Swinging in the Neighborhood

I love sharing my wife with both men and women. I have been enjoying the fun for around 33 years. I would like to share with you just how this all got started. My introduction to sex began early in my life, I will be sharing how that all got started as well.

I first got involved with swinging right after serving four years in the Army. Due to what I did in the service I had only been home twice in those two years. That one time back home was to be my friend’s best man at his wedding. His name was Paul and his wife to be name was Terri.

Paul, Terri and I all grew up together back in the 60’s as we all lived in the same neighborhood. Terri and I were neighbors growing up together from babies. She was more of a tomboy than a girl as she played football, baseball and even army when we played in the neighborhood. Terri was good at wrestling as well, some of the boys in our neighborhood were even afraid of her.

Hell we were young kids just barely in our mid teens. I loved being with Terri during school and on summer vacation from school. We just loved having fun in the neighborhood. One day while we were playing army Terri and I were hiding in the woods.

“John I have to pee,” Terri, said holding her legs tightly together.

“Well run home and pee,” I replied.

“I can’t because I have to go bad,” Terri cried out. “I am going to go right here but don’t you look, OK,” Terri added.

“OK,” I replied.

I was at that age that every boy loves wet dreams and endless boners. I may have told her I would not look, however she no sooner pulled her shorts down and squatted than I turned around watching her. Teri squatted down with her shorts wrapped around one ankle.

Terri was looking down between her wide spread legs. Even with her head in the way, I still got a lovely view of her hairless pussy. A wide steady stream of her pee started to shoot from her slit. I felt my cock getting hard in my own shorts as I watched her pee.

Suddenly Terri looked up and she saw me watching her, she screamed, “John I told you not to look.”

“Sorry, I never seen a girl pee before,” I replied.

Terri young hairless pussy squirted a few more shots of pee. Her pee still hung from her pussy as she pulled her shorts back up. Terri came over beside me and she hit me in my arm.

“Now you pee and let me watch,” Terri said as she stood there with her arms folded.

Now I was just a kid but I also had a big brother. So I pretty much knew about the birds and the bees. I also knew that when you have a hard on you should not go around showing it to people. However, Terri was like my best friend I never really thought of her as a girl as she played sports better than some of the boys did in our neighborhood.

Terri was standing there with her arms still folded as she told me that she was still waiting for me to pee so she could watch. I decided it would not hurt anything if she saw my boner. I unzipped my pants and I wiped my dick out. I stood there in front of her with my hard cock; I made it jump up and down as she stared at it.

“JOHN, you got a boner,” Terri yelled as she stared at my throbbing young cock.

“You made it that way,” I screamed back at her.

“Can you pee with it like that?” Terri asked as she moved closer to me.

“I think I can if I try real hard,” I replied.

I stood there with my hard cock in my hand as I shook it up and down a few times. I was trying to make it pee just as Terri bent down along side of my dick to get a better view of it. I did not do it on purpose or anything like that. However, when I started to pee from my dick moved toward Terri just as she bent down.

“JOHN,” Terri screamed as my dick started to pee.

My stream of pee caught her squarely between her eyes. Terri rose back up wiping at her face with her hands. When she removed her hands from her face, I saw that she was crying. Terri ran from the woods balling her eyes out.

I was scared shitless, I thought I had burned her skin or even blinded her with my pee. I sat there in the woods wondering if I should go home or run away. About an hour later, I slowly walked home. When I got back home I saw Terri riding her bike in her driveway so I slowly walked over to her.

“Terri, are you OK?” “I am sorry I didn’t do it on purpose,” I said almost crying myself.

Terri jumped from her bike and she ran to me, she grabbed my arm and she pulled me between our two houses. I thought for sure she was going to beat me up or something. Terri told me to be quiet by putting her finger up to her nose, she walked to the edge of our houses and looked toward her front door and then she returned to me.

“John I thought you had made me going to have babies,” Terri said. “My mom told me otherwise,” Terri, added.

I stood there trying to take in all that she had just told me. I told her you have to do it to made babies. I was getting ready to tell her about the pictures I had seen in my brother’s magazines of people doing it, when unexpectedly it hit me.

“TERRI, you told your mom that I peed in your face,” I shouted out.

