Sisters Boyfriend

This is a TRUE story as told to me by my friend. Names have been changed and if your underage in your state or country you must leave now.. This is for adults only over 18 only or older if your law says so.. I will write it as if she is telling you the story.. I am not a writer so keep that in mind PLEASE…My names is Lyn and come from an Easter European family but born in Australia.. This is about old traditions and what families did to help each other. I was 12 at the time had 2 brothers and 1 sister all older and we lived on a 5 acre property in a semi rural area. 
My sister Eve 19 was going overseas for a holiday for 6 weeks so it fell to me as my mother told me I had to look after her boyfriend Andrew 20 while she was away and keep him happy.
She left on a Friday night and was farewelled at the airport by all the family. Andrew her boyfriend was to drive me home as my brothers went out and dad drove mum home. Dad went to bed when we got home and Andrew mum and I sat watching a movie on TV. After the movie Andrew said goodnight to my mum and started out the door to his car Mum told me to go with him. Mum had told me it was my job to look after him while my sister was away. We walked to his car and he said goodnight I lent up to give him a kiss just as I had seen my sister do but he was shocked. I told him it was my job to look after him and keep him happy while my sister Eve was away. He said ok and gave me a small kiss on the lips. This got me excited and I asked him if he would kiss me again, he lent down and we kissed open mouthed I had never been kissed by a boy before this was so exciting. Andrew asked more about what my mother had told me and family traditions. I told him she told me that I had to take my sisters place and keep him happy and do what she would do with him.. He smiled and said anything ??? I said everything !! This time when we kissed his hand went over my breast even though they were small my nipples stuck out and I loved the feeling. Andrew then asked was I ok with that? and I said if that’s what you do with Eve then yes. He smiled and said what about sex? I did have a crush on him and said yes if that what he wants. I knew my sister was a virgin but I was excited and wanted to learn more.. He gave me another kiss and then left for the night.
When I got back to the house mum asked me what we did I told her and she said I was a good girl and that if he wanted to do more that I should let him..
Next day my dad took my brother to work with him and mum wanted to visit a friend and asked Andrew if he could drive her. Mum told me she was staying over with her friend that night and to take Andrew home and keep him happy. On the drive home Andrew said that he understood my families traditions but that I didn’t have to do anything with him to keep him happy as he respected me and asked if I was ok with that.
I was disappointed and asked him was I not good enough for him? he said its not that its just the age difference I started to cry as I thought he didn’t like me. He pulled the car off the road into a small park. He turned the car off and pulled me towards him and kissed my tears and help me tight.. We then kissed like a couple with his tongue deep in my mouth then mine in his. I could see tell he was excited and felt his cock for the first time as he put his hand up under my T shirt and felt my nipples that had grown. Next he had my top off and was sucking my puffy nipples which made me moan. He then put his hand under my skirt and pulled my panties down and had his fingers near my pussy. He stopped and asked if this is what I wanted? I said yes this and more knowing that my sister hadn’t more. I put my top back on and we drove home. Once inside the house knowing my mum was away till tomorrow and dad and my brothers wouldn’t be back till 6pm we went to my bedroom kissed and cuddled and just like at the park he took my Tshirt off and started to suck my puffy nipples again. Before we got on the bed he told me he wanted to see me naked I told him that he should get naked first. So he took his shorts and top off then rushed to me and took my panties and skirt off I told him we could kiss and stuff but no more as I knew Eve was still a virgin. He said ok but asked to just rub his cock against my pussy like they did I said ok we were standing up and he lifted me up with his cock near my pussy he then slid a little of his cock in. I knew I wanted more but also knew at 12 I shouldn’t. We kissed and he played with my breasts and got me all excited and rubbed his cock along my pussy lips This was the best feeling he asked to put his cock at my pussy lips again I said ok. I was moaning and all excited with his cock about 1 inch in me I asked him if he wanted to fuck me? he said he did and with that sunk his cock deep inside me and broke my Hymen I screamed when it broke and cried he kissed me and stayed still deep inside me I was so scared but excited at the same time. We stayed like that for a few mins then he asked me if I had started my periods. I told he no and he said good as he wanted to cum inside me. He then started to fuck me missionary style with my legs over his shoulders and his cock deep inside me.. I was scared and excited and knew we shouldn’t be doing it as he and Eve hadn’t gone that far.. It didn’t take him long when he said he was going to cum and shot his load of cum deep inside me.. We layed together after that for an hour talking kissing his playing with my small breast, when he aske dif we could do it again I wanted to. So this time he lay back and told me to get on top and slide down over his cock. It went so deep into me I thought it was all they up inside me.. This was os good as Andrew could suck my nipples while he fucked me.. maybe more next time if you liked it ??? let me know