When she finished cleaning Henry’s face, they laid and cuddled until Cynthia fell asleep. When she awoke several hours later and Henry was not in the bed next to her. Her clothes were neatly folded and place on the foot of the bed. She found a note from Henry on her clothes. The note read: “Honey, I had to go to town. I’m sorry I can’t be with you right now. If I don’t get home before you have to leave, I hope to see you the next time you have a little spar time. Don’t forget to shower before your mother gets home. Henry.”

Since it was mid afternoon, and her mother would be home a little after four, Cynthia decided to go home and clean up. She could even smell her sex herself. How had Henry put it? She smelled like hot, horny, teenaged pussy. Surely her mother would know what she had been doing if she didn’t take a shower before her mother got home.

Henry called Janie late that night and asked her to come over. She came right away. “Is something wrong, Henry?”

“As a matter of fact, there is. Cynthia came over, and I’ve been horny as hell all damn day. Would you like to help me out and do something about it?”

“I’d be happy to.” Janie then dropped to her knees and gave Henry one hell of a deep throat blow-job. As she sucked, Henry thought. ‘Suck it good. It won’t be long before I have a young and eager personal slut to do all this for me. A couple of weeks of eating that hot little pussy, and she’ll be ready and happy to suck my cock.’

“You ready Janie?” Henry asked as he felt his balls

“Um humm.” Janie croaked and nodded.

Henry took Janie by her head and drove his fat seven inch cock down her throat. She hugged his hips tightly and swallowed as he fed his cum down her gullet.

As Janie licked his cock clean, Henry said. “Janie, have you ever had a sex talk with Cynthia?”

“No. Like I said the other night, I didn’t know she was even having sexual feelings. Did my little girl make you all horny.”

“Let’s just say you are a delightful relief. I may need your services now and then, if you don’t mind. I also wish you would have that talk with Cynthia. Just make like you think it’s time for her to learn about the birds and bees. Be sure to tell her all the positions and ways a couple can please each other. As long as she knows there are other ways to please each other, her cherry can remain in tact. And please show her how you use your talented throat. You really are good at deep-throating. OK?”

“I’ll talk to her tomorrow evening before Candy and Tasha get home from the movies. Will that be OK?” Janie asked.

That will be just fine.

The next time Henry saw Cynthia was Tuesday after school. She didn’t bother changing clothes before going over to his house. She simply stripped naked as soon as she got to his bathroom. She even fed the dogs in the nude.

Henry went into the kitchen and took great delight in watching her bend over to set the dog’s bowls on the floor. He got a great view of her virgin pussy and lightly puckered little asshole.

He thought to himself. ‘All in good time, sweetheart. I’ll have both of those holes in good time.’

When Cynthia finished feeding the dogs, she came and stood in front of Henry. He had returned to the living room and was watching a court show on TV.

“I’m sorry I didn’t come over Sunday or Monday. Mom keeps us home Sunday and I had a lot of homework on Monday.” Cynthia seemed truly sorry that she hadn’t been able to visit Henry. With a giggle in her voice, she asked. “Would you like eat me again?”

Henry smiled at the young teen and told her. “Not today, Baby. You do look delicious, but why don’t we save that for the weekends when we have plenty of time to do a thorough job of eating you. How about turning around and sitting on my lap. I think I can give you a little thrill before your mother gets home.”

“Oh yeah! Guess what?” Cynthia asked as she turned sideways to sit on Henry’s lap.

“What Baby?” Henry asked as he took her by the hips, turned her until her back was to him, and pulled her onto his lap. Henry held his legs tightly together forcing the teen to widely spread her legs as she sat down. He then squeezed her small tits and pulled her tightly to his chest.

Cynthia moaned and laid her head back on Henry’s shoulder.

“What did you want to tell me, sweetheart?”

“Ummmmm.” Cynthia liked the way Henry was fondling her tits and nipples. “Oh yeah. Mom had a talk with me Sunday afternoon.”

“Oh really? About what?” Henry didn’t let on he already knew the topic of the talk was sex.

“She told me about sex and the things boys and girls sometimes do with each other. I had a hard time not giggling when she told me boys sometimes lick a girl between her legs. As if I didn’t already know that.” Cynthia giggled, then moaned, when Henry firmly squeezed her tits and slid his right hand down to her pussy.

“Go on, Baby. What else did she tell you.” Henry encouraged her. He busily fingered her pussy until it began to get very wet.

Cynthia continued. “She told me how girls can get pregnant if a boy shoots his stuff inside them. I knew that from Health class in school. I don’t know if I believe a couple of things she told me. I think she was trying to scare me.”