Terri grabbed me by the arm and we both ran for the nearby woods. We went back way in the woods to where no one could see us. We got into one of our forts we had made from old wood lying around we had found. I asked Terri again if she had told her mom that I peed in her face.

“Yes, I did tell her,” Terri replied.

“Great I am going to get the belt when my dad gets home,” I cried out.

“No my mom promised me she would not tell your folks,” Terri said.

I could not believe that her mom was not going to tell my mom or dad what happened. Terri told me that her mom had told her it was OK for her and me to be curious about each others privates. That was what grown ups called them back in the good ole days. We both returned home as it was almost suppertime.

I came into the house and mom told me to go wash my hands. She also told me that my father would be home shortly. Great I thought as I slowly went into wash my hands, Terri mom had told on us. I sat in the living room waiting for my dad to get home.

Dad got home kissed mom and asked her what was for dinner. Mom kissed him back and told him what we were having along with something else that I could not hear. I was sitting on the sofa with my head down as my dad walked into the living room.

Dad walked over to me and he said, “Here son got you a new comic at the gas station,” as he tossed a superman comic in my lap.

We had dinner, I helped mom with the dishes, and I asked if I could go out and play. Mom said OK just to return home before dark. I ran from the house happy as I could be with my new superman comic for I knew Terri’s mom had not told my parents what I had done. I ran over to Terri’s to find her coming out of her house just as I got there.

Terri and I ran around back and sat down on the double swing. We read my new comic together. When we had finished reading it Terri told me that she wanted to ask me something. I told her to go ahead.

“John, could you get one of those books with people doing it tomorrow so I could look at it up at our fort?” Terri asked timidly.

“I will try,” I replied.

Terri put her arm around me as she pulled me toward her. She kissed me on my cheek. I looked at her funny like as I asked her why she had done that.

“I don’t know I see my mom doing it all the time to my dad,” Terri replied giggling. “Let’s go skip stones across the lake,” Terri added jumping from the swing out back.

I jump off it as well running to catch up with her. The kiss on my cheek soon left my mind as we took turns to see who could skip a stone the furthers across the nearby lake. We played up by the lake until night came. We walked home together and before Terri ran up her driveway, she told me to remember to get that book.

I knew where my brother kept his dirty books at so I did not figure on any problems. That night when I went to bed I had another one of those wet dreams. I woke up in the middle of the night with my dick hard as a rock and a bunch of clear fluids leaking out onto a big wet spot on my sheets.

The wet dream I had was not about Terri. My dream was about Terri’s mom. She was naked in my dream showing me her big fucking tits. In my dream, Terri’s mom had played with my cock making it shoot just like in my brother’s magazine.

My cock was still hard and leaking as I lie there in bed. My brother also slept in my room in a bed across the room. I saw that he was asleep so I started to jack my cock off as he had showed me last year. I lie there in bed with my eyes closed jacking on my cock as I thought about Terri’s mom.

Her mom was hot; she had long black hair and huge tits. I would spy on her in the summer when she would lay out. In the wet dream, I had; her tits looked just like they do. I was remembering what they looked like in my dream as I pulled on my cock. I also thought about her hairy pussy in my dream she had squatted just as her daughter had done in the woods. Her mom’s pussy looked just like the ones in my brother’s books.

My hand was going a mile a minute on my hard cock as I jacked off thinking about the dream I just had. I felt my eyes roll up into my head as I started to shoot clear cum from my cock. I just kept pulling on my dick and it kept shooting cum from it as I thought about Terri’s mom.

“You’re going to go blind,” my brother yelled out to me.

I was not doing anything I told him as I pulled the covers up over myself and rolled the other way. I soon fell back asleep hoping I would have another dream. However, I did not but I did wake up with a hard on.

I got up out of bed, ate breakfast and my mom told me to shower before I went out to play. Now I could never figure that out. I had to shower everyday after playing outside. However, I also had to shower before I went out side to play each day; I had to be the cleanest kid in our neighborhood.

My brother was up and gone already as he had just finished high school and soon he would be going off to the marine corp. I returned to our room and I got between his mattresses. I grabbed two magazines I also grabbed a couple of my mad magazines as they were about the same size.

