Shalini having Sex with Anne and Geo

I am Shalini, 18 and on completion of my school, my parents wanted me to join an engg. college. It is one of the most reputed institution where being an NRI I got admission under the management quota. Others wrote the EE and got admission. I sought admission to the ladies hostel and wanted a double room. I was given a double room.

My room mate was Anne, 18 who also was an NRI. Later I came to know there were many girls and boys who studied in the same school in Abu Dhabi who got admission to this college. But they are all in different rooms and we seldom meet. Food in the hostel is very bad. Hence we take nice sandwitches or burgers from the canteen. Anne is a very sportive girl.

She spends all her spare time in sleeping. We both have many kilos of good dates in our luggage which we sometimes eat. Anne is too lazy that sometimes she wants to sleep without any clothes on. She has a laptop with internet connection for chatting with her people but after chatting she uses it for browsing porn.
One when she persuaded me to watch her laptop, I was shocked to see the high rate of porn movies. But she spent more time watching them and I too had no other way but to sit along with her and watch. When some hot scenes come in the monitor, Anne fingers herself and one day she suggested to me why not we finger mutually so that both of us can enjoy.

Though I too finger occasionally and secretly, not like Anne openly, her persuation and insistance made me agree wtih her. She was happy that I agreed. She brought some wax, razor, cream and so many things. She did it to me and I to her. We removed all the public hair and made it to look clean and smooth. She applied wax to the arm pits and they were also cleaned.

Anne loved my body and its shape and my assets. She loved to feel them and to kiss them. She softly touched my chin with her lips and licked slowly all over my face. Her way of kissing was very passionate and took too much time. She fist licked the lips, and then inserted her tongue into my mouth and search for my tongue and then such the tongue mutually.

In the meantime her hands rovered over my bosom and her soft touch brought out ghosspimples all over my body. The moment her fingers touch my nipples, my pussy starts to leak. My hands also roam around her chest and touch her firm boobs and nipples. Since our pussies are neatly shaven, oral sex is sought after.
Kissing the boobs, nipples, licking the nipples, Anne travels down and reaches the navel and then she reaches the pussy. She has a method of doing it slowly and systematically. She licks with relish every drop of my discharge. So do I lick her and swallow. We dont hurry to reach an orgasm.

We just watch the laptop and take our own time to tongue fuck each other and then finger fuck and reach a climax with oral sex. licking and sucking the clitoris mutually. Anne, was a resourceful person. She managed to bring along with her some of the latest sex toys. I did not dare to tell my mother to give me a sex toy. She would have killed me.

But Anne had every type of the toy. Small, big, vibratory, chinese, korean, japanese etc. She cannot use all of them. She has to ask me to use each and tell her how it feels. Our life was going on smoothly with indulgence in sex in almost all the time after supper. Nobody in the hostel knew that we have such a great treasure of toys.
We both had beautiful bodies and we enjoyed touching each other. We always slept cuddled in each other’s arms naked. Laptop was on for most of the time. Suddenly there was a guest for us. Anne’s coursin, Geo came from US and he felt bored to sit in his native house and he used to come to the city every day in his bike and ask us to go with him to some hotel or resort for lunch or for relaxing in the swimming pool.

When Anne introduced him to me I was impressed by his 6 ft. frame, athelete body, very pleasant, smiling and frank face. He asked us to hop into his bike. We too got into his pillion. Geo took us to a resort, a lonely place with nice food and a pool. We both has our swimming trunks but wearing them made our figure more pronounced.
Geo who came in his shorts was just eating us with his eyes. The bulge in his shorts became too noticeable. We sat in the lounge and drank fruit juice and some snacks. The pool was of medium size and look clean. Not many people were seen using it. Geo got up and jumped into the pool and asked us to join him.

This was the first time we are getting into the pool without the presence of our parents and that too with a stranger. Though Geo is a cousin of Anne they were not very close. Yet she swam a little and was shouting for me to join her. I too lowered myself into the water. I am not that an expert swimmer. I was always supported by my father. Here I cnnot ask Geo to help me in my swimming.

In an instance they both came to know that I am not an expert. Geo came to me to hold my body and persuaded me to jump into the water. He with his hands held me at my hip and asked me to flap my feet so that I can swim. I told him to leave me and allow me to go on my way. But the fingers of Geo were already at my pussy probing to touch the lips.

Anne saw this and was laughing. Again I came near him, he held me by my boobs and ass. I swam to a corner and held the iron bar to support me. Geo called Anne to join him. I saw his hand squeezing her boobs and another hand squeezing her pussy. His erection was full and a tent like formation was there in his short.
He took Anne to a bathroom both entered the bathroom and closed the door. I went in search of another bathroom, Cleaned up my body and changed into dry clothes, I packed my wet swimsuit in a bag so that I may take it the hostel and get them dried. I knew Geo and Anne must be fucking in the bathroom under the pretext of bathing and changing.
They both came after half an hour, fulled changed and fresh. We ordered some hot tea and snacks. Geo was in a happy mood. He said this is a nice place and we will come here at least twice in a week. After snacks we left for the hostel and bade Geo goodbye. When we reached the room, Anne told me that Geo actually fucked her. She said his tool was too big for my small cunt.

But he did not bother, he just pushed it in and made her cry. He said he wanted to fuck both of us. He had already touched your pussy. But you went away to another bath room. She showed me her cunt, reddish and the hole enlarged. But she said she enjoyed the fucking and got a good climax. It after two days that Geo came suddenly. I was alone in the room and he called me to the reception.

Anne had gone to the lab for some project work and I did not know when she will come. Geo said, it is alright, you come, just for an hour, I will bring you back and leave you here. I tried every excuse to avoid, but he was insistant. Finally I took my swimming trunk and left with him taking permission from the warden. Since Anne was not there he was talking all about his heroism etc.

In the pool, he asked me to jump and go to him. He put his hands directly on my pussy and massaged it. He massaged my boobs also under water just to arouse me. All these things are under water. He took me around the pool, holding me by my pussy. We were in water for one hour and then he said we will get out. I went with him dripping to the bathroom.

He made me stand nude and then removed his short and revealed his massive tool. He then made me to place my one foot on the commode and then making me lean forward, he fucked me in the doggy style. He was ramming me so hard that I reached climax twice, but he has not reached his orgasm.
Finally he reached his orgasm and sprayed his fluids onto the floor and released me. We cleaned up our private parts and them I got dressed up in my dress and he came in his jeans and t shirt. He went on talking that this is the best fuck he has ever had etc. We ate our snacks and had a hot tea and then left. He dropped me in my hostel and left.

Anne saw me and asked whether I hd gone with Geo, I said yes. She asked how was the fuck. Same like yours. She wanted to see my cunt to compare the injury. Mine was less serious. Anne just bowed and kissed my cunt. We went with Geo five or six times to the same pool and had combined fuck. He fucked both of us alternatively. Finally when he left he gave us a golden ring each as his parting gift.