Mom and Little Sis: The Pussies in My Home

I awakened completely nude, which was not unusual because this was the way I slept every night. I had every intention of throwing off my bedcovers and beating my horny seventeen-year-old meat, which was also not unusual because this was my customary morning routine. What was unusual was that a whiff of Mom’s biscuit, sausage, and thick milk gravy cooking made me realize how extremely hungry I was.

Putting my handjob plans on a temporary hold, I jumped out of bed and slipped a pair of white, karate-style pajama bottoms onto my muscular teen body. As I pulled the pj’s tie-string tight, I became well aware of the fact that I had skipped putting on any briefs. Who needs restrictive underwear support when your upward-pointing, stiffened cockflesh lay so firmly against your lower abdomen it would take an act of God to budge it enough to make it swing!

I was eager to sprint upstairs to the awaiting breakfast, but I stopped to once again study the magnificence of my bedroom. When Dad moved out, I asked Mom if I could move out of the room upstairs I had shared with my younger brother for the fourteen years of his life. An additional argument I used was that I needed to distance myself from my clingy little twelve -year-old sis. I didn’t really mind the affection because the girl was a sweetie for sure. My real reason had more to do with the horribly wicked thoughts I was beginning to have whenever the precocious child sat in my lap. The baby girl’s wiggly little butt was causing inappropriate thoughts to enter my mind and an indecent reaction within my pants. The girl’s cuddly hugs were feeling a little too good and her endearing kisses were becoming dangerously seductive.

For whatever her reason, Mom acquiesced to my request to use a part of the basement in which to build my new bedroom. My granddad had taught me my carpentry skills, so taking advantage of them, I built a private palace apartment fit for a king. Using castoffs, I had a huge four-poster bed, an overstuffed couch and chair combination, a spacious wardrobe for my clothes, and my crowning jewel an antique claw-foot pooltable. I had my own bathroom, which I didn’t have to share. Over the past two months, since I had finished, I had spilled countless seminal seeds into the porcelain toilet bowl. I suppose, if I was truthful, I would admit that many of those cockdrops were shot with the picture of a soft girlchild with long, copper-colored, naturally curly hair in mind. Even in the seclusion of my basement sanctuary, thoughts of my innocent little sis tormented me.

I went ahead and sprinted upstairs then burst through the stairtop doorway into the kitchen. “Set the table, Jesse, while I check on the biscuits,” Mom told me without turning from the stove. Following instructions, I reached for the dishes and tableware needed to complete my task. Despite the fact that I had just recently been thinking illicit thoughts about my little sis, I was now keenly aware of another female who often inspired similar depravities to occupy my mind.

(Part One) My Very Nice 30ish Mom and her Kids

Growing up, my mom seemed always to be younger than the moms of other kids my age. When I learned something about the mathematics of pregnancy, I realized Mom must have gotten pregnant with me during her sixteenth year and had me at seventeen. Now at thirty-four, this mother of three was undeniably one Hot Mama of a woman! It was too bad she had been knocked-up and then married to a guy whose sole ambition when he grew up was to be a verbally abusive, lying, cheating, skirt-chasing bastard! And to top it off, he turned out to be an asshole of a dad!

My eyes watched Mom as I sat the table for breakfast. She had the same copper colored hair as her daughter. This morning the curly locks sat atop bare shoulders. My mother was wearing a yellow, strapless, loose-fitting romper. From the bottom of the terrycloth garment poked shapely legs, which ran all the way down to her barefooted feet on the floor. Even with loose clothing covering it, my mind saw a curvaceous body leading up to what I assumed were bodacious bosoms. With no hint of a bra strap in sight, I could only presume those ‘ladies’ were held up by nature alone because I was sure the elastic romper band running around them wasn’t doing diddly swat.

My last observation was proven as fact in an unexpected way. Mom bent to the oven and removed a pan full of golden-crusted buttermilk biscuits. She rose abruptly and sat them on the potholders I had laid on a counter. I believe I became aware of what had just happened before the woman herself did. The elastic romper band had indeed been too weak so out plopped a pair of the most beautiful breasts my teen eyes had ever seen. Oh, the words ‘bodacious boobs’ were absolutely right on 100% correct!

The erection inside my pj bottoms spasmed excitedly. Mom must have caught the lascivious gleam in my eyes and then followed their gaze to the source. With a blush on her face, she froze in place, which allowed my eyes time to inspect every inch of her breasts’ glorious mammary majesty. I knew for a fact that my mother was a very observant woman, so surely she was aware of my examination. Finally, she made a move to cover herself up.

Now if I were a woman, I would think the most expeditious way of concealing my breasts would be to just grab the hem of the treacherous romper and jerk it back up in place. Mom ‘was’ most definitely a woman, but this course of action was not the one she chose. Instead, with what seemed like a devilish glint in her eyes, she gently cupped one tit, lifted it up for several interminable seconds, and then tenderly placed it back into the terrycloth nest from which it had fallen. This exotic female creature repeated this extremely erotic action with the other boob.

God forgive my hell-bound soul, but a magnetic force I could not deny compelled me to reached out towards those safely nested birdie breasts! Wonder of wonders, Mom took a tantalizing step closer towards me!

“Quit it, Penny!” sounded from the hallway. “I said, quit it or I’ll tell Mom!”

Saved by the bell, or rather, saved by the yell! My hands dropped and Mom stepped back. “Oh shit, that little sister of yours it up to it again!” my mother snapped. “Jesse, have you ever caught Penny with her hands in her panties? I have caught her time after time! I have spanked her, grounded her, and taken her allowance away, but I can’t get her to stop playing with herself. It now seems as if she is going after what her brother has in his underwear. Jesse, has she ever tried to get hold of what you’ve got in yours?”