I placed the two dirty magazines in between the mad magazines. I walked out through the kitchen to go outside as we had a door that led to our garage then outside off of the kitchen. My mom was sitting at the table drinking coffee.

“Going out to play already?” mom asked followed by, “What do you have there?”

“Nothing just some of my Mad magazines I am going to give them to Terri as I have read them,” I replied standing there hoping she did not want to see them.

“That is nice that you are giving them to her,” Mom said as she smiled at me.

I was almost past her when mom said, “John, just a minute I have something I have been meaning to tell you.”

I turned back toward her as my mom looked at me she said, “John it is about Terri, you do realize that she is a young lady,” as she gave me one of her funny looks.

“MOM,” I screamed.

“I just think you should not be wrestling with her like you do and being so rough with her, stop treating her like she is a boy,” mom replied.

“Mom its OK, its Terri you are talking about,” I said giving her a serious look.

Mom smiled as she said, “Run along and have fun I will have you father tell you what I mean.”

I had no idea what she was trying to tell me. All I knew was that I had two dirty magazines in my hands and I was talking to my mom. All I wanted to do was to get the hell out of the house. I ran outside and around back to the double swing. I saw that Terri was sitting there waiting for me. I ran up and I sat down next to her.

“You got mad magazines, I wanted to see the other ones,” Terri said with disgust.

I lifted the mad magazine and I showed her the cover of the other magazine. It had a few different pictures on the cover. One was a woman on her hands and knees sucking a cock. Another one was a man licking on a woman’s tit and the last one showed them fucking.

“John, you got them,” Terri yelled as she put her arm around my shoulder once again before she pulled me toward her and she kissed me on my cheek.

“Terri, stop doing that,” I said as I looked at her.

“I am just showing you that I like you,” Terri replied as she grabbed the magazines from me. “Come on lets go to our fort,” she added jumping from the swing before I could say anything.

I jump and ran after her. We were soon deep in the woods sitting inside our fort. Terri was looking through one magazine as I looked through the other. We then swapped magazines as she flipped through the one I had looked at while I looked at that one she had.

“Did you see the one of the woman was peeing on the man?” Terri asked.
I shook my head up and down as I replied, “Yes,” still looking at the magazine in my hand.

“Do you want to try that?” Terri asked.

“What?” I asked her looking up from the magazine.

“This, do you want to try it?” Terri asked again as she showed me the picture.

The picture was of a long black haired woman squatting over a man. The man was naked as was the woman. The woman had her pussy just above the man’s dick. She was holding her hairy pussy open as she peed all over his hard cock.

“Do you want to try it?” I asked.

Terri told me yes that she did. I told her OK but we would have to get naked like the people in the picture were. Terri agreed and she stood up and she started to take her shoes and socks off. I stood up and joined her in taking my clothes off.

I had turned my back to Terri as I took my shirt, my shorts then my underwear off. My dick was standing tall and throbbing from looking at the magazines. I turned back around to find Terri standing there naked from head to toe.

Terri had short black hair almost as a Beatles cut back then. I stood there looking into her face. I noticed that she had those same dark deep blue eyes that her mom had. My mouth dropped opened when my eyes went to her chest. Terri had a small but noticeable set of tits on her.

“Where did you get those?” I asked as I pointed to her little boobs.

“A few months ago and they just keep growing,” Terri replied sticking her chest out and posing like one of the women in the magazine. “Some day I will have bigger ones than my mom,” Terri added smiling at me.

My cock jumped and started to ooze pre-cum from my dick head when she had told me that. I moved on down her body with my eyes. I had never realized until then. Terri was a nice looking girl.

“Lie down John and I will get like that woman,” Terri yelled.

I did as she had told me. I lie down on my back with my hard throbbing cock dancing. Terri straddled me then she squatted just above my dick. Terri looked to the picture in the magazine.

Terri opened and parted her little pussy lips as she squatted over my cock. I was looking right up into her pink opened pussy. I could also see her little boobs on her chest. They were not huge more like two little mounds with another mound on top. As I stared at her tits, I saw her nipples go hard as they stuck out from her tits.

“I am going to pee,” Terri yelled.

