My Little Sister

When Jen and I walked in, my little sister Susan was sitting cross legged on the sofa bed in a little cotton baby doll nightie covered in tiny pink rose buds with matching panties, looking like she was ready for a girly sleepover.

“Hi big brother! Hi Cuz.” She smiled up at us.

I rolled my eyes at her. “Hello Sis.” I said.

I locked the sliding door, pulled the curtains and turned to Susan. “You think this is funny.” I stated.

“No.” she said, suddenly downcast.

“I appreciate that you’re not telling on us. It makes me a little bit proud of you, but I’m not so sure about blackmailing us, and I’m not real comfortable with my little sister being in on this.” I told her.

“Then I guess you shouldn’t have been screwing around out in the pool. Anyone could have seen you, even Mom or Dad.” She said.

“You’re right.” I admitted, “But now what?” I asked.

She smiled that evil grin. “Now I want to watch you guys DO it.” She said.

Jen leaned up against me.

“That’s just weird.” I said.

“Oh, I don’t know David, it’s kind of hot if you think about it. I know you’ve had other girls watch before.” Jen said, referring to the tale I’d told her about my first girlfriend.

“Yeah, but that wasn’t my sister.” I said. “We haven’t even seen each other naked since we were little kids. And we’re not little kids anymore.” I finished.

“It’s ok David,” Susan said, “I’ve been fantasizing about what you look like naked ever since we were in Alabama last year. Now I want to see.” She blurted out.

“Alabama?” I asked, surprised yet again. This was really tuning into an interesting summer.

“Yep, when I was staying at Jen’s house and Sadie spent some nights with us. Since then.” She said and some light began to dawn on me.

“Well, I guess fair is fair,” I gave in. “But here are my conditions. First, you and I do NOTHING together. A cousin is one thing, a sister is quite another. Second, this room is not a clothing optional area, it is a clothing free area, so if you’re going to persist in this, you will be as naked as we are, so let’s see.”

She looked at me wide eyed but didn’t move or speak.

“NOW!” I demanded.

She jerked as if she’d been slapped out of a deep sleep and looked up at me with pleading eyes. I just raised an eyebrow at her.

She looked over at Jen who didn’t say a word but raised an eyebrow as well and Susan stared me straight in the eye. She reached under her baby doll top and shimmied her panties off, keeping her legs close together and drawing them up to her chest. Still looking at me directly, she reached down and pulled the top off over her head and clasped her arms in front of her chest. “Now you.” She said.

I looked at Jen who shrugged her shoulders at me with a ‘don’t look at me’ look so I pulled off my tee shirt and dropped my trunks to the floor.

Susan’s eyes went wide as she stared at my midsection, obviously not what she’d remembered seeing there years ago.

Jen pulled off her cover-up, unhooked her swimsuit top and shimmied out of the bottoms then put one arm around my waist, pressed herself up against my side and started to slowly stoke me right in front of Susan. It was as blatantly exhibitionist as I could imagine, standing by the bed, getting stroked to fullness and Susan gulped hard.

“Stand up Sis.” I told her.

She climbed off the bed, kind of sideways, keeping her legs together and her arms over her chest.

“Face me and put your arms to your sides. You’re the one who started this.” I told her and after a slight hesitation she complied.

I was unprepared for what I saw in front of me. I hadn’t seen her naked since we were little either. Not even accidentally. I was aware that she had started wearing bras, that there had been a hullabaloo in the family when she started her period, but she was my sister and had never been anything but a little sister, and now she was something completely different.

My little sister was now a beautiful young woman. She stood around five foot five in her bare feet. Her stomach was flat and her waist slim. Her hips flared slightly and her legs fell slim and toned from a small gap at the top to perfect ankles above tiny feet. She had a small triangle of dark brown hair below her stomach and her breasts stood firm and proud in front of her, probably a full C cup with quarter sized areolas and perfect almost half inch nipples standing out from the excitement of the moment. Her brown hair hung over one shoulder almost down to her nipple giving her a very alluring look.

