Suma Cheating in Sex

Suma, 19, a gorgeous girl from gulf joined the engg college and was put up in the women’s hostel in a triple room. She only daughter to her parents,felt very much out of place in India, since she was accustomed to very high style of living. Wearing a lousy college uniform she felt very uncomfortable.

In the evening as soon as she comes back, she puts on her costly and showy dress with lot of perfume and sits in the room browsing in her smart phone. One day as she was returning after lab in the evening from the college, a handsome youngman stopped his bike and asked her whether she was a student of St.Mary’s. She said no.But she liked him at the first glance and his voice was charming. Again he asked whether she was Seena. Laughingly she said, no, her name was Suma and that she studied in gulf. He apologized and told her that he, Sameer too was from gulf and would like to get friendly with her, as he had no company.They talked for a while and he asked her to get on his pillion so that they may go for a ride. She said she will go to her room change and come. He said he will wait in the bus stop. She came nicely dressed. She sat in the pillion and they took off. He went slowly and as if scratching his own back he touched her crotch twice and she did not move.He braked suddenly and she dashed against his back and her ample boobs pressed against his back. He took her to a mall and took ice cream. Next day was a Saturday and he asked her to come in the morning so that they can spend the whole day together and enjoy seeing films etc. She was thrilled and she readily agreed. She did not tell her room mates of her new companion.In the morning after b/f she came to the bus stop and Sameer came in his bike smiling. His smile was quite charming. They went to the mall and got into a cinema hall. Sitting in a corner, Sameer did not waste any time, he started to squeeze her boobs. He unhooked her bra and took out the boobs and was squeezed them.The boobs were her sensitive points and she enjoyed his was of pressing them and her party was getting wet. He inserted his hand inside her skirt and was massaging her pussy. After the film, he helped her to tidy her dress and they went to an eatery and took some food and they came out. It was very hot outside.He said his friend has a room where they will relax for a couple of hours and then go out again. He had keys to the room in a distant suburb in a bye lane. He opened a door into a room with just a cot and table and couple of chairs and of course with a bathroom. Sameer made her to lie down on the bed and undressed her and make her totally nude and sat near her and was squeezing her boobs and he removed his dress.Suma saw with wonder his 7 inch monster stiff and glistening. He opened her both legs and without much foreplay placed his cock on her cunt and pushed it inside. Suma was shocked, before she could react his cock was half way through in her cunt. It was paining. She said no. He did not heed. She started to cry. He pushed further.Tears were coming out of her eyes and she said no, please do not go any furher pull it out. But he was pushing with all his force and it went completely inside. Sameer was licking and sucking the nipples of Suma. It gave her immense pleasure. He knew it and took full advantage of it. Keeping her nipple in his mouth he fucked her. She reached her orgasm many times.It was the first time she was having sex. She never thought it will be so painful and so pleasurable. Finally he pulled out and sprayed his fluids outside. He helped her to get up and go to the bathroom and clean herself up. There was blood stain and she was shocked. He said dont worry it will be once only for the first time, thereafter it will be just pleasure.After a gap of 15 minutes he sucking her boobs inserted again. This time the pain was less and Suma enjoyed the fuck. Each stroke gave her waves of pleasure and her orgasm was very close and it came massively. There was less talk and only sex. He liked his body strong. His cock was golden coloured. He gave it to her and asked her to suck it. Without hesitation she sucked it.They fucked four or five times. He had wonderful stamina and she just enjoyed. He asked her to ride him and do the fucking and she enjoyed it very much. The way he did from her back making her to lean forward was also nice. In short she simply enjoyed except for the initial pain. It was evening she wanted to get back to the hostel before 6.30 otherwise the warden will flare up.He helped to dress. Her dress was full of her fluids and his. Somehow he carried her in his bike and dropped her in front of the gate. She said she will be at the bus stop next day. He smiled, because he did not ask for it. Now the girl who got the taste was asking for it. Next telephoned him and waited at the bus stop.Sameer said he is running short of money and wanted her to lend him some money. She said