I looked back to her pussy. It opened even more as a slow stream of clear pee started to flow out. Terri rather like pushed harder as I saw her eyes go close. A huge stream of clear warm almost hot pee splashed against my dick. My dick danced in her pee as it splashed all over it.

Terri pee lasted for about 20 or 25 seconds. Her pussy was just dripping drops of pee out now as she squatted over my dick. I asked her if she had anymore in her, as it felt good splashing over my cock.

“I will try,” Terri replied as she tried to pee again.

A huge squirt of pee came rushing out from her opened hairless pussy. It almost looked like water shooting from a garden hose. Terri’s big squirt of pee shot out from her pussy not straight down like before. Her pee shot over the top of my dick and splashed me right on my chin.

I was spitting it from my mouth as I got out from under her. I knocked her over as I scrambled to get away from her piss. Terri was laughing as she fell to the ground.

“Paid you back for yesterday,” Terri said laughing.

I sat back down next to her laughing as well. Once our laughing ended, Terri asked me if I enjoyed it. I told her that I guess it was OK I told her it made my dick feel warm but that jacking my cock felt better.

“What is jacking?” Terri asked looking at me.

I sat back with my legs stretched out then I lay on my back. I took my cock into my hand and I started to run it up and down over my cock. I pumped on my cock for a minute or two. I looked at Terri as I told her that was jacking.

“Can I try it?” Terri asked as she scooted over next to my dick.

“If you want too,” I replied as I removed my hand from my dick.

Terri wrapped her hand around my cock it was then that I noticed that either she had small hands or I had a big cock. It looked like half my cock was sticking from her hand where as when I do it just the head was sticking up. Terri asked me now what she should do.

I told her to run her hand up and down my cock while squeezing it, but not to squeeze very hard. Terri pumped her small hand up and down my cock. Her hand felt nice on my cock as it did not feel like my hand at all. Her hand felt soft and warm as she gentle tightened her grip on my cock.

I laid my head back as I moaned slightly. My whole body seemed to be tingling from head to toe as Terri pumped her hand slowly up and down my cock. I could my pre-cum start to ooze from my cock. I looked down to see Terri still pumping on my cock but she was also using her fingers from her other hand playing with my pre-cum.

I could barely keep my eyes open as Terri pumped on my cock with her hand. I told her that she was going to make my cock spit. I saw Terri smile at me before my eyes went closed. My body jerked on the ground as my cock danced shooting my clear cum everywhere.

“AHhhhh TERRI,” I moaned loudly as my cock danced wildly in her hand still blasting cum from it.

Terri just kept jacking on my cock I had to push her hand away as my cock was too sensitive to be touched after I had shot off. I sat up to see that Terri had my clear cum all over her hand. She was looking at it and watching it drip from her fingers.

“Lick it like they did in the magazine,” I said to her.

Terri slowly stuck out her tongue then she brought her hand up to her mouth. Terri stuck her tongue out even further giving her hand a long lick. She sucked her tongue back into her mouth.

“It tastes a little salty but not bad really,” Terri replied. “Here try some,” Terri, added shoving her fingers into my face.

I stuck my tongue and licked at the clear cum over her finger. I drew my tongue back into my mouth. She was right it did not taste that bad. I licked more from her finger but then she pulled them away from me.

“Get your own,” Terri replied as she licked at the mess on her hand.

“Terri your hand felt wonderful around my cock not at all like mine,” I said as I stared at her. “I think I know now what my mom was trying to tell me about you this morning,” I added.

“What did your mom tell you about me?” Terri asked scooted up right into my face.

“Nothing bad I think she just thinks I should not wrestle with you and play so rough with you,” I replied.

Terri pushed me to back to the ground as she quickly got on top on me pinning my hands above my head as she said, “Your mom’s afraid I can kick your ass,” smiling down at me.

“No you can’t,” I replied as I wrestled with her.

Our nude bodies were rubbing against each other while we rolled on the ground. One minute she was on top of me the next I was on top of her. We wrestled hard against each other and while she was strong and all I was still bigger. I finally ended up on top of her with her hands pinned above her head. When I looked down at Terri, she seemed a little red in the face. Her cheeks were blushing madly as she breathed really hard and deep.