She seemed nervous and she fidgeted a little with her hands behind her back, preventing them from self-consciously trying to cover her nakedness from her older brother. Jen stepped over to her, turning away from me without letting go of my now very hard member and pulled Susan in to her. She put a hand behind Susan’s head and pulled her in for a kiss, much like the one at the beach, but now infinitely more erotic in the nude.

I watched their breasts press together, Susan’s darker skin contrasting with Jen’s almost snow white mounds, Susan’s brown nipples pressed against Jen’s soft pink ones. I saw their tongues flash between parted lips and I heard Susan moan and press herself tight against Jen.

Susan wrapped her arms around Jen’s shorter shoulders and kissed her deeper as Jen continued to stroke me loosely and softly. I couldn’t help but pull them both into a sideways embrace as Jen stroked me, now against Susan’s thigh and a smear of pre-come glistened on her hip.

Susan began to rotate her hips against Jen and finally broke away to catch her breath. When she stepped back I saw a gleam of moisture running down her inner thigh and she was breathing hard.

“I’m a little slow, but it looks like you two have done this before.” I said

“A few times,” panted Susan. “I was with Jen and Sadie spending the night while you were out playing all macho with Little Jake”

“Ahhh,” was all I could say.

“Jen and Sadie told me everything.” Susan said. “And when they did, I just had to find out what they were talking about so they showed me one night. And when she got here, she told me all about their plans with you. But I had to wait until I knew she had gone through with it before I told Mom I wanted to sleep out here. So here we are and now I want to watch.” She finished.

Jen put her hand on Susan’s chest and pushed her gently back towards the bed, pulling me with her as if on a leash. When Susan’s calves hit the bed she sat down and Jen kneeled in front of her and pressed her knees apart. “You can watch each other.” She said and simultaneously lowered her head between Susan’s thighs and raised her rear end up, tilted back in obvious invitation. I watched amazed as Susan, my little sister opened her mouth and began to breathe heavily as Jen found her sensitive parts, and I watched her look at me hungrily as I knelt behind Jen and pushed my entire length easily all the way in with the juices that had begun to flow there. Susan began to rock her hips and I pressed in and out of Jen, my motions transmitting to Susan as Jen was pushed forward and back.

Jen reached one hand underneath and began to alternately rub her own clit and caress my balls as they slapped against her. She took the other hand and pressed her middle finger inside my little sister and I saw Susan flinch at the feel of it, but react with more passion as she continued to watch me. She reached up and wrapped her hands around her breasts and staring at me she leaned down, pulled a nipple towards her mouth and licked it seductively, then sucked it, never taking her eyes off me.

I had my hands braced on Jen’s hips, pumping hard and fast and the combined view of her firm cheeks below me and my little sister sucking on her own nipple had its effect. I felt the pressure build, I held it as long as I could and although I had been coming inside Jen until now, I pulled out at the last moment and spewed several times on Jen’s back and rear, just for the benefit of Susan.

Apparently that was what she needed because as soon as she saw it, she raised her knees, arched her back, spasmed three times and fell back on the bed, spent.

Jen looked back at me and arched her rear up at me again. I stood and lifted her to her feet, picked her up by the thighs and lowered her back down, hitting the mark exactly and filling her again, still as hard as could be. She began to bounce up and down in my arms and from Susan’s lower position on the bed she could clearly see me moving in and out of Jen.

She lay and watched for a while then moved one hand between her legs and the other to her breast and I could see her eyes watching Jen ride me rapidly. I could feel Jen’s juices dripping on my feet and splashing on my ankles. After a few minutes of this Jen pressed herself down deep on me, filling herself with every possible inch of me, squeezed her knees together, ankles locked behind my back, pulled her arms hard around my neck and convulsing several times, a spray of liquid escaping around my shaft, running down my legs and pooling on the linoleum.