Damn, what kind of question was that! “God no, Mom!” I answered with shock. “Hell, my little sis is only twelve years old! She is too damned young for that kinda shit! I will spank her pretty little ass until she can’t sit down if I catch her! And, if she ever touches me like that, I’ll… Sorry for the profanity, Mom, but it’s kinda hard to believe Penny is really doing what you say!”

This mother of a daughter shrugged her shoulders. “Big brothers of little sisters they ‘baby’ are often the last to know,” Mom stated. “She is just ‘curious’, which I know from my experiences as a girl myself, is natural. I hope she doesn’t fool around with the ‘wrong’ boy who might hurt or disappoint her. Jesse, I wish she could find a nice, sweet, and tenderhearted boy like you to play with.”

My mother’s face flamed red with embarrassment when she realized the implications of what she had said. She quickly composed herself. “Okay, call me a bad mom if you will, but this might be the ideal solution!” a woman I didn’t recognize said. “Jesse, don’t tell me you haven’t played with yourself plenty of times! If I am any judge of young men, I would bet you have had your hands in several girls’ panties, too! Haven’t you? It’s okay because boys with experience are best for first-time girls like your sister! Besides, you just said she has a pretty little ass, didn’t you?”

This woman turned to the stove to allow me time to digest her shocking words. What she was suggesting was inconceivable. Surely, she wasn’t serious! Before I had time to absorb this shock, I had another. “Jesse, do you think your brother is normal?” Mom asked. “I’m not sure if Billy even likes girls. He keeps on telling Penny to ‘quit it’. Any other fourteen-year-old boy would be all over that cockteasing girl’s little pussy!”

I was so flabbergasted I just had to sit, so I dropped down into a kitchen chair. At this very moment, Billy and Penny entered the kitchen. My fully clothed brother went to assist Mom with serving breakfast. Following her usual routine, my sis ran to me and plopped her pretty little butt in my lap. Never before this morning had I been so fully aware of what this girl was wearing. A too-short pajama top barely covered her belly and back. Pale pink pj panties were making a futile attempt at covering her seductively attractive bottom.

Seductive? Attractive? Hell, little sisters don’t have seductive and attractive bottoms! The excited erection I was sporting seemed to disprove this supposition. Further evidence of seductive femininity presented itself when my wandering eyes came upon a tiny cameltoe straining against this girl’s too-tight pj panties. Good god, it just couldn’t be!

My little sis, Penny, threw her arms around my bare chest and climbed up it until she could wrap them around my neck. The child kissed my cheek then she gave me a bearhug that nearly took my breath. “I love you, Jesse,” she greeted.

Hey Mister, where the heck are your hands, I suddenly berated myself! God, I was hugging my sis tightly against me with both of my hands ‘under’ the back of her top! So much of this girl’s exposed belly and lower chest lay against my naked chest I swear I could feel the imprints of her itty bitty nipples. It must have mostly been my imagination working overtime, because, damnit, my baby sis didn’t have nipples!

Penny slid herself back down into my lap and turned her young body away from where Mom and Billy were sitting platters of food on the table. Much to my surprise, my hands remained under this girl’s top. The fingers of one hand were harmlessly rubbing her back. Conversely, the fingers of the other hand were tracing slow, lazy circles around the two modest, barely noticeable mounds they found there. My thumb felt one tiny stiffening bump then it felt another. Oh sheeiit, although they were diminutive in size, my little sis did indeed have boobs and topping them were almost imperceptible nipples! My goodness, they were wonderful!

Although it seemed like forever, I knew time was quickly flying by. I was certain that no more stunning surprises could happen before Mom called us away from this mind-boggling daze and told us to eat. I was wrong. What happened next came about abruptly and once it started, I had not one ounce of desire or willpower to stop it.

Penny’s small female hand discretely wormed its way into the waistband of my pj bottoms. Surprised to find no ‘quit it’ resistance from her brother, the girl’s hand snaked its way inside and wrapped its five serpentine appendages around the object of its desire. Having no previous experience, the hand was stumped as to what to do next. Doing what came naturally, the girl’s hand fondled, squeezed, and tugged to the naughty little child’s delight.

“Breakfast is served,” Mom announced.

Copper-haired Penny jerked her hand out of my pajamas then prepared to jump out of my lap and take her own seat. First, she cupped both hands around one of my ears and whispered appreciatively, “Thank you, thank you soooo much, Jesse! Billy won’t even let me touch his! Oh, yours is so nice!”

Before letting my naughty sis out of my lap, my mind rebelled. What this girlchild can do to me, I can surely do to her! We were well hidden under the overhanging tabletop, so as quick as a wink I slipped my own hand into the cute babydoll’s seductive pj panties. My hand cupped feminine flesh. I can’t say I had a handful of pussy because it wasn’t all that big, but small at it was, there was no doubt the hot little cracked mound was undeniably a pussy!

Mom was right about me having had my hands in several girls’ panties before now. However, as nice as those pussies were, there was something about the sheer depravity of the feeling of forbidden fruit that made the touch of my little sister’s pussy oh so enjoyable! I had never considered myself as immoral before, but oh god, I loved the wrongdoing feeling of doing this with Penny! There was no way in this world I could ever do anything as sinfully satisfying or wrong as this, unless it was to get my hands hold of the pussy inside Mom’s panties. Yeah, like that was ever going to happen!

In the limited seconds I had, I fondled, I squeezed, and I tickled and teased the baby pussy between my sissy’s legs. She was making no outward appearance as to whether or not my touch was enjoyable to her or not, but by the deep imprints the girlchild’s fingernails were leaving in my legs, I knew she was feeling a lot! I began praying to God and perhaps even the Devil himself that Penny would not betray her pussy-playing brother by squealing out. I doubted this girl had ever had an orgasm so I determined that I wasn’t going to be the first to give her one and most certainly not here at the breakfast table!

