Party at Dix

My wife, Jen, and I were celebrating her birthday with a few friends and co-workers she knows. She was getting drunk as the afternoon progressed, as were her guests. I had to stay sober in order to keep them supplied with alcohol, food, and music. I didn’t mind because it helped me concentrate on the way the clothes were becoming looser as the alcohol heated them up. I got everyone together in the living room and decided to have a party game which also involved a little more drinking. I named it after one of my favorite game shows, “Let’s Make A Deal”. Two people would have to make a deal for something I had. I started it easy by saying that I had a shot of liquor hidden under a hand towel. If either lady wanted to guess what the liquor was, they could take the shot, but if they guessed wrong, they had to kiss my dog’s nose. Well, Jen’s friends, Linda and Nicky, were the contestants. Linda said she thought it was a shot of whiskey. Nicky said she wasn’t sure she wanted to guess, but after a brief amount of peer pressure, she said it was a shot of tequila. The towel was lifted to reveal a shot of whiskey, so Linda got to take the shot and Nicky kissed the nose of my Labrador.
The next game went a little farther. This time, Jen’s friend, Lauren, had to pick which hand towel was covering an empty shot glass. There were three glasses under three towels. If she chose the empty glass, she would win the other two shots of whiskey, but if she chose the wrong one, she only got to drink that one. Linda stopped her before she could choose and told her she would up have Lauren take those two shots as body shots off her if she won them both. Lauren was a known bi-sexual, so this would be rather interesting to see. The group got whooping and hollering when they heard that. The pressure mounted as she chose the third towel. As I lifted it, the hush grew, until I showed her the empty glass! She won both shots. Linda got on her back as she lay on the coffee table. She put the first shot in her cleavage and the second in her crotch. As the rules state “No Hands”, Lauren took the shots using only her mouth from Linda’s body. It was quite a sight!
Following a few more alcohol-prized games, I kicked it up a notch. This time, I had Jen chose Towel 1, Towel 2, or Towel 3. Below each towel, unknown to her or anyone else at the party, I had placed a vibrator, an anal plug, and a dildo. Jen’s task was to pick a towel and tell a story about whichever object she chose. She picked the middle one (the anal plug). Her friends gasped along with Jen when they saw what was under the towel. Jen’s face turned three shades of red. I think she was ready to hurl it at me when Nicky said, “So, Jen, what’s the story with that?”
“Well, this is the toy I got from Chuck on our first anniversary. I mentioned that I enjoyed him doing me, but I wanted to try something else. He bought this one. When he used it in me, I almost fainted from the pleasure. It stretched me open so much more than Chuck could. After it was securely in me all the way, I got on top of Chuck to have my first double penetration! It was just amazing! I highly recommend you get one, too.”
She passed it to Linda so she and the others could look at it and feel the flesh-like covering. Jen then told Nicky to pick a towel. She picked the first towel which had hidden the vibrator. The group laughed when they saw it and it seemed every lady there had a story of their own. Since this one belonged to Jen, she had to go first with her story: It really began back in her high school days when she found a “personal massager” that belonged to her mom tucked away under her parents’ bed. Jen gave it a try in her hand and realized it would feel WAY better on her clit. After discovering the wonderful world of the vibrator, there was no turning back. She continued to use her mom’s throughout her high school years. Once she went away to college, though, she visited the first adult store in the area she could find and chose a good vibrator which was recommended to help her find her G-spot. Since then, she has attempted to find the ultimate “friend”. The one she now held in her hand was green, glowed in the dark, was water-resistant, contoured for comfort, control, and ridged for pleasure, and gave fantastic vibrations which was speed controlled. So far, this “Mr. Green” was her best friend. Her guests were giggling and eager to hold it, feel it, and get one of their own. Nicky spoke up, “I have a vibrator story. When I was still in grade school, around 7th or 8th grade, my brother and I found a vibrator while we were visiting people our parents knew. We were looking in their basement and saw a box sitting under some blankets. Being curious, young, and bored, we wanted to look inside. There was a stack of Playboy magazines, a little whip, a vibrator without batteries that looked like a silver torpedo, and a doll that had been deflated. My brother figured he had hit the jackpot and snuck some Playboys out to the car and hid them under the seat until he could look at them back home. I took the vibrator because the whip and doll didn’t interest me. We put the blankets back on the box and never told anyone what we saw or did. Later that week, that vibrator was closer to me than my training bra! WOW! I learned more about what made me feel good than all the books and talks with my mom ever could.”