At the same moment, Susan spasmed twice more, just little jerky muscle contractions that signaled another pleasant result.

Jen released her ankles and I lifted her off and she dropped to the floor. She immediately got down on her knees and took me in her mouth, expertly twirling her tongue around me and sucking eagerly.

It was taking a while, since I had just so recently come. Susan sat up on the bed to watch. She finally reached up and cupped my balls and squeezed them gently. I had said that we would do nothing with each other and was about to admonish her but the warmth of her hand and the look in her eyes as she stared up at me kept my mouth shut.

She was rubbing herself again with the other hand and finally it had the desired effect. I tried to hold it back for maximum pleasure and finally had to give in and poured several more pulses down Jen’s throat. She swallowed it all, licked her lips then turned and kissed Susan, who helped clean up the few drops she had missed. The two of them crawled up on the bed together, never breaking the kiss and lay entwined in each other’s arms, kissing feeling touching and experiencing each other to the fullest. I couldn’t help but sit down in the stuffed chair and watch, stroking myself slowly and amazingly retaining my full hardness.

Susan lifted a leg and draped it over Jen’s and I was treated to an unobstructed view of my little sisters’ most private parts. Jen’s hand snaked its way between them and I watched, fascinated as she inserted a finger inside Susan and began to press in and out. Susan began rocking her hips again to the rhythm of Jan’s thrusts and I watched enthralled at the erotic scene before me and the sounds being created as they squirmed and moaned in each other’s arms.

After a while they parted and without words, Jen turned around and put her head between Susan’s legs. They were still on their sides but in a sixty nine position and I could tell by the rocking of Jen’s hips that my little sister was not disappointing her. Meanwhile, Jen licked and sucked Susan’s clit and lips and pulled her cheeks apart showing me her tight opening and her brown rosebud. She looked up at me and watched me slowly stroking myself on the chair and her eyes rolled up as she moaned in ecstasy.

They went on for a long time and soon I could feel the pressure building again. I stroked a little faster, got up and lay down on the bed behind Jen and stroked her thigh and pressed myself into her from behind, and finally came for the last time that night, not nearly as strong, but satisfying none the less.. I kissed her between the shoulder blades, and rubbed my softness between her cheeks.

I don’t remember which of them came first, but when they were done, we all fell asleep there on the bed, entwined in each other’s nakedness. Sometime during the early morning I awoke, a little chilled and I pulled a blanked over us all, wrapped my arm around Jen and became aware of the touch of my sister’s skin against the back of my hand. It moved softly as she breathed in her sleep and alternately pressed and relaxed against me.

I lay there thinking about last night, the strangeness of it all, these conniving girls with their schemes and plans, but naturally, rather than be offended that I was the target of their deceptions, I was quite happy and complimented by it all.

Everything I thought I knew or felt about incest and taboos were flying out the window. I was feeling a little guilty about it but at the same time, as I pondered it and felt my little sister breathe against my hand, I started to harden once more and I pressed myself between Jen’s legs, rocking gently to see if I could get it in without waking her. No such luck, as soon as she felt me pressing at her entrance, she put a hand behind me, opened her legs a bit, and pushed on my back, signaling her acceptance of my advances.

I slid in easily and held her there without moving for a while, then began to rock gently back and forth, this time seeing if we could finish without waking Susan. Not that it mattered, but it was just a challenge.

We were doing fine until Jen succumbed to the urge to start rocking her hips and the motion was too much for Susan who woke, slowly, confused and pushed back in shock at where she found herself but remembering where she was, immediately snuggled back against Jen with a contented smile.

Susan began to suck lightly on Jen’s clit and I could occasionally feel her nose rub along the bottom of my shaft as it went in and out. Jen lifted her leg to give her full access and Susan reached over and cupped my balls with a hand while she attended to Jen. I could feel her getting closer and her nose was rubbing me more often until I finally realized she had her tongue out and was licking my shaft and balls as she rubbed Jen with her other hand.