Resolving to take no chances, I reluctantly released Penny’s sweet little pussy, pulled my hand out of her panties, and allowed her to take her own chair. It was a help-yourself breakfast, so everyone dove in and served himself or herself. Mom’s biscuits were the best and her sausage gravy was delicious. This meal was so good there was limited conversation to disturb it. I had so much running through my mind, what with seeing Mom’s beautiful boobs and playing with my sister’s nice little pussy, that before I knew it, breakfast was over.

“Jesse, it’s your turn to do dishes,” Mom reminded. “Billy, Penny, go take your showers and get dressed. Billy, yes, you first. I know Penny takes forever and a day. Who wants to go with me to visit your Aunt Janet?”

“I do,” Billy quickly chimed in. “I want to go bike riding with Eric.”

“I don’t, Mom,” Penny answered. “Can’t I just stay here with Jesse?”

I caught the sly wink Mom gave me before answering her daughter. “Only if your big brother doesn’t mind taking care of you,” she responded. Studying my face intently, this mischievous mother added, “Jesse, do you mind ‘taking care’ of your little sis?”

Giving Mom an ‘I-know-what-you’re-up-to’ stare, I didn’t verbally answer, but I did shake my head in an affirmative gesture. I silently wondered what the hell happened to my pledge that I would spank Penny’s ass if she ever tried to touch me inappropriately! Oh well, I guess I still could do it! Knowing the wickedly curious child, she would probably enjoy a sexual spanking.

The kids ran on to shower and change. I cleared the table and started the dishwater. Mom handed me plates then put away leftover food. About halfway through dishwashing, a female hand took a dish from me and the woman offered to dry.

“Did she try to touch you?” Mom whispered.

I couldn’t lie, “Yes.”

“Did she just ‘goose’ you or did she get her hand inside your pjs?” I heard.

Oh god, how could I say it other than speak one word, “Inside.”

“Lucky little bitch,” reverberated in my ear. “Wish it was me!”

I had been trying my best to avoid eye contact, but something in the voice I heard made me look toward it. Tears were in the eyes looking back. Soft crying followed. Something primal made me reach out and enfold a feminine body into my sturdy masculine arms. The boundaries of familial relationships were forgotten. Soft words escaped my lips, “Just do it.” No explanations were necessary on my part, no apologies on hers either.

For the second time in one morning, a female hand descended into my pajama bottoms. This time, an incredibly soft mature hand captured my cockshaft and had its way with it. More experienced than the first, this hand and its five fingers knew what to do. And, boy oh boy, did they ever! Cock, balls, and pubic hairs received the full-on hand-manipulation treatment. The feminine mind controlling this hand and its fingers proved its experienced maturity by knowing just how far it could go without causing an orgasmic eruption.

With time limited, the hand came out of its pubic playground. It settled on my abdomen, traveled up my chest, then joined its sister hand at my shoulders. Arms encircled my neck and hugged. I hugged back. My arms were holding a real live, fully grown woman tightly against the bare skin of my chest. One incredibly thin layer of terrycloth romper was all that separated my flesh from the beautiful breast flesh I had seen only a short while ago.

“Oh God forgive me,” were the words directed toward me. No names were spoken, but the tearful words continued, “I haven’t been held by such a gentle, loving, and tenderhearted man as you in oh so long I can’t even remember when it was, or if ever it was. It most certainly was not the dreadful husband I had! He was a man who was unacquainted with love, with gentleness, and he knew not what the concept of tenderness meant. Oh the bitterness of realizing that the man holding me now came along seventeen years too late!”

What could I say in reply? Words refused to enter my mind or escape my mouth. What could I offer this woman? I suppose that if she was pleased by the things I was doing now, those are the things I ‘could’ give her. It might be wrong and it was surely sin, but it was what it was!

I knew what the thing I desperately wanted to do, if only I dared. I did dare! The tips of my fingers dug into the elastic top of the romper and pulled downward. Again, breasts spilled out, only this time they fell against the obstacle of an unyielding manly chest. I moved just enough to allow the tits and their nippled tips to touch me then I crushed the mammary flesh between our bodies.

In addition to chest to breast contact, my swollen pajama-enclosed cockflesh was grinding into a bulging romper-covered pussymound. One cheek of my stubbled, unshaven face lay against the smooth skin of a woman’s warm face. Without my encouragement, but with my yearning hopes, the face turned toward mine. Devil be damned, my face turned also. After an instinctive lick for wetness, male lips met female lips. Passions exploded. Lips locked in an ageless dance of impassioned desire. A firestorm of ardent kisses blazed out of control. Tongue tips touched, they dueled, and they played licky-sucky games. Into mouths, they darted. Without knowing what to call this incredibly joyous thing, we tongue-fucked merrily. Aside from God striking us dead, there was no other power on earth that could stop us from doing whatever we dared!

“Mom, where’s my bike riding shoes?” sounded from a boy coming down the hall. “I need my shoes to go riding.”

With tears falling in her eyes, Mom pulled away from me, jerked her romper top up over her breasts, and then fell into a kitchen chair crying. I ran to the hallway door, caught my little brother, and sent him packing. “Boy, you’re not a baby,” I berated. “Find your shoes yourself. Try looking where you last left them!”

I turned back to check on Mom. Tears still fell. I was lost as to what to do other than to stand behind her chair, put my hands on her shoulders, and say, “I’m sorry.” Feminine hands clutched mine tightly and pulled. My hands were kissed and then led back in through the romper’s elastic breast band and then placed back onto the breasts I adored. I hurriedly played with nipples and tittieflesh knowing that a child could burst into the kitchen anytime. My upper arms were captured and I lost my playtime hold on the boobies I loved.

