School Life

It was the next day at school that my school life really took a turn. Before school, I would talk somewhat early to Jessica’s house and we’d end up fucking somehow or just having some oral sex. During school, we would pick a couple passing periods per day to screw around in or some time during a class to “go to the restroom.” At lunch we would head outside and find a secluded area to fuck in, and after school we would walk home and take it slow at her house or at mine. I was in serious sexual heaven, and before any drastic or dramatic changes happen, I figured I would just tell you about some of the things we did.

I do remember the week after our first sexual encounter with the best satisfactory ending for me ever. I am in LOVE with her big tits more than almost anything else that she has, except maybe her curves, long hair, plump ass, tight pussy, and warm brown eyes. The point is, we chose to focus mainly on her huge round globes that day.

It was after school when we headed to her house to have a little fun. Once we got inside she told me to sit on the couch and she would put on a little show for me. She first kissed me, just gentle lip contact, and then broke off, taking a few steps back in the center of her living room. The curtains were thankfully closed but let in enough sunlight to illuminate her sensuous curves. She started by sliding her hands down her body, starting from the tops of her tits all the way down to her thighs. She then squatted down, rolling her body like waves of the ocean, her hands roaming in places that made my dick jump. The entire time she kept eye contact with me, occasionally biting her lip or raising her eyebrow, breathing hard. She crossed her arms and grabbed the bottom of her tight shirt before pulling it off and flinging it aside. Then, her hands roamed her bra that was almost busting with the amount of tit inside. She hooked her thumbs in her yoga pants and slid them down, lying on her back and raising her butt in the air. She then kicked those aside and spread her legs, sitting up slightly to give me a full-body view. Her hands roamed right between her thighs, and then she lifted her panties aside. Her pussy was already soaking wet and inviting, and she inserted two fingers from her right hand while her left hand went back up her body to her right tit, fondling it in slow circles. At this point I had fished my dick out of my pants and was stroking it slowly, and she smirked at me.

“It’s so big, isn’t it? Nice and big and hard… mmm…” she whispered as she fingered herself with one hand and reached behind her with the other to take off her bra. When it fell off, she flung it aside and her hand immediately rolled her nipples around. They hardened almost as fast as my dick had when she started the show, and then she began to pull on them. Every wave her body made her tits responded with a little after-shock, and then my dick followed with a jump. Her right hand down at her pussy withdrew itself and was brought up to her lips, which licked it and sucked the juices from it. She continued to buck slightly, her tits rolling around and bouncing with every little jolt. I could take it no more; I came hard, my spurts landing on her glorious breasts. The first spurt literally splashed in her cleavage, painting her insides of her breasts white. My next few spurts I tried to aim as best as possible, covering her right nipple with think, dripping cum as well as her left nipple. The last few weaker spurts landed on her belly and then on her pussy lips. She gasped in slight shock but them smiled, spreading the cum on her skin and licking up her fingers. That got me hard again in no time.

“Jesus, it’s so slippery in between my tits now. You thinking what I’m thinking?”

“Fuck yeah, I wanna fuck those tits right now!”

“Come here, big boy, and shove that cock right here where it wants to be.”

I got up and placed my cock between her tits. She used her elbows to push them together, and my cum as well as the precum drooling from my cock helped lubricate the friction. Her soft mounds felt like the softest pillows filled with the down of the fluffiest birds in history, and yet firm and still holding its shape. Every time I pulled back my cock disappeared between her huge mounds and every time I thrust forward the head popped out of her cleavage. She looked down at my cock and began to lap at my head every time it came close. Soon, she would take just part of the head in her mouth and swirl her tongue around my cockhead a few times before I withdrew from her mouth. My hands ventured to her tits, feeling their softness and rolling them around. I began to grind my cock in circular motions with her tits while circling her nipples with my fingertips. She moaned, her hot breath cascading on my dick, and I began to thrust faster. She began to utter moans with every thrust I made; short, hard, and fast with pauses in between. I pulled her tits from the nipples, as if milking a cow up-side-down. She was writhing under me, her hands roaming my stomach and chest area, her eyes closed in pure ecstasy.

“Cum for me, please, cum all over my tits again. Paint my tits with your cum so I can lick it all up. Cum for me…” I began to thrust harder and faster, and she took hold of her tits and squeezed my cock with every thrust. My hands took hold of her body as I thrust more and more, and she left her tongue out and licking up and down so every time it made contact with my cock it would find the underside of the head and swirl in the area for just a moment. That was all it took for me, and I thrust once more and came on her tongue with my first spurt. It splashed and my cum painted the tops of her tits, and I withdrew and spurted more cum across her tits aiming for her nipples. Soon she was covered in a thick white coat of my cum that was slowly oozing down her tits like lava on a hillside. She swirled the cum on her nipples and on the rest of her tits, then licked her fingers clean with a glimmering smile.

“We should totally do this more. I love it when your warm cum spurts onto my tits; it feels so good!”

“Oh hell yes, Jessica. I’d do anything for you!”


“Fuck yeah, I’d do pretty much anything for you now!”

“Let’s test that then, shall we? Meet me during lunch tomorrow at the restrooms in the C wing.”

I got up, about to grab my clothes and dress, but she took hold of my cock and cleaned it off first. Damn, what a girl!

