Loosing Virginity to My Boss

I was 18 years old and I was working in a big Exclusive Home decor and Kitchenware where I don’t want to tell the same and get my marriage into problem.I do come from a poor family and so I had to work to support my home. I was looking after billing and after sale complaints. The owner was a old man and like a father to me. There were many peoples working most of them in the store room which was behind the showroom. 

There were 4 Salesman and 2 saleswomen. But the manager of the shop was Mrs. Sheila Phatak and she was having an affair with the owner son Makrand who was married man of around 30+ years old. 

He was dashing fellow and I use to talk along with the two other girls of the showroom. You know the girlie talk and he was a womanizer he could tease us and his eyes were always were it’s shouldn’t be.

Let it be we 3 girls or let it be customers or even our maid who use to clean the shop. His eyes always travel on the navel cleavage on the butt and so on. Sheila madam and he always use to be closed in a room and we came and overheard from the guys both were fucking each other.

I came to see the wonderful thing as I had a opening to Makrands chamber from my computer room. I always use to sit long just to see if the rumor was true and one day I found it was true. I came after my tea break around 4 in the evening to my desk.

I didn’t have any work so through all the boxes I managed to go through the back door of Makrands sir office. That day I did found the most exotic thing and that was Makrand was fucking Sheila madam and she was lying on his glass table and he has just unzipped his pants.

Her sari was hiked and he was fucking her. I couldn’t see it clearly and I could only Makrands cock after he finished the whole stuff and that too as Sheila madam sat on his chair and was sucking his cock.

This was new arousing for me. I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t told and was enjoying myself.

This incident happened after Diwali the shop was closed for 3-4 days. But I had work to do and even Sheila madam use to be around. Around 11 Sheila madam rushed to Makrand’s sir cabin as he called her. I knew as no one else was there today they are going to have sex.

I too rushed to my cabin and from behind through boxes I came to my sight seeing place. I was thrilled as Sheila madam’s sari phallu was down and Makrand sir was feasting on her.

Being diwali I too was wearing a sari and I had put my hands inside my sari bringing down my panties started finger fucking my self playing with my cunt slowly.

I could see Makrand sir’s hand lifting her sari and catching her bare buttocks and I was going mad felt if I was there at that time. Suddenly there was call Makrand sir picked the call and said to her and went out. I was sitting on the box with my phallu down panties near my knees pressing my breast as well as rubbing my thighs.

I heard the door open and I just peeked and Sheila madam too left and I was disappointed I was still sitting down there hoping them to come down and peeking in the room.

(In fact there was some customer complaint and Makrand sir has come out to see me. But he saw me in this way so went to pick up Sheila madam)

Suddenly I felt a hand on my bare stomach and I was consumed didn’t knew through the boxes they both were near me. I was so taken back and did had any words. Sheila madam pulled me beside her on the new sofa and started talking and touching me. Telling me are you so much aroused seeing us you are beautiful and so on.

Makrand sir we both are looking so sexy and so on just like some porn movies. Immediately Sheila madam started hugging me in the pretext of posing. So much body contact with her was too much for me to take.

I was saying them sorry I wont do it again and so on, but to silent me Sheila madam placed her lips on my lips and started kissing me and with her tongue opened my lips and inserted her tongue in my mouth tongue-kissing me.

I couldn’t believe my first kiss with 32 year old sexy women and keep to my boss. I thought I could follow the same. I didn’t know the kiss was so strong that I started whimpering with passion.

I had never been kissed before this was like magic. Sheila madam was now giving small bites on my ear, face neck, and I was on fire. Makrand sir was close to us and I could see him getting undressed. Sheila madam was making me crazy my eyes were getting bulged as Makrand sir started removing each and every cloth from his body and I saw his fat thick cock so close to me.

He separated us both and looking his naked body well toned muscle and the thickness of his cock I was getting afraid too. I was meakly with no force telling them to leave me I am sorry and I have never done anything like this before. Don’t worry Savita darling, just hold it, it won’t harm it will give you pleasure ask your Sheila madam. 