When I realized where my hands were being led, I kissed the naked shoulders of the woman with the head full of coppertone curls shimmering in the early morning sunlight. This time, when I grabbed a pussy it was hot, wet, and a handful of vaginal flesh indeed! Giving each hand its own fair turn, I played with the swollen lips of a pussymound, I played with a nice sized clit, and I allowed my fingers to explore deep into the sweltering cave of a vaginal hole. My wet fingers finally ran through pubic curls where they pulled and teased. I couldn’t help but wonder aloud, “Dear Lady, does the rug match the roof?”

Having tempted fate long enough, this undeniably sexy woman removed my hands from inside her clothing. Peeking down the hallway, she whispered nervously, “That’s for me to know…for now. If you absolutely have to find out, then you may do so at your leisure when I get back this afternoon.” Not yet finished, she added a warning, “Mister, be very careful. If you awaken this sleeping tigress, you may find yourself holding a pussy you won’t be able to let loose of!”

“Oh, and one more thing,” this feminine wonder said. “Jesse, don’t you damn dare forget about Penny! Yes, she ‘is’ young, but she seems to be a pussycat kitten with claws. You may have already awakened the baby tigress in her, so if you don’t want your eyes scratched out, you had better treat her right!”

I stood in stunned silence and wondered if my mother was not only giving me permission to do sinful things with my little sister, but also encouraging it! I steeled my nerves to ask, “Mom, how far should I go when trying to ‘treat her right’?”

Mom’s answer was kind of short and sweet. “First, as far as she will allow,” she boldly declared. “Second, then as far as you dare. She is a fragile young girl, but she won’t break!”

Mom ran to her bedroom and slipped on jeans and a T-shirt. She grabbed a pair of sandals, rounded up Billy, and was gone. I stood still in the kitchen looking down the hallway staring at the bathroom door where Penny was bathing. I was still wearing only my pajama bottoms. What the hell do I do now?

(Part Two) My Very Naughty 7th Grader Baby Sis

Taking a step then two, three, or a dozen more, I found myself standing outside the door where a baby girl showered. Correction, by the splashing I heard, Penny was taking a tub bath. Turning the handle, I found the door unlocked, so I entered. I went straight to the tub and announced myself in a most unexpected way. Reaching into the warm bubblebath bathwater, I scooped up a naked female into my muscular arms. By her lack of an outcry, I assumed Penny had no objections. “Still love me, Babydoll?” I mischievously asked.

“Oh Jesse, of course I still love you,” was the girl’s emphatic answer. “If you are planning on playing with my pussy and tits again, I want you to know I’m all soapy and slimy. I need to rinse off.”

Stepping into the tub, I opened the drain then turned the shower on in a rinsewater spray. The nude girl in my arms was indeed slippery. At our last weigh-in, Penny topped the scales at ninety pounds. Her height was four foot eight inches. Although she was so light in weight that I could have held her all day, the soapy girl nearly wiggled out of my arms several times.

“Penny, quit wiggling your pretty little ass so much,” I commanded. “Put your arms around my neck to steady yourself. I’ve gotta get these damn wet pjs off, so if you can, stick your toes in them and pull them down as far as you can. I’ll pull my feet out then.”

Just as I hoped, Penny had no objections to following my command. The toes of one of her feet hooked into my pj’s back waistband and the toes of her other foot hooked into the front. By pushing downward, these bare-toed feet successfully accomplished their task. My wetter-by-the-second pajamas came down far enough for me to lift my legs out of. I nearly stumbled and fell a couple of times because of an unforeseen consequence of my toe-manipulation command. My little sis’ toes had accidentally brushed my cock a couple of times. After this unexpected encounter, the girlchild’s foot would not leave my erection alone.

In an effort to keep from falling, I grabbed the featherweight nude girl under the arms and held her soapy body under the shower’s misty rain. Oh shit, wrong tactic! Now the devilish, cockcrazy girl had both feet free with which to bedevil my cockflesh! I went ahead and let her play because I discovered a benefit to myself from holding this female in a position like this. I had a top of her head to the tip of her toe eyeful of naked girlie flesh. Mmm, little she was, but damn she was as sexy hot as she could be! After making this discovery, I didn’t mind the play of the cockteasing feet so much. If truth be told, heck I didn’t really mind it anyway.

I held the girl high to get a good look at the mound between her legs. Wow, what an erotic piece of pussy she had! Those pussylips seemed to be begging to be kissed, so I just went ahead and kissed them. With warm shower water spraying it, I kissed the cracks of the lips then I kissed down into the valleys between the hills and the upper thighs.

“Spread your crack,” I instructed. Penny needed no instruction into what I meant and she needed no direction about how to do it. Slim fingers spread the swollen halves to reveal a tiny clitoral jewel dangling within. Without hesitation, I flicked the dangler far to one side. The firm little teaser sprang back to the center. I flicked it to the other side. Same thing happened. Okay you miniature clit, I’ll teach you. I sucked the erect cockteaser into my lips then pulled and tugged on it. This was the smallest clit I had ever sucked, but boy-oh-boy, it was a good one!

“Oh Jesse, that feels so good!” Penny whispered. She said nothing more, but her whimpering cries said volumes.

Penny’s pussyhole was a perverted brother’s dream. Passion pink in color, it was a gorgeous beauty indeed. My super-wet, cunt-exploring tongue’s explorations soon found its limitations when it licked an unbroken hymen. It’s what I expected. It’s what I feared. It’s what I dreaded. Even as I continued eating this delicious baby cunt, I admitted to a reluctant truth; I wasn’t such an asshole son-of-a-bitch brother that I would even dare sink so low as to fuck his virginal twelve-year-old sister! Besides, the hole between her pussylips might be unbelievably beautiful, but it was certainly much too small for a cock the size of mine! No way, no how would it work! Although…I had heard that even young girl’s pussies were extremely elastic and so much so they could stretch around big cocks…Goddamnit Jesse, don’t you even think about it!