“Terri, are you OK,” I shouted as I rolled off her.

Terri pulled me back on top of her as she replied, “I do not know what just came over my body as we wrestled but I sure did enjoy it.”

About that time I heard “JOHN,” it was my mom yelling for me.

I told Terri I had to go see what she wanted. We both put our clothes back on and picked up the magazines. As we walked out of the woods, Terri grabbed the magazines from me.

“Can I take these for the night?” Terri asked. “I will read through them to see what other games we can play,” she added.

“OK but if you get caught with them I did not give them to you,” I replied as we walked up between our houses.

Terri stopped me halfway up between them. She wrapped her arms around me squeezing me in a bear hug almost like. Terri placed her lips on mine giving me a big kiss right on my lips. I did not say anything to her I just looked at her as she walked away.

Terri turned a few yards from me and she said, “That’s for showing me a good time today, John.” “We are going to have even more fun tomorrow,” she added shaking the mad magazines with the dirty ones between them.

I ran into the house and up to my mom. Mom turned around and she took one look at me as she said, “John, how do you get covered in dirt and grime from head to toe,” “Do you just roll around in the dirt?”

I just smiled as she told me to go get cleaned up my uncle was coming to take me camping. I ran into the bathroom and strip off my clothes. I saw in the mirror that my mom was right I was dirty all over my body. I also had a bunch of clear sticky stuff around my belly and on my cock. I smelled some of the sticky stuff on me; I had no idea what it was. I figured I had rolled in something on the ground I did not know that was the smell of pussy on me.

I jumped into the shower happy about how my day had turned out. Suddenly it hit me what my mom had told me. Your uncle is coming to take me camping.

“NO,” I screamed in the shower.

My uncle took me camping with him to a nice lake about 60 miles from home. He had a cabin on the lake with no one within a mile of him. We fished all day and ate all night. He would even let me have a beer each night. My uncle had some of his friends come up and stay a couple of days.

That was cool as they all taught me nothing but bad things like how to light your farts. They all were good at fishing as well so I learned a lot form them. What with the fishing, the camping, and the beer, I soon forgot all about Terri.

My uncle even had that little talk with me about being nicer to Terri. I told my uncle that Terri liked it rough. My uncle told me I had a good one there and that I should make sure I keep her. I told my uncle that we are best friends. My uncle told me I should think about making her my girlfriend someday instead.

“Never ever,” I replied as my mind filled with that day of fun I had with her.

A week later, we returned home, I was glad but I really did have fun at the lake what with fishing and skiing all day long. I thanked my uncle as he sat down with my mom and dad in the kitchen. I heard my mom ask my uncle did you tell him about what I told you too. My dad spoke out, woman the boy will find out soon enough that his little friend has grown up into a big girl.

“The boy is OK, Mary I had a talk with him,” my uncle said to my mom.

My dad gave a little laugh as he softly said, “Great the horny cocks men telling our son how to treat women, simply fucking wonderful.”

I put all my gear away and I came back into the kitchen; I asked my mom, “Can I go out and play?”

“Yes and you better go see Terri first she been over here every day asking for you,” Mom replied.

I ran from the house. I jumped the set of hedges between our homes. I ran up the front steps and I knocked at Terri’s front door.

Terri’s mom opened the door and I shyly asked, “Is Terri home?” as I stared at those big fucking tits.

“Yes she is John come in,” Mrs.______ replied. Terri is getting dressed join me at the kitchen table.

Terri’s mom had on a short red silk robe. As I followed her into the kitchen, I could see the lower part of her butt cheeks each time she took a step. Her legs were shapely and tanned but her butt was pure white.

I sat down at the kitchen table as she went over to pour herself a cup of coffee. As she turned back to me, her robe fell open enough that I could see both of her big tits. I could not help but to stare as they were pretty much right in my face. Terri’s mom just gave me a little smile as she closed her robe up.

“Are you enjoying your summer vacation?” Mrs.___ asked me.

“Yes, I just got back from camping with my uncle,” I replied with my eyes still looking at her tits hoping her robe would fall open again.

“John, it is not polite not to look me in my eyes when you talk to me,” Mrs._____ said.