Well, now that the dialogue was beginning to change, I was anxious to see how far it would go. Jen took off the towel covering the last object, the dildo. The ladies laughed and were in awe when they saw the size of the rubber phallus. It was 15 inches long and 3 inches in girth. Without another moment of hesitation, Jen picked it up and said, “This dildo was the most important tool we used in our relationship.” The women seemed puzzled by that, especially considering how the other two toys had brought some fond memories to Jen. She then continued, “if it weren’t for this lovely dildo, I would never have gotten pregnant.” She was right. I was not gifted in the length department of my penis, and luckily, Jen didn’t seem overly concerned. However, when we began talk about starting a family, I mentioned it may be difficult for my semen to reach her eggs. She said that was ludicrous, but I was serious. How would my little 5 inches of manhood be able to dump a load into her cervix deep enough to reach her eggs? Jen, ever caring about my feelings, decided she would help me. She and I went to the “toy store” where she chose “Loyal Lover”. She said after I came inside her, she would insert “Loyal Lover” into her and push my sperm-laden cum deeper inside. Long story short, it worked. It not only helped her get pregnant, it also came in quite fun other times when I would use it under me to stretch her out and feel as though she had two cocks buried in her pussy at the same time. She loved it, and I felt good because it felt like I was competing with another man inside my wife when it was just a big harmless rubber dildo. Jen didn’t mention that last half to the guests, but she did say it was a great tool to keep cum inside her. What was really fun is watching her walk to the bathroom from the couch after we used it to stuff my cum deep into her womb. It was quite a sight watching her waddle with that dildo between her legs.
The ladies were beginning to leave after another hour of giggling, handling the toys, and drinking their fill of wine and cocktails. Nicky and Lauren, however, decided to stay and help clean up. I was wondering if I could get Nicky to follow us to bed. She was rather tipsy already and her blouse was unbuttoned down to her belly button so that her blue satin bra was clearly visible. As she bent over to gather up the glasses from the table, I got bold and smacked her left butt cheek as I walked behind her. She didn’t react the way I expected. Instead, she looked over her shoulder, still bent over, and grinned at me. I smiled back and hoped she wouldn’t tell Jen who was in the kitchen stacking the dishwasher.
Nicky dropped off the glasses to Jen, talked with her and Lauren a few minutes, then returned to the living room. I was sitting on the couch half-listening to some goofy infomercial that is only shown at 2:30 AM. She came over and sat on my lap, grabbed my hands and put them on her smooth tight stomach and said, “Let’s make a deal.”
“Sure,” I said nervously, not wanting to know what Jen would do or say if she saw my predicament.
“You can choose what is behind Cup Number 1, Cup Number 2, or Panty Number 3.” Apparently, she had tucked something inside each bra cup and one inside the front of her black G-string. I motioned to reach down into her unzipped jeans when she said, “Or…. You can take what is in the kitchen. Tell you what; let’s see what you didn’t choose first.” She reached into her left bra cup and pulled open the napkin. She read it, “Blow Job by Nicky”. FUCK! I can’t believe I just gave up such a dream moment! UGH!!! Just thinking of her young lips wrapped around my cock made me want to spew my cream right then and there. I was certain she would be a masterful cocksucker. It pissed me off that I not chosen that one.
Nicky looked at me and said, “Should I continue? Want to think about it first?”
“Go on. I already lost the best gift I could have gotten,” I said. She just smiled at me while my dick grew beneath her lovely legs. She took her blouse off and said I needed to undo her bra so she could get to the next prize I didn’t pick. You can’t imagine how stiff I got as I gently and quickly unhooked the two connectors holding her gorgeous breasts inside that beautiful satin bra. She allowed the cups to fall forward revealing her perky white B cups to me while still facing away from me on my lap. The other napkin stuck on the top of her right breast. She unfolded it and said, “Get Lauren pregnant.”
“WHAT?” According to Nicky, Lauren and Jen had discussed her difficulty with getting pregnant with her husband. Although he supposedly well-endowed, he isn’t potent in the sperm department. During the last hour, after hearing about me, she had asked Jen if I could try to impregnate her. Her husband was at home sleeping and never wondered about her whereabouts, especially at a party given by another woman, so he wouldn’t know. Jen told Nicky to make it a prize, but it would be up to me to pick it. Well, again, I didn’t pick that one. What a shame, too, because Lauren is not bad looking. She is short and chubby, but not fat. She has what I like to call, “Cushion for the Pushin’”. Her boobs are about a D cup, but they don’t spill out over the sides of her bra, and she takes great care of herself, so I know she would have some amazing fun in bed without being a slob. She would also make a fantastic mother since she is so loving and nurturing.
“Well,” Nicky said, now half naked on my lap, “You can still choose what is in the kitchen, or go with Panty Number 3.”