Again, I thought about stopping her but my little head said “what the heck?” and I kept quiet. As I began to feel the pressure building once more I had thoughts of where I wanted to release. I loved coming inside my lovers, either vaginally or orally, and I wasn’t much for spilling outside those two places when there was a suitable receptacle available, but here was my little sister, forcing herself on us this way, being a brat and making me feel guilty about incest, licking my shaft and squeezing my balls.

I didn’t think about it long. At the critical moment, I reached down between us, pulled out of Jen and directed the first flow right into my little sister’s mouth. She backed away but I reached over and held her head while I let loose three more pulses, then guided myself back into Jen, and lay there still.

Susan licked around her lips as she tested the taste of me. She lay back on the bed, “Mmmmm, Thank you big brother.” She said and she climbed up over Jen and me, still coupled together and spooned up behind me, pressing her body against my back. I felt her two soft breasts press below my shoulder blades and her soft tuft of hair tickle against my buttocks. It made me twitch inside Jen and she felt it and squeezed me there. Susan put her arm over my side and laid her hand flat on my chest and drifted off to sleep while Jen and I finished the business we were about.

I awoke in the morning alone in my bed with the sound of the shower running and giggling coming from my bathroom. I got up and opened the bathroom door and peeked in. Apparently both girls were in the shower. I stepped into the room and could see the shapes of their two bodies through the steamed and frosted glass doors. They were poking and gesturing at each other, and giggling hysterically at the fun of it. I slid the door open and stepped over the rim of the tub. They both stopped what they were doing but not the giggling.

“Good morning Cuz.” Giggled Jen.

“Hi Big Brother!” Susan joined in “About time you woke up!” And they both giggled at that.

Jen had the soap in her hand and she reached up and started soaping my shoulders. She worked up a good lather, handed the soap to Susan and spread it all over my back and down over my buttocks. She reached down and smeared some up my crack, pressing deep with a finger, grazing the sensitive part there.

Susan began to lather my shoulders from the front and worked the soap down over my chest, across my stomach and down to my pubic area. The two sensations made me twitch a little.

Then both girls ran their hands down my thighs and each took a leg and soaped it thoroughly, not attempting to avoid my balls as they washed up high between my legs. I twitched some more and gained a little elevation. Then against all my admonitions from the night before, my little sister reached up in front of her, took my stiffening member in both hands and began to stroke it hard with the slippery soap.

I cautioned her “Susan…” but I was now fully erect and the little head said “Shhhh.” I looked down at my little sister, looking up at my eyes, stroking me with both hands, doing a perfect job of it, and back at my petite cousin, soaping my thighs and washing my balls at the same time and I resolved to just shut my mouth and enjoy it.

Susan continued to stroke me, Jen ran her hands up as high as they would go and pressed her finger along my crack putting pressure there. She was holding my balls with the other hand gently squeezing them as Susan worked in front.

When Jen felt that I was nearing my climax, without warning she pressed one slender finger up inside me all the way and pressed forward. It was a completely new sensation that took me by surprise. What surprised me the most is that it caused me to immediately ejaculate hard all over Susan’s face, Intense almost painful in its pleasure.

The girls giggled hysterically and Susan stood up and rinsed her face in the shower. They both climbed out of the tub with little knowing grins back at me and I just stood under the warm water and watched them through the frosted glass as they dried each other off and continued to giggle. When they left the room, I finished my shower, dried off and went out to find some clothes to put on. When I stepped into the room, the girls were locked in a sixty nine session, squirming and moaning again.

I knew it would take a while for me to be ready for any more swx so I went ahead and got dressed and went in to the house for breakfast, locking the sliding door to the apartment as I left. I had no idea how long those two would take.

“You’re up early!” Mom said as I came into the kitchen. “Girls up yet?” she asked as she place a large platter of bacon on the table.