“Sorry,” I said looking up into her eyes. I do not know why or where it came from but I added, “They are just so lovely,” as I looked down at them again.

“You are a naughty boy I have better go see what is keeping Terri,” Mrs. ____said.

I waited for almost five to ten minutes before her mom came back out. She came over to me and she sat down at the kitchen table. I noticed she had put a tee shirt on, however I could see her tits plainly through it.

“John Terri had a little accident,” “You go back home and when I have her fixed up I will send her over to you,” Mrs._____ said.

Terri’s mom walked me to the door and she left me out. I did not even stare at her tits or anything as she walked me to the door. I was concerned about what kind of an accident Terri had and if she was OK.

I returned home, I walked back into the kitchen my mom was in there, and she asked, “Why you back so soon?”

“Terri had an accident,” I replied sitting down and putting my head into my arms onto the table.

“Is she OK?” my mom asked.

“I don’t know, her mom sent me home,” I replied.

My mom picked up the phone and I heard her as she asked, “Terri’s mom if Terri was OK.”

I just laid my head back down in my arms on the table. I could hear my mom saying OH I see she just got her visit did she. My mom took the phone around the corner and I could not hear her talking anymore. A few minutes later, she hung up the phone.

“Terri is fine John you go out back and she will be out there in a little bit,” my mom said.

I lifted my head from the table and I ran out back. If my mom told me that Terri was fine, I knew nothing was wrong or had happened to her. I was sitting on the back swing when Terri came up and sat down next to me.

“Where have you been John?” Terri asked.

I told her about my uncle taking me to his cabin on the lake. I told her about how much fun I had while there. I told her about water skiing, fishing and about my uncle, letting me have beer. I was going on about this and that when Terri interrupted me.

“You did not even miss me,” Terri screamed loudly at me before she jumped off the swing and she ran into her house.

I thought I heard her crying as she ran from me. I did not know what I had done to her to make her cry. As to whether I had missed her, I really had and I would have told her so had she not ran away crying. I would have also told her that my uncle had told me that he would take us both up to the lake later this summer.

I sat on the swing alone just sitting there. About a half hour later, Terri came walking over to me. She grabbed my arm as she told me to come with her. Terri and I went running into the woods. We got to our fort where we went inside and we sat down.

“John, I am sorry about earlier,” “It’s just that I am cursed right now,” Terri said.

“You’re cursed,” I replied looking at her funny.

Terri told me that she would explain it to me. Terri told me about how when she was getting dressed today there was blood coming from down below. Terri told me that her mom told her it was normal, all women get the curse once a month. Terri also told me that it makes her moody.

“You mean your crazy,” I replied.

“JOHN, that is not what it means,” Terri yelled.

“That’s what my dad tells my mom when she gets that way,” I replied.

Terri gave a little smile with a little laugh when I told her that. I also told her that I had missed her and that I really did not even want to go to the lake that day. Especially after the fun, we had.

Terri looked at me as she said, “I missed you too,” “I also learned a few things from those magazines.”

Terri moved closer to me and she wrapped her arms around my neck. Terri started to kiss me on my lips. Terri told me to kiss her back. I did not know what I was doing however I just puckered up my lips as she was doing. We must have kissed 50 times as we sat there.

“This is French kissing,” Terri said as she slipped her tongue into my mouth.

I thought she was going to choke me with her tongue. I had to push my tongue against hers to keep her from doing that. Terri and I French kissed for a long time. I was starting to enjoy it as well.

“Do you like it? John,” Terri asked.

“Yes, I do,” I replied as I stood up showing her the tent in my shorts.

“Sit down John, we can’t do anything or you will get all bloody,” Terri said. “The curse will be over in a few days, and then I will show you what else I read about,” she added as she smiled.

I sat back down and this time I wrapped my arms around her and started to kiss her on the lips. Soon we were trying to shove our tongues down each other’s throats. We soon tried of kissing and went to go ride our bikes instead. For the next few days, we kissed any chance we had. We hardly played with any of the other kids in our neighborhood.

Terri had to go away with her folks for the weekend but she would be back on Monday. I sat around the house doing nothing; I had a long face all the time. My mom asked me what was wrong I told her nothing.