“What did she tell you that frightened you?” Henry’s finger circled Cynthia’s clit without touching it.

She groaned as her breathing began to come in gasps. “Oh Henry, that feels wonderful. Is it true that a boy will sometimes squirt his stuff in a girls mouth or in her butt?”

“Yes! Sometimes they do.” Henry told her as he petted her pussy.

“Why would a girl want to do that?” She asked.

“You liked it when I ate your pussy, didn’t you?”

“Oh yes! That was awesome!” Just talking about being eaten was getting Cynthia excited. Or was it Henry’s fingers petting her pussy?

“Well, boys like it too. Now, look up here, Honey.” Henry tenderly kissed her and dipped a finger into Cynthia’s tight hole.

She gasped and spread her legs as wide as she could giving Henry all the access he needed to her horny pussy. With Henry sliding his finger in and out of her tight hole’s entrance, Cynthia began shuddering as her orgasm approached. When Henry began rubbing her clit with each stroke of his finger, Cynthia let go. She arched her back, thrust her pussy up to Henry’s hand, and yelled. “OH YES, HENRY. FINGER MY PUSSY. PLEASE STICK IT IN ME.”

Henry shoved his middle finger a little further into Cynthia. She gasped and he quickly pulled back a bit when he felt her hymen blocking the way. He used his thumb to gently tease her erect clit. Just as she seemed to hit her peak, Henry stuck his finger back in Cynthia’s hole and gently squeezed her tender clit between his finger and thumb.

She let her ass settle back onto his lap and slowly exhaled. Like the first time Henry fingered her to a climax, she laid her head on his shoulder and cooed through her afterglow.

Henry then squeezed both tits, swatted her butt and said. “Get dressed and head home. You need to clean up before your mother gets a whiff of that horny teen pussy of yours. I’ll see you next Saturday if not sooner.”

Cynthia kissed him and did as she had been told. With another quick kiss, she bounded out the door and headed to her home.

For the next month or so, the pattern continued. Cynthia would go to Henry’s home once or twice during the week for a quick finger fuck. She always got off during her weekday visits, but Henry really made her soar when they had more time on Saturdays. On her fourteenth birthday, Henry gave her a small finger vibrator. “With this, you can cum at home on the nights you can’t come over here.”

Cynthia giggled at Henry’s suggestion she could cum without him. Later that night, she tried her new little friend. She had to shove her face into her pillow to muffle her orgasmic cries.

Another couple of months past. Her tits had filled out a bit more. They were about the size of baseballs cut in half. Her pubic bush was beginning to fill in as well. Cynthia was becoming hornier and hornier. One Saturday, after Henry had eaten her to two screaming orgasms, Cynthia pleaded with Henry to make love to her.

“Please do it to me, Henry. I am so horny. You’ve made me cum so many times, and I love it. But, don’t you think it’s time for you to do me like you did Candy? Please Henry, fuck me!”

Henry regretfully told her. “Honey, I would love to take your cherry right now, but you are just too small. I’m afraid I’ll hurt you too much. Besides, Candy was sixteen and a bigger girl when I took her virginity. Can’t you wait until you’re sixteen?”

“I don’t want to wait that long. That’s almost two years. I can’t wait that long. I want you in me now. I can take it. I know I can.” Cynthia was begging to give her cherry to Henry.

“Close your eyes, Baby, and keep ‘em closed until I tell you to open them.” Cynthia obeyed instantly. She lay quietly with her eyes closed, her legs spread wide, her juices making a large puddle under her ass. Henry got up and went around to her side of the bed. He stood close to Cynthia’s head. He dropped his pants and took out his cock. Henry gently turned Cynthia’s head so she was facing his cock. As it had been every time he had played with Cynthia, his cock was a fully inflated and menacing weapon. As his cock bobbed a few inches from her face, Henry told Cynthia. “Baby, open your eyes.”

“Oh my God!” The teen gasped. She froze and stared wide-eyed when she saw Henry’s hard fat seven and a half inch cock pointing at her face. It’s bulging head was almost purple. It looked as if it would split her in two if it ever entered her pussy. She didn’t say a word.

Henry was serious when he spoke. “Cynthia, do you really think you can take this in your tight little virgin pussy? Hell girl, you can barely take my finger. And now you want me to fuck you with this.”

With a little fright in her voice, she replied. “I don’t know, Henry. I just know I want to try. I know it will hurt, but yes, I want you to fuck me.”