“Yeah,” I said with a smile, “They’re just doing girl stuff.” And sat down to one of Mom’s huge breakfasts.

When the girls finally came in, Mom announced that she would take everyone downtown to visit Olvera Street, The place where El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Riena de los Angeles had been founded. Better known today as Los Angeles. It was an Hispanic cultural center with stalls full of souvenirs, Mexican restaurants and lots of Hispanic music and dancing.

Susan asked, “Could Jen and I stay her and just hang out by the pool instead?”

“Jen, would you rather stay here than go downtown with the rest of us?” Mom asked.

“If that would be OK Aunt Joyce.” She said.

“David, would you mind staying today? I’d rather not leave the girls here by themselves.” Mom said.

“Well, I guess so. I thought it would be fun to go down there with everyone, but I can probably find something to do.” I said.

Jen choked and almost sprayed her orange juice. I saw the gleam in her eye just before Mom looked at her. “Are you alright Jen?” Mom asked.

“Oh I’m fine Aunt Joyce, just inhaled a little orange juice, sorry.” She covered up nicely.

“Ok then.” Mom directed, “Let’s get these dishes cleaned up and we’ll get going.”

Jen and Susan made quick work of the dishes, Jen washing, Susan drying and they drafted me to put things away. Mom and the younger kids packed a few light things for a day trip, loaded the car and we waved as they drove away.

As soon as they had turned the corner and were out of sight, Jen and Susan looked at each other, giggled and said “Come on David, we’re going swimming!” and dashed back in the house.

I followed them in, heading back out to my room to get into a swim suit but as soon as I stepped out onto the patio, I knew that was a waste of effort. Jen and Susan were already in the shallow end, clothes strewn on the pool deck, splashing and giggling completely nude and completely comfortable with it.

I went in the house and grabbed a stack of beach towels from the linin closet and dropped them on one of the lounge chairs beside the pool. I watched the girls laughing and playing in the pool without a stitch on and marveled at how natural and beautiful it seemed. A couple of weeks ago I would have never imagined the possibility of this scene; my gangly awkward cousin, my little sister, turned into beautiful sexy water nymphs without a care in the world and all just for me.

I pulled off my clothes and walked down into the water to join them. They paid no attention at first but when I walked over behind Jen and put my hands on her waist pulling her towards me, Susan splashed at us both. “Hey, no fair! What about me!” she teased and splashed over next to us, joining in a group hug.

I squatted down in the water with Jen on my lap and Susan moved around behind me, put her arms around my chest and pressed herself against my back. As much as I tried to resist the thought of it, the feel of her breasts pressing against my back was irresistible and my response was immediately noticed by Jen who lifted her rear and put her legs together, trapping my hardness between her thighs.

When Susan felt her start to rock her hips, she reached around and cupped one of Jens breasts in each hand in front of us. At that, Jen lifted her hips and took me inside, rocking gently, her head pressed back on my shoulder. We kissed out of the sides of our mouths and Susan reached down and pressed her fingers over Jens clit, massaging to the rhythm of Jens thrusts.

Jen came almost immediately jerking and panting and pulled away from me, resting her arms on the edge coping and laying her head on her arms, still making little jerking twitches now and then. Finding her hands empty, Susan reached down in front of me and took me in both hands and began stroking me, still pressing her breasts against my back.

After a few moments of this she let go and came around in front of me. She took hold of me once more and continued stroking, staring directly into my eyes the whole time, poking a pink tongue out between her teeth. Not in a sexual way, but in a difficult task kind of way, which actually made it very sexy. I was almost out of body watching her. My little sister naked in the clear water in front of me, staring into my eyes and working on my hardness with a vengeance. Loving it and confused about it. I leaned back against the side of the pool and watched her.

