On My Vocation I had Suprise Sex with My Aunty

when I was in 12th standard. I went to Chennai to enjoy my summer vacation, But unfortunately no one was there except my aunt. I asked her when others will come back ? she told me that they will come back after one week . I was very disappointed and I started watching TV. After sometime my aunt served me some food and I went into a deep sleep.
It was 2’O clock , I felt very thirsty and I suddenly woke up. When i opened my eyes i saw my aunt sleeping next to me on the floor. It was really an exciting moment because, her boobs were visible and my cock started rising like a big banana. I never knew that she had such a big boobs and started starring at her boobs for a long time. I never had such feelings on her but everything changed in a second. Then I thought of touching her boobs but I got scared that she will tell my parents. It was a hell because “A sexy women is in front of you but you cannot do anything”.

Then I thought of masturbating and i went to the toilet. But unfortunately I forgot to close the door. To my surprise my aunt came and opened the door. She saw me masturbating and I got shocked. Suddenly I turned aside and she went back to her bed room. I got scared and I was lying on the sofa thinking of what would happen tomorrow. Then I prepared myself and decided to face whatever happens. After some time I slept on the sofa.

When I woke up the next day it was really surprising for me because she acted as if nothing happened, then I thought of continuing the same. After some time I found that she was acting in a very strange manner, when she was serving me my breakfast she bent her body so much, so her cleavage was completely visible.

It was very seducing and my cock started to rise like a giant banana.
But I was unable to do anything and I was simply lying on the sofa.

It was midnight, I felt like someone sucking my cock. When i woke up none was
there, my aunt was sleeping on the floor. After sometime I felt the same thing
again, then i suddenly woke up. Oh my god, it was was my sexy big boobed aunt.
She was sucking my cock like a animal .

“My husband didn’t fuck me for a long time and I was very desperate. When I saw
your big penis I thought of getting fucked by you. That is why I tried a lot to
seduce you so that you will approach me by yourself but you are such a big
fool, you didn’t understand my feelings at all. Now I’m completely yours, fuck
me like an animal …………….” she said while sucking my dick.

“I’m very very sorry aunty , I was very scared. Now I will satisfy you
completely see it for yourself…………….” I said by pushing my thing more
into her hungry mouth.

I removed her Saree and she started sucking my penis again. It was such a
beautiful pain that I never had in my life, I have no words to describe it.
When she started sucking hard some kind of colorless liquid started coming from
my penis, she was licking it with her tongue. Then I kissed her lip, it was
very soft and it was pinkish in color. I tasted her saliva, it was very sweet,

Suddenly she got more hot, removed my lungi, banyan and started kissing all
over my body. I got hold of her and I removed her blouse, she was wearing a
white bra, it was very sexy and she started removing it all by herself. Then I
saw her, big milky boobs, it was huge, her nipples were very big unlike other
ordinary women. I started sucking her boobs like an animal and she was pulling
my head towards her breasts. I started licking the small circle around her
nipples it was really cool. Then I removed her petticoat and pulled her panties
rapidly, I was very excited about her big pussy. When i opened her panties, her
pussy was completely covered by hairs and it tempted me a lot. It was like a
cave covered by a big bush.

I started licking her pussy with my tongue and I went very deeply.
She was moaning, at the same time I started squeezing her big milky boobs. Then
I pushed her on the bed and inserted my big 7inch cock inside her pussy from
behind . She started screaming loudly, I felt like it was heaven. She turned
around and started sucking my cock again, my penis started to cum and she drank
all of it. She asked me to cum ones again inside her pussy , then i turned her
around and opened her legs wide apart so that she will get the complete
pleasure. Then I inserted my penis ones again inside her pussy and started
fucking hard. When i was fucking her, her boobs were shaking like a big
balloon, I was also squeezing her boobs so that she feels more satisfied. After
some time I felt my cum coming out deep inside her penis. I removed my dick
from her pussy and it was all wet then i started licking her pussy like a dog.
It was smelling great.Then we both got tired and went to the bathroom to take a

In the bath tub she again started sucking my penis and I started to cum on her
face. Then we had a nice sleep and the next day when i woke up she was walking
inside the house completely naked. When I asked her she told, this is what i
always wanted, that is being naked before you always. Then the whole week she
was walking, talking and working completely naked and i fucked her on the sofa,
in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the living room. There was no place in the
house where we never fucked.

Then one day came where i had to leave her. It was really painful and then I
decided to photograph her naked and she also accepted for my proposal. I
photographed her in all possible angles and left her.