My brother was home at the time and he said, “His girlfriend left him that’s what is wrong.”

I yelled at him and when I did I had said, “FUCK you.”

My mom gave me her hand across my face. I swear she had reached all the way across the room to slap me. Go to your room young man and you just wait until your father gets home. The words a young boy just loves to hear coming from his mom’s mouth.

I went into my room reading my comics. My brother came in; he told me that he was sorry for getting me in trouble. I told him it was not his fault. He told me true, as it was not he who had cussed in front of mom. He also told me that he was just joking about Terri being my girlfriend.

“Bro if that girl turns out anything like her mom she is going to be so fucking hot,” my brother told me before he left the room.

I got a big lecture from my dad when he got home about cussing in front of my mom. Dad told me to try not to be vulgar like that around mom or any women, as they did not like foul-mouthed men. I told my dad it just slipped out, as I was mad at my brother for saying that Terri was my girlfriend.

“Son get used to it your almost at the age when girls will always be on your mind,” My dad said. Then he added, “Just remember son when it comes to women think with your brain not this,” as he grabbed at his crotch.

My dad told me to go tell my mom that I was sorry and that it would not happen again. I was surprised that he had not given me the belt. However, I was not going to stand around waiting to see if he was. I ran out of my room and I told my mom I was sorry.

Monday finally got here and Terri returned home. It was just the beginning of July and man was it hot outside. It was close to 90 degrees out and it was early morning. Terri and I decided to go swimming at the nearby lake. We hopped on our bikes and took off for the lake.

As we pedaled our way to the lake I noticed something about Terri, her tits would bounce each time she pedaled her bike. I drove my bike off the road watching her tits bounce two or three times before, we got to the lake. We parked our bikes by the lake and Terri laid out this big blanket.

We sat down and went to kissing right away. As we were kissing, I left my hand slip down to her chest. I ran my hand across the baggy tee shirt Terri had on. My hand came in contact with a soft fleshy melon is how I would describe it. I gave Terri’s tit a little squeeze and a pull with my hand.

“Hey those are attached you know,” Terri cried out as she smacked my hand away.

“They have gotten so big,” I said looking at the front of her shirt. “Why haven’t you shown them to be?” I asked.

“I have been waiting for you to notice them, stupid,” Terri replied as she stood up and lifted her tee shirt off.

Terri was standing with me looking up at her as she pulled her shirt off. The first thing I noticed was that Terri’s legs were as shapely as her mom’s were. I also noticed just how lovely and powerful her thighs looked as I scanned my eyes up her body. I watched that shirt rise up over her head.

I was looking up at a set of tits. They were in her bikini top but I could see them sticking out over the curve of her suit. Terri sat back down and my eyes went right to her tits. How had I missed seeing those before? They were not huge or anything but, they were a set of boobs.

I removed my eyes from her tits and I looked into her dark blue eyes as I said, “Terri they are as lovely as you are.”

I did not even know where that came from. Those words just seem to spill from my mouth. I was waiting for Terri to smack me or to say something smart to me for calling her lovely. However, Terri just stared at

“You finally noticed that I am a girl,” Terri replied with a little smile.

“NO,” “I just realized how lovely you are,” I said.

Once again, I had no idea where I found those words. They just seemed to pour out of my mouth. I also noticed something else as I looked into her eyes. My cock was not causing my swim trunks to tent out. I was worried for a second as I thought my cock was broken.

That was until Terri wrapped her arms around me kissing me fully on my lips. I pulled us down fully onto the blanket where we lie facing each other as we kissed. Terri rolled us over so that she was now lying on top of me as she kissed me. Our tongues were doing some rolling in our mouths as well.

Terri broke our kiss as she leaned back. She was straddling me with her legs. Terri bounced up and down a few times; as she did, I knew my cock was not broken. My cock got hard cock as I felt her bouncing on it. Terri just kept doing while she looked down at me smiling.

“John your dick is poking me,” Terri said with a bigger smile.

“He likes you,” I replied with a smile of my own.

“OH he does,” Terri said. “Do you think he will like these as well?” Terri asked.

