Sex with Married HOT Sis in Law

It was later afternoon and we were all strolling along the beach when Amanda( not her real name) walked over to me and pointed out some interesting trees along the sand dunes.

she asked to be taken there for me to show her and I couldnt resist. There was that vib, body language that she hand hidden agendas… I knew it waould happen and immediately my mind wondered and I got distracted by her pronounced hip swing as she lead me the way. I became hard just looking at her sex butt and way she would place every step like a dancer in the sand showing her legs off by lifting them higher than usual when she walked . 

Upon reaching the tree first she turned around to watch me ,opening her legs in a seductive manner with hips thrust forward ,she hugged the tree like a lover would a man to invite me . The future looks good , I thought and as I got to her she kissed me with open mouth , exploring deeper,erotic and I was hard , harder than for a long time as she led my hand tocarress her pussy ubder her wrap . Wet! warm and yearning for love she parted her legs and thrust forward so my finger entered her sightly . moaning delight she gyrated her sexy hips and within minutes she had her first orgasm…Wow! so sex was she !

Clothes now off we caressed in all the right places and the final games began with me entering her slowly feeling her contracting pussy open for my cock. she orgasmed three times before I got to the finish line with and shoot of sperm deep inside her as she orgasmed for the fouth time . It seemed like a dream come true as I inseminated her with powerful ejaculations ,filing her as she gave satified moans of orgasmic pleasure .

So she did want tO have an affair. Moral of the story never accuse your partner of wanting an affair becuase that will happen if you do.

“Than you for that!! that was the greatest sex I have had for ages” she wispered . Without putting her bikini bottom back on she wrapped her throng around her waist and as she walked, a hint of aroma of fresh sperm filled the air as it trickled down her inner thigh …… ” I want him to smell that I have had sex ” she murmoured as wel got clser to the family crowd. Upon arriving she went to her husband’s side and rubbed her hips against his thighs causing more sperm to run down her inner leg and fill the air with that manly smell of freash sperm, JUST to rub it in a little…”That was great” she told him. “What?” he asked . ‘work it out for youself you dummy ” she teased

“he’s better than you at it “she jested ……..”and we l do it again soon !!!!”