“Jesse, are you thinking about…fucking me?” Penny timidly inquired. “Will you do it? I really want you to do it!”

Throwing the pintsized temptress over my shoulder, I gave her naked ass a stinging slap. For good measure, I smacked it again. Playing no attention to the child’s protests, I stepped from the tub and stopped at a linen closet. I ordered the girl I carried to reach in and get a big bathtowel we could use to dry off with. At the last minute, I told her to get the thick, red one. When she asked, “why the red one’, I spanked her ass with a couple of smacks and told her, “just in case”. Just in case, indeed! Mister, did you mean, just in case you fucked her and you needed something under you to catch her virginal blood and not show it? Hey, are you planning to screw your innocent baby sis!

Innocent baby my left nut! As I walked towards her bedroom, this girl was so devilishly mischievous she had already climbed up over and over my shoulder far enough that she had worked her body under my arm and captured my cockshaft with her hand. I never knew anyone to be so limper of limbs. I was forced to hang onto her tightly to keep her from falling and hurting herself no matter what she did. I think I heard her barely whisper something like, “Can I do ‘it’ to you?” a second or two before her mouth closed over my cockhead! Yeah, a ‘baby’, this adventurous female was NOT!

I would be the first to admit that this girl had no clue as to what the mechanics of cocksucking entailed. Yet, she sure was game to learn! I had kissed, licked, and sucked her pussy, so she kissed, licked, and sucked my cock. Her efforts were experimental, yet effective in their intent. That is, if her intentions were to give me pleasure. Whether or not she was enjoying herself seemed unquestionably apparent by the enthusiastic juggling of my balls, pulling of my pubic hairs, and suckling of the cock in her mouth. Before this day, I would never have believed that such a young child could do such things with her itty-bitty mouth! My cockhead and cockshaft were soaking wet from the mouthwatering saliva she dripped. Holy shit, this little inexperienced cocksucker could practice on me any damn time she wanted to!

I was beginning to foresee only one problem. If my little curly haired sis didn’t stop pretty soon, the young lady was going to get a mouthful of cum! God, I hated to do it, but I grabbed hold of the cockcrazed girl and lifted her high in the air again. Her hard-sucking mouth made an audible ‘pop’ as it was forced off the meat it was eating. Once again, I found a pretty little pussy in front of my eyes, so I brought it to my mouth and ate another helping of pussymound, pussylips, and clit.

The increased tempo of Penny’s whimpering cries let me know she was close to cumming herself. No, don’t do it girl, I screamed to myself! I didn’t want her to orgasm yet! As adamant as I was about not fucking her, I was sorta changing my mind. I mean, perhaps I could maybe fuck her just a little bit! Was this even possible? Hell yes, it was!

Penny was all for it when I eagerly told her about my plan. I would lower her down towards my erection, and she was to support herself with her arms around my shoulders and her legs wrapped around me while I guided my soaking-wet cockhead into her swollen, saliva-slick pussylips and just barely entered her spit-lubricated pussyhole. This way, after I grabbed a good handhold on her asscheeks, she could kinda bounce up and down on my cockhead while I sorta humped her pussy and it wouldn’t really count as fucking at all!

All began working as planned, so I could foresee no problems. Penny’s slippery pussy and my wet cock easily joined together and even made a few tentative humps before I was set with my ass handhold. Man-o-man, was I ever ready to hurry up and cum and I betcha my baby sis was, too! My cockhead was filling with racing blood while this girl’s pussylips spasmed in anticipation of goodtime cumming.

I know there is some kind of old saying about the best laid plans, but right about now was when mine went awry big-time! As I grabbed for Penny’s bubblebathed ass, I lost my grip on a patch of soapy, unrinsed buttcheek just as the eager-to-cum young lady bounced upon my cock a little too wildly. The unthinkable happened just before I regained control of the wiggly ass. My cockshaft plunged into my little sis’ vaginal hole and tore her hymen to shreds! The virgin girl’s scream was a piercing shriek.

If I had thought for a second this girl was ready to quit, I would have been absolutely wrong. Like me, she was too far down the cum-ready-road to turn around and backtrack now. Penny fought through the discomforting pain and continued to wildly ride the bucking bronco between her legs. Her reward for perseverance came soon enough. Her young female body began experiencing its first non-self-induced orgasm ever. Pain was forgotten as blissful delight dominated all thoughts and feelings.

I could feel sympathy for Penny’s pain, but more importantly, I could relate to her joyous delight because I was also experiencing it. Seminal fluids shot from me. One cumshot after another was fired into a too-small vaginal cavity. Yes, little girl my sister was, but those rumors I’d heard about young pussies being ‘stretchy’ were undeniably true! Elastic, yes they were, but those extremely tight pussymuscles of this child tenaciously squeezed milk from my seminal sack. I gloried in orgasmic bliss inside the pussy of my babydoll sis. God, it was soooo nice!

I got one more good cumshot in before running out of cum juice. It was enough to make Penny cum again, too. We cleaned off in the bathroom, then I grabbed up the nude child and the red towel and headed for her bedroom. What’s the deal with girls and pink? Pink bedcovers, pink furniture, and pink this and that filled my little sister’s room. I pulled back the bedclothes, spread the oversized red towel out, and lay my sis on it. Climbing into bed beside her, I kissed her sweet little mouth with several non-brotherly kisses and received quite a few non-sisterlike kisses in return. Afterwards, I cuddled with her until she fell asleep. I had advised her to put a few tissues between her pussy and panties when she awoke in order to avoid spilling cum and virgin blood all over the place. Before I left her room, I kissed the sleeping girl’s cheek twelve derly. Penny was a very special sis and I hoped and prayed that what I had done to her would not cause irreparable harm.