sure she will give whatever he wanted. He asked for Rs.5000/- which she withdrew from ATM and gave him. He said he will return shortly. She said why not go to the room in the morning and go to movie in the afternoon. He smiled and said as you please. They went to the room.He undressed her totally. He liked her totally nude. He too became naked and he asked her to suck his limp cock and she kneeled on the floor and sucked him. He then licked her clitoris and she was sky high in her arousal. Sucking her nipples and licking her clitoris she made her fully hot. They he started to fuck vigorously. Suma was roaring with pleasure.He shut her mouth for fear of anybody hearing. He made her to ride him. His monster cock was fully tight in her fuckhole and gave her great pleasure. He nimbled at her clitoris and nipples to enhance her pleasure. She was mad with sex. He fucked in her mouth and between her boobs and she enjoyed to the maximum. It was noon.He asked her shall we go out and take some food and come. She did not want to waste any time. Somehow they got on the bike and they went to restaurant. Sameer spoke to somebody over phone and they ordered for food and started to eat when another person entered the cabin. Sameer introduced his as his twin brother, Muneer, who was just resembling Sameer.He also sat and ate food with them. Suma was looking at both of them and they just looked similar. Muneer cracked some jokes and they all laughed. Sameer told Muneer to take Suma to the room and that he will come soon. Suma reluctantly got on the pillion of Muneer and he took her to the room and he asked her to lie down and he sat on the chair.His talk was very humorous and Suma laughed and laughed. Muneer slowly asked her to undress. Suma was shocked. He said why waste time till Sameer comes. Just he touched her boobs and started to forcibly undress her. She protested, but he undid her bra and his hands were already on her boobs. He went on talking and Suma could not get angry with him.He unzipped his pants took out his 8 inch rod and placed it in the hands of Suma. She was stunned. Will it be so big? Will it ever enter her fuckhole? By the time Muneer had removed all her clothes and she was fully naked. He also removed his own clothes and asked Suma to suck his cock. she just opened her mouth and took only the front portion in her mouth.The cock of Muneer got still and he was ready for action. He just sucked her nipples and licked them profusely and made her to widely open her legs and he bent low and licked her clitoris. Suma just forgot to protest. His mouth was more pleasureable and her clitoris responded to his tongue. He placed his cock in her cunt and pushed it in. It went in but with difficulty.But she enjoyed this big cock entering her body. She hugged him. Her boobs pressed against his chest. Muneer fucked her gloriously sending waves and waves of pleasure into her. He was equally handsome like Sameer. Suma was gorgeous with nice thighs, flat stomach, big boobs and great hunger ofr sex. Muneer fucked her for two hours. Suma was tired.Sameer had not turned up. Muneer was ready for further fuck. Suma also wanted more sex. But time was running short. One full day she spent with these two guys fucking and fucking. She was just tired. She remembered that she had to get back to the hostel in time otherwise the warden would be wild with her. He asked Muneer to drop her in the hostel. He asked which hostel.Somehow she got dressed up and requested Muneer to take her to her college and leave her there and to inform Sameer that she waited for him for the rest of the day. Muneer said why worry you had your quota of sex. Why bother about Sameer. Hereafter I will come to take you take down my no.Meekly Suma took down his number and Suma was searching her bag and found her ATM card was missing. She remembered when she entered the ATM counter Sameer accompanied her and noted her PIN and when she counted the money he took the card. She came back to the room and her room mates asked her where she has been. She had to tell them some story.She took her damp clothes to wash when she went to the bathroom to bathe. Her whole body ached. Her cunt also was paining. She poured water all over body and washed her clothes and changed into new clothes and then came back to the room. There was a call from her mother. She asked why she withdrew so much of money.Suma had the presence of mind to tell her mother that her ATM card was lost and asked her father to alert the bank and to have a duplicate card to be issued. She telephoned Sameer, but his telephone was switched off. She telephoned Muneer his telephone also was switched off.Suma sat in her room browsing her smart phone and reminiscing over the sex adventures she had for the last two days. How much pleasure she got from both of them. But she knew that she will go if Sameer or Muneer call her again. Their magnetism was so great.