After a moment she ducked her head down under the water and took me in her mouth sucking on me hard for nearly a minute, surfaced, took a deep breath, submerged and continued. She shouldn’t be doing this but I was weak. I couldn’t resist both what she was doing and the obvious joy she was getting from doing it. In one weekend Susan had gone from being my innocent little sister to a ravishing sexual predator. I could only sit back and watch and enjoy.

She was undeterred in her task, coming up for breaths, diving back under, holding me with her hand while she surfaced for air, and returning to the task for amazing lengths of time holding her breath. She stuck to it until I finally felt the pressure build and on the next dive, released repeatedly into my sister’s mouth underwater. She continued to suck and swallow every drop, finally surfacing, she looked me in the eyes, reached up and kissed me on the lips, deeply, with probing tongue. I tasted the combination of semen and chlorine.

The old adage “Like kissing your sister” certainly went out the window with me that day. It was sexy, hot, erotic and amazing. Almost everything I had felt about incest and guilt where a thing of my past. She was a little minx and between her and my little cousin, I knew that sex would never be the same for me again.

Susan took be by the hand, still looking into my eyes and pulled me over to the stairs. She backed onto the top step, pulling me towards her. She spread her legs and pulled me between them then pressed my head down between them.

“Susan…” I said.

“You didn’t complain when I did you. Please David, don’t make me beg you.” She said, still with those deep brown eyes locked on mine. She had her hands on my cheeks and pushed me down between her open thighs.

She was sadly right. As much as I was resisting I wasn’t really resisting at all and so far, the benefit of my weakness had all been about me. She was pulling me towards her with her ankles on my shoulder blades. I looked down and saw her most private parts close up for the first time. She had a perfectly smooth slit that revealed a hard little clit above soft pink flesh when parted.

I leaned down and smelled the slight musky smell mixed with the clean smell of chlorine. I pulled her lips apart and placed a kiss on her clit. She shuddered. I licked it and she jerked against me. I ran my tongue all the way from below her entrance to above her clit and then did it again. She lifted her hips towards my face. I backed away a little and looked at her some more. My little sister who up until yesterday had taken great pains to keep herself covered and modest in front of me and my brothers. My little sister who never let us see her even by accident was now out in the open air, exposing her most private parts to me, right in front of my face, and begging me to touch, kiss lick and suck on them.

It flashed through my mind that she had just recently had a shower and was now naked in the chlorine pool and everything about her was fresh and clean. I took a chance and licked her lower than before, and finally twirled my tongue around her little rose bud. She let out a little surprised scream but lifted her hips higher. “Oh my gosh David, do that again.” She pleaded.

“Do what?” Jen asked and came around by my shoulder where she could see more clearly what I was doing.

I didn’t reply but simply repeated what I had done. Jen shivered. “I have to add that to the list.” She said quietly.

I moved up to Susan’s pink little opening and pressed my tongue inside then licked up across her clit and this time put my lips over it and sucked gently. She rocked her hips in response and we arrived at a rhythm of soft sucking, licking and tonguing inside her. Soon she was making waves in the water as she rose up and down against my face and she let out a little squeak as her muscles tensed and she had several little body spasms before dropping back down in the water, breathing heavily but smiling contentedly. “You’re right Jen, it is much better with a boy.” She sighed.

“Told you!” Jen said and moved over close to me taking my softness in her hands and began stroking it back to life.

“Jen, I don’t know, it’s twice already this morning.” I said.

“Oh, I think you’ll do fine.” She said and pressed her breasts up against me with her arms down between us, stroking with both hands, reaching under with one and pressing a finger against my anus.

Sure enough, I responded immediately. “Jen, where did you learn to do that?” I asked.

“Jess.” Was all she said and lifted her face to kiss me.

Susan moved down off the steps and wrapped herself around my side while Jen continued to increase my arousal once more. I didn’t take much, I was still floating in the surprise and pleasure of being attended to by two beautiful girls and the new hadn’t worn off yet.