I napped myself for a bit in my basement lair. Visions of yellow rompers spilling out breasts and bubblebath pussies filled my dreams. I was probably smiling like crazy. Penny and I had sandwiches for lunch. We spoke hardly a word. We did kiss a few times. I was extremely pleased that we showed no sign of having lost our brotherly and sisterly closeness and love. I guess we can have our cake and eat our pussy and cock, too!

Mom called saying she would be home about three. She had given Billy permission to spend the night with his cousin and Penny permission for a sleepover with a friend. Before I walked my sis over to her friend’s house, she sat in my lap, kissed my cheek, and thanked me. She told me she had started her day, like many others before, with wanting to touch and to see a boy’s ‘thing’, but what she got instead was so, so much better. She ended by whispering a question, “When I stop being so sore, can we do it again and again?”

(Part Three) Mom comes home; is she now Naughty or Nice?

I was trimming the backyard lawn with a pushmower when I heard the unmistakable sound of Mom’s Mustang pulling into the drive. The sporty car was given to her when she divorced Dad by her dad, my grandfather. Granddad was an ex-Navy man and he often cussed like a sailor. On that particular day, he had told his daughter, “Congratulations on getting rid of a worthless Asshole and a despicable Piece of Shit!”

If I had been asked my opinion, I would have seconded Granddad’s words. From the time I was able to recognize these things, I never heard Dad utter a kind word to his wife, I had never seen him take her out to dinner or a movie and I had never known him to touch or kiss her with any sign of affection. I did see him slap her a few years ago, but after I took a baseball bat to him, he never repeated any such actions. I quickly understood why Mom chose to set up her own bedroom then.

The Mustang’s throaty roar came to a stop a few seconds after I switched off the mower. The car door opened and out stepped one Hot Mama of a woman! If someone other than I saw what I was seeing, they might presume that Ms. Jennifer Jones was a shapely college girl wearing sandals, jeans, and a T-shirt. The attractive lady was sporting a sexy new flip-up hairdo which took several years off her age and added an airy bounce to her look. I knew she had left this house wearing no bra under her shirt, so I couldn’t help but wonder if she was still braless. I hoped so!

She was indeed so attired! When I walked closer, I immediately noticed the womanly shapes of breast mounds filling out the cotton shirt. Two pointy projections stretching the material left little doubt that they were aroused, erect nipples. Again, I hoped. This time, I hoped it was me who was the reason for her arousal. She was certainly the reason for mine! The erection within my jeans was causing deviant thoughts to enter my mind. Primary among them was my desperate desire of wanting to do the things that would qualify me to call myself a motherfucker!

“Good afternoon, pretty, young Lady,” I teased. “May I carry your books? Or better yet, may I carry you?”

Instead of awaiting an answer, I scooped the seductive woman up into my arms just as I had recently seen Rhett Butler do with Scarlett O’Hara on an old movie. Right then my lips were kissed and arms encircled my neck. The lips doing the kissing were wet, they were hot, and they were filled with passionate arousal. I carried my armload of femininity to the house and entered through the basement door. My bedroom was only a few steps away. I looked toward it. The eyes of the woman in my arms were very observant. As quickly as her passionate feminine outburst came, it ended.

“Put me down, Jesse!” I was told emphatically. “We mustn’t do this, we can’t do this, this absolutely ‘cannot’ happen!”

Instead of sitting Mom’s feet on the floor, I sat her jean-covered ass on the enameled lid of the washing machine and I stood in place before her. I didn’t want to ask, but out of a sense of confusion, I did, “Did Aunt Janet lecture you? Did you tell her about this morning? Did she tell you to not ‘do it’?”

Mom crushed my chest against her boobs in a bearhug grip. I had no place where I could put my hands without touching feminine flesh, which was now forbidden to me, so I defiantly put my palms against the bare skin where a shirt would have been if arms had not been raised up to hug my neck.

“Yes, Jesse, I mean, no, Jesse, I mean, oh damnit, I…!” Mom stammered. “Yes, I told her! No, she did not lecture me! And damnit, no, as much as I wanted her to talk me out of it all…she did just the opposite and told me to ‘go for it’ as hard as I could! By the way, your aunt says you’re welcome to her puss…I can’t say the word…any day of the week and twice on Sunday!”

Aunt Janet and me, wow, there is a wild thought. But, damn my soul, she is not the woman I desired with a sinful, wanton yearning! The woman I did want was speaking again, “Jesse, it’s just too wrong, it’s too sinful, and we’ll go to Hell for it! We can’t do it…can we?”

Was I being asked to be the arbitrator of whether or not ‘it’ was sin? If so, I had an answer. “Miss Jennifer Anne, we most certainly ‘can’!” I responded. I added some elaboration, “If incestuous misconduct sent a soul straight to Hell, then your eldest son and your preteen daughter are walking the hell-bound road right now. You and I took several steps on the road this morning. Now Jennifer, there will be no more ‘Mom’ as long as sex is the subject between us. I have this belief; any consensual sexual relations between any boy and any girl or any man and any woman, no matter the age or relationship, are befitting and good. I think I’m badly paraphrasing from Abe Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address here. It that’s good enough for old Honest Abe, its good enough for me!”

A giggle escaped from the beautiful mouth of the woman sitting before me. Summer sandals dropped to the floor and a mischievous gleam reappeared in feminine eyes. A head with copper-colored hair flipped enticingly, “How do you like my new haircut, Jesse? I think my sis did a nice job with both of her trims.”