Henry sounded as serious as he could when he again spoke to her. “I don’t want to hurt you sweetheart, but I’ll make you a deal. When you can take all of this cock in your mouth, shove it down your throat, and swallow my load of cum, I’ll make love to you and take your cherry. I’ll fuck your cute little virgin ass too. How does that sound to you, Cynthia?”

Cynthia’s face showed her concern. Her brow was furrowed and she continued to stare at the monster in front of her. She had never seen a real cock before, but she knew this one was larger than most. She had been listening in on Candy and Tasha again. They had talked about how big Henry’s cock had been.

“Do we have a deal, Cynthia?” Henry firmly asked.

The small teen looked long and hard at Henry’s cock. The look of concern slowly turned to a smile. “Deal. If Candy and Tasha can take it, so can I. When do we start?”

“Now is as good a time as any. Reach up here and take my cock in your hand.”

Henry’s instructions were obeyed immediately. Cynthia had been instantly obeying his orders without question for quite a while. She tried her best to wrap her small hand around his ridged cock. His cock was just too big around and her hand too small.

“Use both hands if you need to, Cynthia.”

She rolled onto her side and moved even closer to the cock in front of her. She reached up with her second hand. Using both hands, she was successful in reaching around Henry’s cock.

“Now kiss my cock’s head, Baby.”

Without hesitation, Cynthia kissed the head of the cock she held in her hands.

“Good! Stroke up and down with your hands, Baby.” He told her. He then put his hands over hers and showed her how he liked to be jacked off. He controlled the pace and pressure her hands exerted on his cock.

Cynthia stared silently with her mouth agape as she jacked off Henry. A bit of precum soon appeared on his cock’s head.

“You’re leaking. Do you have to pee?” She asked.

Henry laughed and told her. “No, Baby. That’s precum. It helps lubricate a man’s cock. Why don’t you lick it off?”

Cynthia tentatively stuck her tongue out and swiped it across the head of the cock in her hands. She seemed to be testing the taste for a few seconds then said. “It’s salty.”

“Yep, but you’ll learn to like it before we’re done. Keep stroking. Lick it off anytime you see precum leaking out.” He told her.

Cynthia did as she had been told. She quickly seemed to get into giving Henry a hand job. She was grinning broadly and licked off every drop of precum that seeped out.

Henry was getting close. He could feel his balls tighten as they prepared to send a load of cum up his shaft. “Honey, I’m about to cum. Put my cock’s head in your mouth. Lick it until I start squirting. Then suck hard and swallow my cum. All of it. OK?”

Cynthia had the head of Henry’s cock in her mouth before he even finished telling her what to do with it. Her tongue quickly busied itself lapping up the precum and swirling around the head.

“Oh Baby.” Henry groaned. “Here it comes. Suck and swallow. OH yeah! Suck hard, Baby.”

Henry’s first spurt of cum shot into Cynthia’s mouth. She coughed but quickly swallowed. She made her tongue into a trough to accept the cum being fed to her. She sucked Henry’s cock like a straw in a thick milkshake. As his cum kept squirting she swallowed as quickly as she could. Two, three, four strong spurts of cum shot out of his cock’s head into her mouth. She swallowed every drop. As the last dribbles of cum oozed out, Cynthia sucked harder and lapped it up with her tongue. She pulled off Henry’s cock, gave it a kiss, and rolled onto her back.

“You did very well for your first taste of cum. What did you think it, Baby?” Henry asked.

Smiling up at him, she said. “Henry, that wasn’t so bad. It was too salty, but not bad at all.”

“Good! I’m glad you think so. You will be doing that a lot from now on. However, since you did so well giving your first blow-job, lay back and spread your legs. I think that pussy of yours needs eaten again.”

A short time later, Henry had brought Cynthia to another shuddering orgasm. As she lay gasping for breath recovering her wits, Henry got up and squeezed her tits. “Get up and get dressed when your ready, Baby. Time for you to get your sexy ass home. I’ll see you when you can come back.”

Cynthia giggled as she got out of bed and dressed. “I’ll be back real soon. I want to practice giving you a blow-job so you will take me real soon.”

Over the next several months, Cynthia came over to Henry’s home every Saturday and once or twice after school during the week. As usual, she stripped as soon as she got inside and stood in front of him until he gave her further instructions.

For his own entertainment, Henry decided to change Cynthia’s initial position. “From now on Cynthia, when you come over here I want you to strip as usual. Then, instead of standing to await my instructions, you are to sit on the floor, cross your legs, and put your hands behind your back. That way your pussy and tits will be nicely presented to me and easily accessible for my attentions. OK?”