Susan slipped a hand between us and massaged my balls and Jen raised herself up and took me fully inside in one stroke. There’s something very erotic about making love in the water. Going from the cool water to that sexual heat is so startling it almost burns and although only a small part of you is encased in that heat, it warms your whole body. Jen rocked up and down for several minutes and I was trying mightily to come once more, but I knew a third time this soon would take a while.

Susan rose up on her toes and began to kiss the side of my neck and my ear, then turned my face with a hand and kissed me deeply in the mouth. Since the water negated gravity and the need to hold Jen up, I wrapped an arm around Susan and pulled her closer, deepening the kiss and pressing my fingers down between the crack of her beautiful behind. She rose up higher to meet me and allow me to reach further under her and find the soft opening between her legs. I pressed one around the entrance then felt further forward and found her tender clit, still swollen from a few minutes ago.

When I was lost deep in the throes of passion, Jen looked over at Susan and whispered “Now.” As she lifted herself off of me and Susan swung her leg around me and began to settle herself down on my hardness. It took me a few seconds to realize what was happening and by that time Jen’s hand was gently guiding me into my own little sister.

“No, Susan I told you we can’t do that.” I said, but only halfheartedly as I tried to pull away.

“Be quiet David, it’s too late, we’ve already done everything else.” And she pushed herself downward.

I was sinking down into the water trying to keep out of her but she kept pushing downward even though her head was almost underwater by now. “Stop it David. We’re going to do this. I want it and I want it now. I know you said no but I don’t care, now be still and let this happen.” She said in a voice so commanding it nearly struck me dumb.

“But Sis, we can’t… “I tried again.

She said nothing else but pressed down harder while my complicitous cousin held me still and erect and the target was struck. Before I could object any further I felt the warm folds of her skin envelope my head, slide in an inch or two where it was squeezed very tight by a ring that suddenly burst and Susan was fully impaled to the pubic bone.

She held back a scream and bit her lip, eyes closed hard and held her breath for a few seconds. She was squeezing me tight with her inner muscles and my emotions were on a roller coaster of peaks and valleys of pleasure and anger and tenderness for my little sister. “Susan, you shouldn’t have done that.” I said.

“Be quiet David. I want it and I’m glad I did it and we can’t take it back now so be my good big brother and make love to me now.” She pleaded.

“You didn’t use the candle at Sadie’s house did you.” I said.

“No, she wanted me to but I said I wanted to do it the regular way, with a boy and I wanted it to be you.” She said against my chest.

“You all planned this from the beginning?” I said, no longer really surprised at the idea.

“Um hum.” She said softly. “I wanted it a long time ago but I never knew how to do it. Sadie and Jen helped me and said that after Jen got you to do it with her, it would be easier to get you to do it with me. They knew that you would be nice to me and Jen and they were right. I knew it too. Now, make love to me David. Please?”

I thought about what she had just said and was amazed. “No.” I said. “Not here. In the bedroom, in a bed where it belongs. Go dry off and go get in my bed.” I told her.

Sadie lifted herself off of me with a little wince of pain and the two girls climbed out of the pool and grabbed towels and headed for my room. I noticed a small rivulet of red flowing down Susan’s thigh as she stepped out of the pool.

I climbed out of the pool behind them and stood for a moment admiring their bare backs and the perfect pair of rear ends receding across the deck. They had their arms around each other and their heads leaning in whispering and giggling once more. I dried with a towel and stopped to pick up all the clothing that was strewn around the deck and headed to my room.

The girls were in the shower rinsing off the chlorine and washing with some girly scented soap. I waited until they were done, then climbed in and rinsed myself as well. When I came back into the room, Susan was lying in the middle of the bed with a towel over my pillow and her wet hair splayed out around her head. Jen was lying next to her on her side, head propped up on one arm and twirling a finger around Susan’s nipple.

They both looked over at me when I walked in and smiled. I walked over to the bed and lay down next to Susan, facing Jen and twirled a finger around Susan’s other nipple.