Sheila madam too told me today or tomorrow you are going to get one, so why don’t you try it you will love it. He brought his prick near and placed my hand on it I felt the throbbing cock and when I touched I could feel the heat it was emitting on my hand and I was getting wetter and wetter in my panties.

Sheila madam brought her lips and started sucking Makrand’s sir cock doing all those crazy noises telling hmmm ahhh hmmmm and so on. After some time he pushed her and caught me by the back of my neck and brought his prick near my face. I could smell his cock now and involuntarily opened mouth to suck it.

He slowly pushed his cock further in her mouth. I was really going mad enjoying afraid and all that stuff. Meanwhile Sheila madam was busy arousing me further. She was kissing my face pressing my breast and in between she joining in licking sir cock and balls too.

I knew Makrand sir was waiting to fuck me, he in fact lifted me and carried me in his arms to his cabin and switched on the air conditioner. He placed me on the big L shaped couch and Makrand sir was about to rip my blouse off, and Sheila madam came in for my rescue telling him; wait honey she is all yours isn’t it Savita darling and helped him in removing my blouse sari and petticoat.

On seeing me so wet I went mad what he did. Makrand sir was mad and he just yanked and ripped them my cotton panties. He saw staring at my cunt and his fingers were slowly moving on my hairy cunt which I use to trim regularly.

He laid me on my back and raised both my legs on his shoulder. He placed his prick near my cunt and pierced the bulbous head of his cock in my cunt. I did not know what was happening. The experience the pain the pleasure is beyond any words. I was getting fucked for the first time and this fat thick cock had pierced in my like a bullet.

I screamed in pain. “ooohhhh gaawd iii caannnt, pleease sirrrrrr nooooo sheeeeillllaaa mmmammm plllllssssss”, I cried. I was sweating all over with beastly thrust I received.

I was shrieking and luckly other then we 3 there were no one in the big showroom. “Uuuuuuheeeeeee maaaaaaaaaaaaaa ohhhhh maarrrrrr gaayyeeee,nahiiiiiiii ssssirrrrr niikkkkaaalllooooo muuuujjjjhhhheee dddddaaaaaarrrrdddd hooooo rrraaaaaahhhhaaa hhaaaaaaaaiiiii”

Makrand sir was in no mood, “Aahhhhh teriii maaaa kiiii chhhuuuutttt kyaa tiiiiggghhtttt chuuttttt haiiiiii teeeerrrrrii Savvviiitttaaa. Teri maa ki chut aaj sahi mai kunwari chooottt ka mazzzaaa mill rahiii hai, chupkse apnnniii boooosssss peeee nazaarrr rakhttttiii nannaaaa le chinal ab tujhe dekh kaise meri raand banata hoon.”

“Madddaammm Ahhh mai maar jaunge ahh uhee maa uhee maaa mujhse nahi hoga aahhh”. Sheila madam slapped on his arms telling its her first time to be slow on me.

But sir was in no mood. He grunted on Sheila madam telling her, “chup be rand aur tu dar mat Nahi marne dunga tujhe randi, ab to aur chudwana hai tujhe chinal, behanchod kya garam chut hai tu. Yeh le aur le aur le maderchod chut, phatne de teri chut, tare jaise ladki humse chut phatwane ke liye hi paida hoti hai. Sab thik hoga,abhi dekh 5 minit mai dard khatam hoga aur tu khud chudwane lagegi samjhi? “

I started begging Makrand sir to please spare her. Makrand sir was enjoying as he was fucking a virgin girl like me. This excited him no end and his proud thick cock throbbed even more. Sheila madam came by my side and I was pleading her with tears in my eyes.

Sheila madam told him again to be slow as I was a virgin. Makrand sir meanwhile removed the head slowly, and he brought his mouth near my cunt and as he removed his cock it was tons of relief and I could see and he was spitting in my cunt.