“Yes, Sir.” Cynthia agreed.

As soon as Cynthia had assumed her new position, Henry told her. “Baby, while you’re waiting, finger yourself until you cum.”

The teen instantly began fingering her horny hole and squeezing her tits. In a short time, she brought herself to a nice shuddering orgasm.

Henry then gave Cynthia her next instruction. “Cynthia suck me off.”

“Yes, Sir.” She then opened his pants and fished out his flaccid cock. In no time, she had Henry’s cock fully erect and sliding deeply into her mouth while she suck and licked it. She hit the back of her mouth with each inward stroke.

“Cynthia, you should try to push my cock into your throat when you take it into your mouth.” Henry put gentle pressure on the back of her head and urged her to begin deep-throating him.

Cynthia pulled back until just the head of Henry’s cock remained in her mouth. “Um humm.” She mumbled before taking him back in. She hit her throat’s entrance and tried to push further. She only succeeded in gagging herself. After several unsuccessful attempts at taking Henry’s cock into her throat, Cynthia pulled off, looked up at him with sad eyes, and said. “I’m sorry, Henry. I just can’t get it in.”

“Do you want me to help you?” He asked.

“Would you?”

“Do you trust me, sweetheart?”

“Of course I do.”

“OK. Get back to sucking.” Henry stroked her hair as she bobbed her mouth up and down on his cock. “Relax your throat muscles, Baby. I’m going to help you swallow my cock.” The next time Cynthia took his cock deep into her mouth, Henry thrust his hips forward and held the back of her head so she couldn’t pull away. The head of his cock popped into her throat. Henry immediately released the teen and she pulled back quickly. She coughed and gagged but continued to bob on the cock in her mouth. Henry shoved more and more of his cock into Cynthia’s throat each time she took it deep into her mouth. When he was about to cum, Henry grabbed her head and shoved his full seven and a half inch cock into Cynthia’s throat. He held her tightly, her nose in his pubic hair, his cock was deep in her throat.

Cynthia’s eyes popped wide open as she struggled for air. After a few seconds, Henry pulled his cock out of her throat long enough for her to take a couple of deep breaths.

He then shoved his cock deep into her throat again. Holding her head tightly, his cock buried deep in her throat, Henry pumped a load of cum straight down her gullet to Cynthia’s belly. As his orgasm waned, he pulled out of her throat allowing her to gasp for breath.

“Lick me clean, Baby.”

The young teen did as she was told. She dutifully grabbed Henry’s cock and began licking it clean. Tears were flowing down her cheeks, but she was smiling as she slurped away at the cock in her hand. When she finished, she kissed the cock’s head and sat back on her heels with her knees widely spread.

“Are you alright, Baby?” Henry asked.

“I will be. Will you fuck me now?”

“No! When you can do that without my help, and without gagging, I’ll fuck your pussy and ass.” He told her.

Cynthia began coming over to Henry’s house more often. She still spent most of her Saturdays there, but she was also there at least three days a week after school. As soon as she closed Henry’s door she would strip and sit cross-legged on the floor in front him with her hands behind her back. She learned rapidly and well. Henry usually told her to suck him off, which she happily did. Over the next month or so, she had gotten better and better at taking Henry’s cock into her throat. She just didn’t seem to be able to take it all in and keep it there. She always seemed to gag and pull back just before Henry fed her his load of cum.

Cynthia had been coming to see Henry for a little over a year and still had not met his requirements for him to fuck her pussy and take her cherry. She was maturing nicely. Cynthia’s tits had grown from the small tennis balls with puffy areolas and baby pea nipples they had been. Now they were a little smaller than softballs and firm as hell. They’d be perfect for a titty fuck. Her areolas were still puffy and tender. Her tits promised to get even bigger. Her nipples had grown to the size of large peas. She was soon going to have her mother’s tits without the sag. Her pussy’s bush had filled in and darkened.

‘That’ll have to go soon.’ Henry thought to himself. He preferred his girl’s pussy to be bald.
Then one Thursday afternoon, about two weeks before her fifteenth birthday, Cynthia was giving Henry a deep-throat blow-job. She was still having trouble keeping his cock buried in her throat as he fed her his cum. He was about to erupt when she briefly pulled off Henry’s cock and said. “Damn it, Henry! I’m going to do this.”

Cynthia then used both hands, grabbed Henry by his ass, and shoved his cock fully into her throat. The swallowing action of her throat quickly brought Henry to climax. Four or five good spurts of cum shot out of his cock and flowed easily down her gullet to her belly. When Henry’s cum had ebbed to a dribble, the happy teen licked him clean and lovingly lavished kisses all over the cock she had come to adore.