Recalling the times when Monty Hall would offer up something behind the curtain, people would sometimes get a ZONK, a gag gift that wasn’t worth anything. Jen knew about the Zonk, and if she was already in on this game being played on me, as I figured she was, she would have a Zonk in the kitchen. Well, I looked at Nicky with pre-cum beginning to leak out of my boxers, and said I would like to stick with Panty Number 3.
“OK. Lauren and Jen, he chose Panty Number 3! I’ll see you both shortly,” she yelled into the kitchen.
“Go ahead, take it out and see what you won.”
I reached into her black panties where I felt no fuzz whatsoever. Apparently, she was completely shaved. I love it that way! I pulled out the napkin as I rubbed my fingers into her labia. She moaned and threw her head back. Her nipples grew even more pronounced, which I didn’t think would be possible. I ran the napkin out the top of the G-string and realized it was moist. WOW!
I opened it up and read four words, “Let’s Make a Baby!”
I looked into her face and she said, “That goes for all of us!”
Well, how in the world did I luck out like this? Not only was I going to be given the opportunity to attempt to impregnate Lauren, but also put my seed into Nicky and Jen with my wife’s approval! Things like this just don’t happen to guys like me, but I wasn’t going to pass up this chance. Nicky got up and headed to the bedroom where she undressed me. She was wearing just the panties and a pair of socks by the time we reached the doorway. Not 30 seconds later, in walked Jen and Lauren. They had the toys in their hands from earlier and both gave me an ear-to-ear smile.
It took just four minutes before I spilled my first load of sperm-filled semen into the smooth pussy of Nicky. She was riding me as I had my hands running all over her hips, legs, and breasts. She looked like the perfect girl you knew in high school that you could never get, but always wanted. Now, here she was humping my 5-inch dick. I apologized that it didn’t take long, but she said she would like to try again later. Meanwhile, Lauren and Jen had been using the dildo and vibrator on each other in preparation of me. Jen handed Nicky the dildo and told her to use it to plug my baby juice into her womb. Lauren gave Jen the vibrator and told her that she needed to be next for insemination. I crawled up on top of this chunky chick who I had always thought was beautiful, but taken. Well, now, without her husband knowing, she was willfully going to get pregnant by her friend’s husband! Normally, it takes me about 10 minutes to regrow an erection, but given the circumstance, I never lost it. I went directly from unloading in Nicky to penetrating Lauren. Of course it took more than 4 minutes to send out another load, but I enjoyed getting into several positions before I told her I was ready to give her a baby. She groaned with delight and excitement as I sprayed her uterus with my baby-making lotion.
Jen knew it would be about 30 minutes before I would come again, so she just rubbed my dick with her friends’ juices and late-coming semen with her hand. She then gave me a blow job that quickly included Nicky and Lauren. Heaven can’t be much better than that moment! I asked her what was waiting for me had I taken the trip to the kitchen instead of Panty Number 3. She told me she was holding my dog and Lauren was holding a tablespoon of peanut butter. They were going to have the dog lick peanut butter off my ballsack and penis! Thank God I didn’t go with that one! Talk about a ZONK!
Well, having put my seed into two of the fabulous ladies wasn’t enough. I had one more girl, my thoughtful and gorgeous wife, to try and knock up. She was ready for another child, but due to our busy lifestyle, lack of funds, and the fact that our first child was not quite potty trained, we were waiting. Well, I suppose the fact that her other friends were fertile and talking about sex had gotten Jen in the mood to have us try again. Nicky and Lauren got Jen ready for me by sucking on her nipples, rubbing her legs, and inserting the anal plug to have her feel double penetration. They kept encouraging me by whispering to me, “knock up your wife”, ”put a baby in her”, and “cum deep inside that pussy”. Lauren moved the anal plug in and out and I felt it against the underside of my cock as I fucked her. Then, Jen had Nicky insert the dildo into her pussy under my cock. The sensation was incredible! I couldn’t handle it and blew my wad inside her. Jen was stuffed in both holes and a tiny drop of my deposited load leaked out of her pussy. Quickly, Nicky put her finger on it and rubbed it into her own pussy. It was a night I will never forget and gets me hot just realizing I had a moment like that in my life.
It’s been 4 months since that party. Jen wasn’t fertile and didn’t get pregnant, though we sure had fun trying. Nicky is pregnant, but she isn’t sure if it’s mine or not. She doesn’t care, though; she just loves being pregnant for the first time. Lauren was also fertile and her ovulation turned into a pregnancy. Her husband was amazed that his sperm finally took hold, and unless he demands a blood test, she is never going to tell him the truth. Neither Lauren nor Nicky have done it with me since that night, but I’m perfectly content with it, as is Jen.