The next day, I was awaiting lunch period. It was only fourth period, and the lunch bell was about to ring. I knew that Jessica had her fourth period in the C wing but I was in the B wing, and I simply had to walk to the main lobby of the school and cross it to get to the C wing. The lunch chaos was about to happen in that lobby, though…

The bell rang, and students rushed for the door. I took my time, yet I walked a little eagerly, waiting to see what Jessica had planned.

When I arrived at the restroom area, she was standing there expectantly, a smile on her face.

“Get in there, you!” She shoved me in the girl’s bathroom and toward one of the stalls. Lucky for us no one uses the wing restrooms during lunch period normally as there are three restroom areas near the cafeteria.

She sat me on one of the toilets which were surprisingly clean, much cleaner than the boys bathroom stalls. She set her stuff down, and I let mine fall to the floor, which was also surprisingly clean. Her hands roamed up my legs to my belt, and fumbled for a bit before pulling my jeans to my ankles. She also pulled my boxers, letting my hardening dick spring free and slap her face.

“Oh my God! Isn’t he eager to see me?” I simply smiled at her statement as she tugged on my cock with her right hand. Her left hand was pulling her nipples, and I could tell right away she had no bra on with her nipples poking clearly through her tight tank top. Her belly button was showing because the tank top seemed too small in comparison to her large tits.

“Aren’t you gonna ask me what I wanted to try out?”

“Uh… what is it?”

“Well, let’s try the titfuck again, but this time without hands!” She took my hard cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it as she squeezed her tits and rolled them around. She released my dick with a pop, spit on it and tugged on it a little more. My precum was lubing it up really well until my dick was a slippery mess. Then, she rose on her knees and the head of my dick was at the bottom of her tank top. She pulled her top over my dick and let her tits sink down to my thighs. The head of my dick was protruding at the top of her tits, and she looked down and gave it a swirl of her tongue. My dick jumped and precum literally spurt out on the tops of her tits and drooled out. Her tank top was getting quite wet at parts, and she just rubbed in the wetness letting me see more of her tits through the fabric.

She placed her hands behind her back and began to move up and down, her tits slowly dragging their way up and down my cock. It felt extremely good, and the fact that neither of us were using hands seemed to turn me on more. She looked up at me and smiled, raising her eyebrows.

“Well? What do you think so far?”

“My God, how are you doing that… This is so… Oh my God…” She smirked and continued to focus on her task. She would spit when we seemed to not have enough lube and then began to move up and down faster. My cock was growing harder and harder between her tits, and I felt like I would burst her tank top open since her tits were already almost spilling out. She took her hand and wiped some of the precum around the tops of her tits, and then to her nipples, wetting the fabric at those areas. I could clearly see the nipples now, poking the shirt so tight they made small wet clingy tents at those areas. The tops of her tits were also visible and clearly showed her cleavage billowing around as my dick shoved her tits aside with every thrust.

After a while she seemed to think of something. “Want to try out some other movement styles?” I simply nodded my head, and she took her hands and began to grind my cock with her tits. One tit would go clockwise while the other would go counterclockwise, literally milking my cock of its precum and forcing it to ooze out with every grind. Then, she would lift one tit up and let the other one fall slightly down and alternate her tits. The sliding on my dick was so much to take in with one side rubbing upward and the other rubbing downward. She kept up the lifting of her tits for a while, and then she withdrew her hands again and sank her tits down but to her left, then swung to her right and lifted back up. She moved in this triangle pattern grinding my dick at different angles. I could take this assault no longer; I had to cum.

She didn’t seem to be done because she mashed her tits together causing some tit to billow out the top and bottom of her tank top. Then she moved in a full circular pattern while grinding my cock at the same time with her tits. I threw my head back and came harder than ever before until my balls ached. My cum spurted straight up and fell down onto the tops of her tits, splatting on her tank top with the same sound of a raindrop on a tent. I could feel the warmth of my own cum near my dick where it landed, and it began to flow down her cleavage and somewhere between her tits. She moaned with every one of my spurts.

“Oh my god I can feel your dick spurting each spurt of cum! That’s so hot!” My dick’s spurts got weaker and weaker as they eventually dwindled to oozes of cum. She used her tits to milk the last bits of cum, and then scooped up as much cum as she could to rub on herself and then lap up.

“Mmm… tastes so good… Feels so warm…” I just sighed with content. She then pulled off her soaked tank top and placed it on my thighs, then cleaned off my dick with a quick blowjob. She let go of my dick with a pop, giggled (which in turn caused her bare tits to bounce a little) and produced another identical tank top from a pocket in her large zip-up binder. She pulled it on as I watched, the fabric having to detour over her huge tits and then follow her curves down to her stomach where it hugged her features fully. Oh, how I envied to be that tank top!

She gave me a quick kiss on the lips before she giggled and walked out of the restroom. I sat there for a while before realizing I was in the wrong restroom and class would start soon. I panicked, getting my jeans on and then I burst out the door. Jessica was nowhere to be seen, but no one else was, either. I sighed with relief and made my way to my next class, feeling more satisfied than ever.

Later there was a rumor of a strange smell in the B-wing girls restroom… Jessica and I in our sixth period class looked at each other and laughed a little when we heard one of our classmates complain about the odd smell