When she finished cleaning his cock, she sat on her heels with her knees spread wide. With a wide grin spreading over her face, she asked. “Henry, will you fuck me now, please?”

Henry pulled her up to face him, kissed her tender
lips, and hugged her. He said. “Yes, Baby. I’ll keep my promise and fuck you. However, since you just gave me one of the best blow-jobs I’ve ever gotten, let’s make a date for Saturday. Will you be ready to loose your cherry then.”

“I’ve been ready a long time.” Cynthia was beaming as she trotted out Henry’s door and went home.

Cynthia looked as if her best friend had died when she came over to Henry’s house Saturday morning. He could tell she had been crying.

Henry hugged the teen and asked. “What’s the matter sweetheart?”

“Oh Henry.” She sobbed. “I am so sorry. I got my period this morning. You can still have me if you want me.”

Still hugging her, Henry soothed the teen. “That’s OK Honey. We can just postpone your cherry-popping until next weekend. Will that be OK with you?” Henry knew he could still fuck Cynthia’s bloody hole, but he wanted her to relax and enjoy her first fuck, and not be worrying about being on the rag. Besides, even a cherry pussy would tend to be a sloppy fuck if taken while on its period. The addition of cherry blood would only tend to make it even sloppier.

“I guess so.” She sadly replied. She had so looked forward to giving herself to Henry. “Next weekend, for sure, you will take me.”

“Yes, Baby! I’ll take you next weekend. By the way, before you come over Saturday, I want you to shave that pussy. I prefer my pussy bald.”

“Yes Sir. I’ll shave it.” She seemed satisfied that her period had not ruined but merely delayed her first fuck. She giggled at the thought of shaving the hair off her pussy.

The following Saturday, Cynthia again came over to Henry’s home. She fully expected to leave with a very sore pussy and ass. She stripped as usual after closing his door. Then she noticed Henry was not sitting in his living room as he usually was.

“Henry, where are you? Are you home?” She called out.

Henry called back to her with a very hoarse voice. “I’m in the bedroom, sweetheart. Come on back.”

When Cynthia entered his bedroom, she found him in bed covered up. He put up his hand to stop her as she entered his bedroom door. “Stop! Don’t come any closer. I’ve got some kind of crud, and I don’t want you to catch it.” He could see the disappointment in her eyes. “Don’t worry, Baby. We can still do you next weekend. I want us both to be on top of our game so you can have a first fuck to remember. ”

“OK.” She replied. “I can wait if you promise to do me next week.”

“Say, isn’t next Saturday your fifteenth birthday?” He asked.

“Yeah, it is.” She confirmed.

“Well good! We’ll make your fifteenth a birthday to remember. OK? Oh yeah, your bald pussy looks delicious.” Henry smiled at his young friend. “Now, get out of here before you catch this damn cold. I’ll see you next weekend. Don’t forget to shave again Friday night.”

She left disappointed but understood his reasons.
For the next several days, Cynthia would check in on Henry and bring him something to eat. She wanted him healthy by the following Saturday. She, of course, was naked while she served his meals.

By Thursday afternoon, Henry was feeling much better. As he sat at his kitchen table eating soup and a sandwich, cynthia sat at his feet, nude as usual. He looked down at her proudly presented breasts, and bald pussy. He told her. “You know Cynthia, I knew from the beginning you would soon grow into a beautiful young lady with a nice set of tits. Do you remember how small you were when you first came to me wanting to play?” The teen smiled and nodded. “Well Baby, I was right. You now have a luscious set of tits. They’re as nice a set of tits as I’ve ever seen on a teenager. And your bald pussy looks delicious as always.

When the phone rang, Cynthia jumped up and brought the portable phone to Henry. Henry answered and it was Janie, Cynthia’s mother on the line.

“Hi Henry. Is Cynthia over there?” She asked.

“Yes Ma’am. Is everything alright?”

“No, not really! I have to go out of town for a few days. I have to leave tomorrow evening and won’t be home until Sunday night. I don’t mind leaving Candy home alone. She’s seventeen now and nearly an adult. But I don’t want to leave Cynthia by herself. You know how she hates to be alone. Would it be possible for her to stay over there until I get back?”

“I don’t see a problem with that at all. It may even be beneficial for all concerned.” Henry replied.

“Huummmm. That sounds interesting. Tell me Henry! She’s been running over to see you pretty regularly this past year. Have you taken her virginity yet?”