He shoved in again off course there was pain, but much better then what I had before. He did the same 3-4 times and told me even I shriek or cry now he is not going to stop and stating the same Makrand sir started inserting his prick bit by bit, thrusting and withdrawing.

He got a slow rhythm going and sensed I too was lifting my buttocks to adjust hic cok and meet his thrusts. My juices were flowing freely and I could feel an orgasm approaching. I now clawed on Makrand sirs back egging him to go faster.

Sheila madma asked me how I liked it. I managed a whimpering sound ” oohh aaargg hhhees ffucking mee sooo niccely, it feelss ssoo good”.

Makrand sir now started thrusting and withdrawing faster and faster pounding my virgin cunt. His heavy balls were slapping against my raised buttocks with each of Makrand sirs powerful strokes.

Our bodies were glistening with sweat and the only sound in the room was Makrand sirs increased thrusts and me moaning “unnghh urggh aaiiee ouiii maaaa”,

Makrand sir started thrusting hard and I came and came. “oouuii mmaa ohhhhhrrggd”.

Makrand sir too could not hold back any longer and he grunted “Tujhe chodke mera lauda bhi zadne wala hai. Maderchod randi, teri chut ki pehle chudai ka pani teri chut mai hi dalunga aaaaahhhhhhh yehhhhhhhh leeeeeeeeeeeeeee chhhhiiiiinnnnaaaaaaalllll” grunting this bad words he exploded inside me filling my cunt with his semen. He then collapsed on me and turned next to me.

I never thought sex was so wonderful. I went out cleaned myself and I have no panties to wear as it was torn of by Makrand sir. I was at my desk just finishing of my work to go home.

I almost got frightened to see Makrand sir again near my desk. He was nice to me he was telling me he is sorry that he was bad with her and so on. He held me and brought me closer to him and kissed me and I was weak on my legs again.

He was so nice to me I couldn’t hold back and I was already wet. Sir made me sit on the desk and pushing my sari shoved in his cock in my cunt and fuck me again.

This was much better as there were no bad words but wonderful words coming from his mouth. He and Sheila madam left me home that day. We had few day holiday and the night was horrible for me.

To my surprise next day around 10 am Sheila madam came to my place and taking my mom’s dad permission telling them have to go outstation with office related work.

In fact she told me its my wish there is no force if I want to come then only come over as Sir is going to be there. I don’t know what happened I left with her. Rather then going anywhere she took me Sir’s private flat and for 3 days Makrand sir had sex with me and we did everything.

He treated me like a queen but when it comes to sex he was beast with those dirty words which I started to love it.

The best thing about our sex is hidden sex where he could pop into my room lift my skirt sari or pull down my pants and just fuck and he was always erect and I was always wet so we didn’t had to have any kind of foreplay.

He had given me quick fuck many a times, most of the time he want to spend luxurious time with me, Sheila mam could come to my house and take me to his flat. For my parents I had gone on tour on official purpose and the real fact I was with him.

Three years I was out there and it could be a daily affair once or twice in a week was the average I had sex with Makrand sir. When I was 21 years old I was going to get married and Makrand sir paid for most of the expenses telling my parents I was just like his kid sister.

My parents were all praising him a lot but they didn’t know the real fact I was his slutty sister. Makrand sir did had other girls too but I and Sheila madam where is his regular.

I still remember the day of my marriage sir has sent his Tata Safari and the first thing he did was made him give a blow job in the car as Sheila madam was driving.

That’s not all 5 days later I went with my husband to meet Makrand sir as we were leaving for Baroda, Makrand sir hooked Sheila madam with my husband to get my banking account closed.

I was with Makrand sir getting fucked by him twice in 2 hours. In fact we finished having sex but sir was so much on telling me he is going to miss me and so on and then just lifted my sari and fucked me and we finished just 3-4 min before my husband and Sheila madam popped in

Makrand sir was so crazy about me, he did visited me at Baroda on pretax of business and stayed with us. Off course it wasn’t just stay and when my husband went to office we were back to square one.