I watched Terri’s arms going behind her back. She undid her top and she left it fall away to beside us. There hanging down almost in my face now where two round white globes. They each had a dark circle around them with a puffy mound on top of which two big nipples sat. I just stared at her tits. Terri shook them and I watched them move side to side.

“Go ahead you can touch them John,” Terri said looking down at me.

I reach both my hands up to her tits. I wrapped my hands under them they felt heavy in a way. I moved my thumb up to her nipples. I rubbed each of my thumbs against her nipples. Terri moaned slightly as I did that.

“Did I hurt you?” I asked.

“No, that feels good keep playing with them,” Terri moaned softly.

Terri started to rub her lower body against my hard cock that was pressing into her. I started to tease her nipples with my fingers instead of my thumbs. Terri was almost rocking on my cock as she moved around on top of me. It was almost as if she was jacking my cock off with her body.

“Pinch the nipples John I like that,” Terri moaned loudly.

I was not for sure what she wanted so I took a nipple between my thumb and my finger. I rolled it between them as I pulled on them. I saw Terri’s eyes go close as her mouth dropped open. Deep soft moans were coming from her mouth as she rocked faster on me. Terri’s pussy was rubbing right against my cock.

“You’re going to make my cock spit,” I yelled out.

Terri jumped and rolled off me. She was on her knees beside me breathing deep and hard. Her tits were heaving like and her nipples were hard sticking from her tits. Terri placed her hand of my chest and she took a deep breathe.

“John, you can’t let your cock spit on me down there no more,” Terri said as her hand rubbed on my chest.

“Oh I see,” I replied giving her a sad look.

“John if you do I may end up pregnant,” Terri said.

Now I knew how and why girls got pregnant. It was just that I never thought about it when with Terri. However, I did realize she was right, as we both would be in trouble if that happened. Terri ran her hand down my chest to my swim trunks. She ran her hand across my hard cock looking at the bulge sticking from them.

“I know something I can do for you,” Terri said with a smile.

I felt Terri pulling my swim trunks down past my cock. My cock sprang up out of them as she did. Terri grabbed my cock with her hand as she started to pump up and down on it. I closed my eyes as she pumped on my cock. Her hand felt good, wrapped around my cock.

I opened my eyes when I felt something wet sliding down on my cock. I looked to see that Terri had taken my cock into her mouth. She started with just the head of my dick as she ran her mouth up and down.

“AHHhh Terri,” “That feels great,” I moaned out as I watched her taking my cock in and out of her mouth.

I was soon bucking my hips upward as she took more of my cock in her mouth. Terri had over half of it in her mouth now as she ran her mouth up and down. I felt Terri rub her hands on my balls. It was as if fireworks were going off. My body jerked and my balls felt tingly as I felt my dick begin to throb in her mouth.

“It is going to spit,” I yelled out looking at Terri.

Terri removed her mouth from my cock and she wrapped her hand back around my cock. She jerked my cock hard and fast with her hands. I could see her tits jiggling as she did. When I saw her tits doing that, my cock left; lose with a load from deep in my balls. I fired off three or four huge streams of chunky white cum from my cock.

“AHHHHHHHH,” I screamed out as cum erupted from my cock.

It shot straight up into the air from my cock then landed back down on Terri’s hand and my dick. Terri slowed down on pumping my cock with her hand. She was rather shaking the last few drops from it. Terri lowered her mouth to my cock once more and she licked at it. Terri used her tongue to clean all my cum from her hand as well as my cock. Terri was running her tongue across her lips looking at me.

“It tastes even better when it is white,” Terri said as she crawled back up beside me.

Terri crawled up into my arm and I pulled her against me. I lie there just staring up into the sky. Terri was rubbing her hand on my chest as I played with her hair with my hand as she lies against me.

Terri rose up and she looked down into my face as she asked, “What are you thinking?”

I looked at her as I replied, “What it would be like to have you as my girlfriend?”

Terri jumped up a bit and she smacked me on my chest as she replied, “John, I am your best friend I am not your girlfriend,” as she smiled while giving a little laugh. Terri jumped up and as she ran toward the water she said, “Last one to the other side is a loser.”

Terri was in the water swimming for the other side before I jumped up and dove in after her. I should have known that day that Terri and I would always be best friends but never girlfriend and boyfriend.