“No, Ma’am! But that situation may change soon. Do you have any objections? After all this delay, I think it’s about time for my investment to start paying off, don’t you. Otherwise, we may both loose the opportunity with negative results soon to follow.” Henry cryptically explained.

“Yes, I know and understand. I know you will take good care of her. When she comes home this evening, I’ll tell her I have to go out of town, and I’ll ask her if she wants to spend the weekend with you, or someone else. I think we know what her answer will be.” Janie said.

“OK Ma’am. Go ahead, and I’ll open that account soon. Have a great day. Good bye!” Henry hung up the phone, and Cynthia took it back to its charger.

When she returned to kneel in front of Henry, he reached down and squeezed both firm tits. “You know sweetheart, you sure do make it hard for me to discuss business with your beautiful body calling me.”

Cynthia smiled broadly and ask. “Do your really think I have a beautiful body?”

Henry pulled her up by her arms, hugged her tightly, and kissed her with passion. “Yes, Baby. I sure do. Now go on home. I want to take a nap. I want to be all rested up when you come over Saturday morning. Now get!” He gave her bare ass a gentle swat as she turned to get her clothes and leave.

A little over an hour later, his phone rang again. It was Cynthia. She seemed so excited she could barely talk. “Mom’s in the shower so I can’t talk long. Henry, guess what? Mom’s going out of town tomorrow. She wants to know if I can stay with you over the weekend. Can I? Can I, please? I want to spend the whole weekend with you. Please say yes.”

“Yes! Of course you can stay with me.” He calmly answered.

“Thank you, Henry! Thank you! I’ll see you after school Friday. I can hardly wait.” An excited Cynthia hung up.

Early Friday evening Janie brought Cynthia over to Henry’s home. When he opened the door for them, Cynthia bounded in and went to feed the dogs. Janie handed Henry a small overnight bag and quietly told him. “I doubt if she’ll need them, but there are some clean clothes in here. Try not to hurt her too much.” Janie then winked at him and abruptly turned to leave.

Henry sat on his couch and awaited his teen lover.

When Cynthia heard the door close, she checked to be sure her mother had gone and immediately stripped. She went to Henry and assumed her sitting position in front of him.

Henry pulled Cynthia to her feet and hugged and kissed her tenderly. He then said. “Tonight only, you will not have to sit at my feet. Cynthia, you look delicious, and you’ll certainly be eaten in a little while. But first, how about some real food? Are you hungry?”

“I am a little hungry.” She agreed.

“Good! You make us a salad, and I’ll grill up a couple of steaks and make us some fries.”

They set to making dinner right away. In about fifteen minutes, Cynthia served her salad and the fries Henry had cooked. He had deep fried the fries. He didn’t want her luscious tits burned by any grease splatter. Henry brought the steaks in from his backyard grill. When they sat down to dinner, Henry offered her a glass of wine. She accepted.

Henry toasted his guest. “Here’s to my very beautiful lady and the exciting evening we’re about to have.” He swallowed his little blue pill with his wine.

“Oh, I sure hope so.” Cynthia replied and smiled broadly.

They ate slowly and chatted about things in general. Except for Cynthia being nude, there was nothing about the dinner that was sexual. Henry’s insisting on her being nude all the time had worked. She was very comfortable with her body being on display for him. Though Henry could tell Cynthia was a bit nervous about the upcoming evening, he figured a few glasses of wine would take care of that little problem.

Dinner was finished and they moved to the living room. They sat cuddled together chatting and petting on the couch. Cynthia had leaned her back against his chest, and Henry had his left arm over Cynthia’s shoulders. He fondled a tit with each hand. Her puffy areolas had swollen and her nipples hardened as her excitement grew. The teen groaned each time Henry squeezed her tits and tweaked her nipples.

Cynthia finished the last swallow of her third glass of wine. She looked up at him and asked. “Henry, will it hurt?”

“Yes! It will hurt, Baby. The first time always hurts. That’s why Candy and Tasha complained about their pussy’s being sore. Some girls hurt a lot. Some girls not so much. It all depends on their individual bodies. I promise to me as gentle as I can with you. OK?”

“OK.” She laid her head on his chest and sighed.

“Come, Baby.” Henry scooped her up into his arms and carried her to his bed. Though she had grown over the past year, she was still a small girl. She had grown about an inch to stand about 5’3″ tall. She had gained maybe ten pounds to weigh about 110. To Henry’s delight, much of the weight gain seemed to have gone to her titts.

Cynthia wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him as he carried her to his bed and gently laid her down.