“Don’t play with ne David. Do it now.” She said softly and spread her legs apart on the sheets.

I just nodded at her and climbed up on top of her, lowering myself softly to press against her breasts, her stomach and against the inside of her thighs. I reached up and kissed her on the lips, and she responded with arms around my neck, pulling me down. She lifted her feet and wrapped them around my waist, locking them over me and pulled me down with them. Her skin smelled like softly scented flowers and it beautifully smooth and clean. I rocked my hips back a little and my head found her very wet entrance. As soon as it touched she pressed down with her legs and I slid inside easily this time.

She gave a little grimace of pain and said “Umm.. burns a little.”

“It’ll go away in a minute.” Jen said. “Don’t let it bother you.”

Susan nodded her head but didn’t say anything, just kept pulling on me until I was in as far as I could go.

I put my arms around her shoulders and a hand behind her head and pulled her up to kiss her while I held still inside her, waiting for her to make the first move. In a few moments, her hips began to rock slightly and I pulled out about half way before pushing back in slowly. She moaned and I did it again. Her hips began to rock faster and she said “Do it David, just do it now!” and I began to pump into her in earnest.

Within moments we were pounding into each other, she was digging her nails into my back and squeezing me with her legs. She was bucking wildly and throwing her head from side to side, moaning and crying out unintelligibly. Jen was pressed up against us both running her fingers through Susan’s hair and encouraging her to let go and let it happen. She needn’t have said anything, Susan was certainly letting go.

She was a wildcat. She couldn’t get enough and soon she pushed me over, rolled on top of me and began bouncing up and down faster and wilder than I had ever seen before. Her hands flailed in the air, fingers splayed out, then clenched in fists. She had no place to put them and she grabbed her hair, then her breasts, then plunged a finger down over her clit then flailed them in the air again. Faster and faster until she suddenly began to jerk and spasm so violently I was actually afraid that she had caused a seizure from a lack of oxygen or something.

She screamed out a long held breath, spasmed a few more times, pulled herself off of me and rolled into a fetal position on the bed next to me, her body jerking randomly and a little “Huu!” escaping from her lungs with each spasm.

No sooner had she begun to calm down than Jen rolled over on top of me and neatly scooped me up with her very wet opening and sheathed me inside herself in one slick motion. “That was really hot!” she whispered in my ear. I couldn’t respond. I had never seen anything like it and my head was spinning. Just yesterday she had been my innocent, albeit conniving little sister, and now she was the wildest sexual beast I had ever known.

I was hardly paying attention to Jen, riding me now slowly and purposefully until she grabbed one of my nipples between her fingers and pinched it hard. “Hey Cuz. My turn. Pay attention so I can finish you off.”

And she did. After a few more minutes I filled her with several pulsing releases and continued until my poor over used tool went limp and slipped out of her with a wet plash on my stomach. I pulled her up to my face and finished her off with my tongue and we all drifted into a wonderful euphoric sleep.

The last two weeks of summer went by too quickly. Susan, Jen and I slept in the same bed, naked every night. We took turns with each other and wore ourselves out. The night before Jen was to leave, we had an epic orgy and none of us slept the entire night. Susan and I rode out with Dad to the airport to see her off. It wasn’t a sad farewell. It was actually curiously joyous and exciting, knowing that next year we would all be in Alabama again and we would somehow add Sadie to the mix.

That night Susan had to move back to her own room but she would sneak into my room in the early morning hours once in a while and twice on beach weekends, we paddle out past the rollers and did it in the ocean, hanging onto the boogie boards the way Susan had caught Jen and me the first time.

I still went out with Felicia, but I could tell that it wasn’t the same anymore. She would have never considered group sex and I was sure that’s what I wanted from now on. We drifted apart by Christmas and Susan and I got together whenever we could. Besides sex we talked a lot about next summer and made plenty of plans of our own.