“Jennifer, I love your hair in that style, it’s sexy and so flirty it’s making my cock jump!” I answered. “But, hey, did you say ‘both’ trims? I see only one.”

Jennifer lowered her head, blushed a little, and teased, “Well, if I was making a change on the roof, I needed to also change the rug. It’s nothing as drastic as a full wax, but just a neat trim.”

I perked up for sure right then. “Hot damn, I remember a promise for me to have a leisurely look at your rug when you got home!” I exclaimed. “Is it still on?”

Downcast female eyes peeked up at me demurely. I knew without being told that this woman was still unsure of crossing the line into the unforgivable immorality of incestuous sex. I had already ‘been there and done that’, but I understood and respected her hesitancy. Instincts told me she was as aware as I was that once started we would not end without having the ultimate sexual transgression of intercourse. Knowing this, she still made a one word answer, “Yes!”

Tears then flowed. I held this woman in a tender embrace and let her pour out her soul’s heartache. Dad had really done a number on her female psyche. I definitely felt unqualified to remedy the mental damage he had inflicted so callously. All I could do was love her with a gentle passion.

I slowly became aware that I was perhaps doing too much with her in her fragile state. Unconsciously, my hands were roaming all over her back underneath her T-shirt. Once or twice, I had tenderly cupped a breast. By the boobs’ swelling firmness and the nipples’ stiffness, I knew she was still in a state of arousal. My Jennifer Doll proved this to be fact by unexpectedly sitting up and pulling the shirt up over her head. Without missing a beat, she grabbed the hem of my polo and pulled it off, too.

“Jesse, do what you will and do what you want,” was whispered to me. “And, I want you to know; I love it when you call me ‘Jennifer’! Your father called me ‘Jen’ and I grew to despise it!”

I smiled with a grin that was at once full of tenderhearted love and wicked-minded lust. “Jennifer, here is what I want!” I announced. In the next breath, I plopped the nipple of a breast into my mouth and began sucking. No other nippled tit had ever tasted so good and no other had given me such a thrill to suckle. Lucky for me, I found one other that was equally good. Damn, I was twice blessed with titties to play with, kiss, and suck!

As I bounced the two handfuls of mammary mounds, I made a guess as to their size. My only tit-measuring experience was from a couple of small-boobed teen girls and many full-figured porn women pictures. My Jennifer’s breasts leaned more toward the latter. I settled on 34C as my final answer guess.

I sort of lost track of how long I suckled and fondled Jennifer’s breasts, but I do know that she kept on interrupting me in order to get herself a kiss. If I tell the truth, I suppose I didn’t really mind because my woman’s lips were so fantastically kissable I got lost in their erotic passion. God forgive me, but I loved her like crazy!

Jennifer had told me to do as I want, so I lay her down on her back on the washer and dryer tops. These household appliances made for a perfect size and height woman-playing table. I unbuttoned and unzipped the pussy-hiding jeans then slipped a hand inside and grabbed a handful of vaginal fruit. No panties hindered my manipulations. Mmm, I loved the pussyflesh I played with so much I never wanted to stop playing, but I did stop, at least for a few minutes. I kissed the half-naked woman lying before me with about a dozen earthquaking kisses. I ran my fingers through her beautiful copper hair. Hey, that reminds me!

Taking two handfuls of jeans waistband, I stripped the garment completely off this woman. Slender legs started at barefooted feet, ran up close-shaven calves and thighs, and then spread out to surround the vaginal mound I had been playing with. At last, my eyes get to see what a real woman’s pussy looks like! Oh holy shit, is that the second ‘trim’? Trim, my ass! Right at the top of the swollen vaginal hill was an exotically erotic patch of curly copper-red pubic hair. The short, coiled curls numbered no more than maybe two or three dozen!

Okay, so it wasn’t a full pussy wax, but it might as well have been. Truthfully, I preferred it this way. There were still enough pubic curls to prove feminine maturity, yet not too many as to obstruct masculine view of pussyflesh. Actually, I reached for and gently played with these curls before I did the mound. Goodness, my erection jumped excitedly!

My head automatically lowered and planted itself between Jennifer’s legs. My mouth found the tenderized pussyflesh between pussymound and thigh. I licked, and kissed, and sucked super-soft skin. I inhaled the womanly aroma of pussy. I devoured the fullness of swollen pussylips. My fingers and tongue spread the lips and my mouth found the pulsating clit with its fullness of delicious edible fruit. I ate this pussy with the hunger of a boy becoming a man. Girls were one thing, but god almighty, women are a wonder!

Time became meaningless. I ate ravenously. Jennifer’s deep sighs and whimpering moans incited me to assault her feminine flesh with an insatiably appetite. My oral depravities knew no boundaries. My tongue delved into this woman’s hot, wet vaginal hole, darted in and out as deep as it possibly could, and swirled around inside like a tornado-alley twister.

Jennifer’s whimpers became squeals. There finally came a time when her breath caught in her throat and she nearly stopped breathing altogether. I felt her pussy spasm around my tongue and then one spurt of female cum squirted my face. “God Jesse, what are you doing!” she cried. “I know men don’t like to do this, so you can stop! Besides, I would rather cum with your cock inside me.”

Paying no mind to Jennifer’s protestations, I kept on eating my dream pussy. I wondered whatever gave this woman the idea that men didn’t like to do this. Perhaps this was another unfortunate consequence of having been married to Dad the Bastard. I loved it and I did not intend to stop just yet! It seems like my female companion was changing her mind about stopping also. Her hips rose to meet my hungry lips and swirling tongue. Feminine cum now spurted freely as orgasmic spasms consumed her body. Squeals grew in intensity until they were nearly screams. She shivered, she squirmed, she rattled the makeshift bed beneath her. At last, she lay still panting heavily.