They stared into each other eyes as Henry undressed. When he lowered his pants and underwear at the same time, Cynthia’s eyes drifted down to his hard cock. Since she had sucked it many times, its fat seven and a half inch size didn’t frighten her. ‘Hell, if I can suck that thing, I can get in my pussy.’ She thought to her self. She smiled and sighed. What she had been wanting for over a year was about the happen.

Henry climbed into bed with her. He kissed her passionately and resumed fondling her tits. He slowly kissed his way down her neck and upper chest to suck on her tits. She widely spread her legs when he rolled on top of her body. He continued lavishing kisses all over her tits. Hard sucking on her nipples brought them to a hardness they had never achieved before.

Cynthia’s breathing was quickening. Her hands firmly held Henry’s head to her chest. She twisted and raised her shoulder to press his mouth to whichever tit Henry was sucking.

She groaned loudly as Henry squeezed both tits and kissed his way down her belly. Cynthia knew what was to come next. As Henry’s kisses reached her bald pubic mound, she pivoted her pelvis to offer her pussy to his talented mouth and tongue. She had become addicted to the orgasms she had experienced from Henry’s oral attentions.

Henry did not disappoint her. In a short time, the teen was thrashing on his bed as he ate her pussy’s dripping tender and wet flesh. His tongue probed her virgin hole and lapped at her clit. When he sucked her clit between his lips and repeatedly flicked it with his tongue, Cynthia exploded in orgasm.

Squeezing Henry’s head tightly between her legs, the horny teen thrust her pelvis up to his mouth and, as usual, tried to push his face tightly into her body. Her orgasm slowly subsided and she released his head from the grip of her legs and hands.

Henry continued to eat Cynthia’s needful pussy, and she was soon heading up the orgasmic hill again. As she began to thrust her pelvis, Henry crawled up her body and passionately kissed her.

She returned the kiss and licked his face. She had come to enjoy the taste of her own juices on Henry’s face.

Henry wrapped the small teen in his arms and continued passionately kissing her. He arched his back and brought the head of his cock to her pussy’s lips. Except for her widely spread legs, the small girl’s body was completely covered by the one about to invade her depths.

Cynthia lost some of her passion when she felt Henry’s cock press forward and push her virgin pussy’s lips open. Her body tensed. She looked up at him, and asked. “Henry, it’s time isn’t it?”

“Yes, Baby. If you’re ready, it’s time.”

She hugged him tightly and spread her legs even wider. She whispered in his ear. “I’m ready. I‘ve been ready. Please take me.”

Henry lovingly hugged and kissed her as he slowly pushed his cock forward. She tensed and he briefly stopped when he came in contact with her barrier. The hymen that had guarded her womb for fifteen years was in the last few seconds of its existence. Henry took several shallow strokes in hopes Cynthia would relax a little before he fully took her.

Cynthia gasped each time contact with Henry’s cock stretched and tested her cherry’s resistance. She hugged him even tighter and whispered in his ear. “Take me.”

Henry backed out of Cynthia’s pussy until only the head of his cock remained in her virgin lips. They hugged each other tightly and he shoved about forward. Four or five inches of fat hard cock shot into her tight hole. Her hymen shredded as his cock passed through.

“OOOOWWH!” Cynthia jerked and cried out when her cherry was ripped from her. A single tear from each eye trickled down her cheeks.

Henry held still and remained embedded in Cynthia’s tight devirginated pussy. He then took several deepening strokes until Cynthia had all seven and a half inched of his cock buried in her tender cunt. The head of his cock pressed against her cervix. Kissing away her tears, he looked into her eyes and asked. “Are you alright, sweetheart?”

Softly, she replied. “I will be. That hurt, but not as much as I had expected it to. Can you hold still for a minute. I need a minute to get used to you.” A small smile crossed her lips. Cynthia had lost her cherry.

“Of course, Baby. Take your time. We’ve got all night.” Henry said as he caressed the hair on her head. He could feel her pussy trying to adjust to the new invader in its midst.

“Now I know why Candy and Tasha said their pussies were sore.” The teen giggled at her own comment.

Henry could feel her entire body relax. He began gently stroking in and out of Cynthia’s very tight hole. He’d pull nearly out of her tender flesh, pause a second, then slowly slide fully back in until bumping her cervix. The walls of her pussy seemed to gently resist his entrance then suck him back in as he pulled out.

Cynthia moaned and whispered. “That’s nice. I feel so full when you’re in me.”

Henry quickened his pace a bit.

“Umph, umph, umph.” Cynthia grunted each time Henry thrust into her and bumped her cervix. She began rocking her pelvis in time with his thrusts. She began thrusting up to meet the cock invading her core.