When at last she sat up, Jennifer grabbed a nearby cloth and wiped my wet face. “You actually liked doing this, Jesse?” she asked in disbelieving wonder. “Your dad wouldn’t do it to me. He said it was ‘sick’. He wouldn’t let me do it to him either. Would you allow me to do it to you, Jesse? I mean, like right now?”

I backed away from my woman and did the best striptease I could accomplish given the time and circumstances. Once I was naked, I lifted my lady from the enameled appliance seat, took her place there, and leaned back. “Go for it girl!” I instructed. “Do whatever you want to, but for this time, when I tell you to stop, ‘do not’ ignore me as I did you! I want to fuck you in my bed, and pretty damn soon, so don’t make me spill my load! And, Miss Jennifer, there is nothing ‘sick’ about oral sex!”

Although the more mature female in this house, much like her daughter before her, Jennifer was very much an inexperienced cocksucker. Also like her girl child, she was an enthusiastic student with an eagerness for self-education. A mature feminine mouth closed over my cockhead then began licking. Up and down my elongated cockshaft, she kissed and she licked merrily. She played with my balls then she tested their texture with her tongue and kissed their flesh with her hot, wet, licked lips.

When she came to my cockshaft again, Jennifer swallowed the swollen rod deep into her mouth and sucked heartily. Taking a lesson from having her clit eaten, she now chewed on my flesh and suckled its meat. Inexperience was now becoming a thing of the past because she was now doing a terrific job as a cocksucker! She was doing too good as a matter of fact.

“Jennifer, it’s time to stop!” I ordered. She only completely stopped after I promised that next time she wouldn’t have to. I jumped down, took her hand, and led her into my bedroom. Before today, this was a private sanctum with entrance forbidden to sisters or mothers. This seemed to be the day for breaking the rules so what would a few more matter!

Throwing back my bedcovers, I lifted Jennifer into my arms, kissed her lips with genuine love, then pitched her nude body onto the mattress with illicit lusts spurring me to commit the final, ultimate carnal sin. Climbing in beside this woman, I looked into her eyes and silently announced my intentions. The eyes looking back gave not only assent but also encouragement.

Romantic seduction would have to wait for later, so would any further foreplay. I needed to fuck a woman and judging by the enticing actions of the one lying beside me, she was it. Climbing atop a soft, feminine bed, I slipped my cock in through pussylips and penetrated deep into a super-slicky vaginal cavity. Slender legs surrounded my thighs just as my body began a gentle, rhythmic movement up and down and in and out.

Before today, I had never been so proud to have a cock that could expand to such an elongated length and swell to such an enlarged girth. My cockshaft completely filled the pussy it was in and made it stretch. Tightened pussymuscles squeezed and massaged my cockflesh. Frictional fires burned within copulating sexual organs. I knew I had caused Jennifer to cum by pussysucking, so I was a bit unsure about whether or not she was ready again, but I did know that I was going to cum any minute now.

Decadence and depravity this might be, but I began orgasming inside this woman who was related to me by blood, romance, love, and lust! My seminal cream freely flowed into her vaginal home. Wonder of wonders, my pressurized masculine cum met and mixed with the feminine cum spurting out of the vagina my cock was pumping into. Jennifer and I both were huffing and puffing with sexual exertion and we were climaxing together in a blissful celebration of joy.

As far as I was concerned, this was happening too damn quick, yet again, I couldn’t have waited a second longer! Jennifer and I expelled all the sexual fluids we had within us. Our bodies stayed locked together until every last vestige of orgasmic pleasure had passed through us. This was a day when forbidden fruit was plucked, but in my opinion, neither of us fruit-pluckers was truly sorry for a single thing we had done.

I might rightly be called a ‘motherfucker’ but my lover and I spent the next hour, or so, fondling, cuddling, and kissing. Finally, a peaceful, joyous sleep overcame us and we lay in bed with visions of lovemaking playing daydream-fulfilling games in our minds.


For a guy who had started his day by putting a handjob on hold, it seems like I sure had a lot of sexual action this day. At the moment, a nude woman snuggled peacefully in my bed after informing me she would be spending the night there with me. Being realistic as she could, this lady told me she understood my need for her little daughter’s pussy too, so I still had the green light to hit that.

I made a conclusion this day; I really, really loved Big Girl pussy and Little Girl pussy, too! I guess I was kinda lucky to have one of each living in the same house as me.

Something was happening which seemed to be awakening me, but I couldn’t yet figure out what it was. I unconsciously smiled and my cock again swelled when my slumbering thoughts made me remember how much fun my naked little copper-headed Penny had been and I was highly optimistic for a fun tomorrow. However, the object of my dream’s desire changed when a mouth closed around my throbbing erection and began sucking. Suddenly, my eyes popped open and I was fully awake.

“Jesse, are you sure you’re okay with me doing this?” a soft voice teasingly inquired between bites of masculine meat. “If I do it to you, will you do it to me? All, night long…?”

Without awaiting any kind of an answer, a feminine body rolled atop mine. Soft, slim fingers guided my hardened penile rod into a sweltering hot, slippery wet vaginal void. A woman’s fornicating pussy rode up and down on my cockshaft in a slow, rhythmic movement. “And Jesse, can we do this all night long, too?” the same seductive voice asked. The voice added, “I am so glad you are nothing like your father! You are your own man…correction, you are my man, and I love you!”

Just then, Jennifer’s rhythmic movements increased their tempo. A hungry-to-fuck woman began fucking me with a wild, unfettered abandonment. I can’t say I minded, because I didn’t. If this lady of mine could keep this sexual passion up all night long, then you can bet the farm, I could, too!