“Are you feeling ok, honey?” Henry asked.

“Oh yes! I’m a little sore, but you feel so good in me.”

“Wrap your legs around me, Baby.” Henry told her.

When Cynthia wrapped her legs around Henry’s legs, her pelvis was tipped up. That gave Henry a perfect angle to drive deep into her hot cunt. He was soon driving his cock hard, fast, and deep into Cynthia. He hit her cervix with every thrust and she thrust up to meet him.

“Oh my! Oh my God! Oh Henry, I’m feeling it. Oh yes!” Cynthia tightened her arms around Henry’s neck, thrust up hard. She held her pussy up as he rapidly drove his cock into her. “FUCK ME HENRY. FUCK ME FUUUUCK MEEEEEeeee!”

“Here it cums, Baby. Take my cum!” Henry slammed deep into Cynthia’s young hungry cunt and bathed her cervix in warm cum.

“Huummmmm. I can feel you squirting in me. It feels warm.”

As their orgasms past, Henry and Cynthia both relaxed. Thanks to the little blue pills, Henry remained hard and stayed in the teen’s still tight pussy. They lovingly kissed, licked and nibbled each others head and neck areas.

Cynthia then asked a question she should have asked a year ago. “You came inside me. Will I get pregnant now?”

Henry kissed her and replied. “No, Baby. I’ve was fixed a long time ago. I can’t make babies. That’s why Candy and the others liked having me take their cherries. You won’t get pregnant no matter how often we fuck. But, if you let any of those horny little assholes from school fuck you, you may very well get pregnant.”

“I think I want just you to fuck me.” Henry pushed a little tighter against her cervix. “Mmmmmmm. I like that.” Cynthia rocked her pelvis to feel Henry’s cock still buried in her.

“Me too, Baby. Me too.” Henry softly told her as he pulled nearly out of her pussy and slid slowly back in to her depths.

“Mmmmmmmm. That feels good. Can we do it again already?” She naively asked.

As he began a slow steady rhythm of stroking Cynthia’s horny hole, Henry told her. “Baby, I want to do you as much as I can, if you want me to.”

“Oh God yes!” Cynthia moaned as she was matching him thrust for thrust. As the teen built to another orgasm, her hunger grew as well. She pulled her feet up Henry’s legs until her heels were pushing into his ass. Her pussy, spread as wide open as possible, was tilted up in an ideal angle to accept Henry’s cock deep into her core.

Henry let Cynthia heels dictate the pace. She soon had him rapidly and firmly pounding into her eager pussy. She built to yet another orgasm.

Suddenly, Henry arched his back and grabbed her ankles. He shoved her ankles nearly to her ears causing her back to bend and her hips to rise. Her wide open cunt was pushed up even higher. Henry rammed his seven and a half inch cock into Cynthia’s cervix with each hard drive.

Just as Henry began flooding her womb with his cum, Cynthia’s whole body seemed to vibrate as she shouted. “OH GOD, HENRY! FUCK ME! FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM. MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm.”

Henry looked down into the face of his young lover. Her eyes were glazed and only partially open. She was laboring to catch her breath. A broad smile seemed permanently etched on her face. He helped her slowly lower her legs to the bed. This time, his cock began to soften, so he rolled off her sweaty body and gazed lovingly at her while stroking her hair.

After a little while, Cynthia looked at Henry and said. “Oh Henry, I never knew it could be so good. Now I know what Candy and Tasha were talking about. I have been wonderfully fucked and my pussy is sore as hell. But, it’s alright.” She kissed him and continued. “Henry, you can have me anytime you want me, even if I am sore or on my period, or anything. Do you want to fuck me in my ass now?”

“Shssss. Rest for now, Baby. It’s only Friday night and we have all weekend. I think we’ll save your ass until later. Now, sleep my sweetheart.”

Henry laid on his back and pulled the drowsy teen to him. She rolled tightly to his side and laid her head on his upper chest.

Cynthia was soon fast asleep in Henry’s arms. As he gazed at his fifteen-year-old lover, he thought. ‘Sweetheart, I’ll not only have you any time I want, I intend to keep you. You will be all mine by the time you turn sixteen. You will do anything and everything I tell you to do. But for now rest, my little slut. You will need it. We’re going to fuck that tight little cunt until you can barely walk. Then I’ll take that virgin ass. By the time you go home, you’ll be lucky to walk upright.’

Henry kissed his sleeping beauty and dozed off. His dreams were of all the exciting times to come with his new teen slut