Lisa having lesbian Sex with Mother-in-law

I’m Lisa, 28 years old, married. Live in small city, I‘m a housewife, as I live oversea with my husband so I’m not working now, in my country I worked as a finance executive. when I move in NZ I didn’t find any official job because of my poor English, my husband doing work in IT company as accounts manager.

I’m going to write a real lesbian sex story with my MIL (Mother In-Law). She is 47 years old woman, I’m bisexual girl from my university life, it have been few times with few different woman but I’m not gonna write that now. now I’m going to write that is happened with my MIL after my 3 years married. I don’t have FIL (Father-In-Law).
He pass way long time ago, when my husband was 10 years old. My husband now is 30 years old. We have a 4 bed room flat its own by my MIL, my MIL work in big technology company. Also got high salary. Many times I saw many pretty & beautiful woman came our house with my MIL and spend time with her but I never knew she is bisexual woman.
Last 1 months she is on leave cuz she did not take any off day from work & she doesn’t bring any friend at home either this off days, so I thought all the female came our house with her all were works friend. One Saturday night I was having sex with my husband at 9pm or something around can not remember exactly.
While we forgot to lock our door & I would moan loudly whenever I will make sex, its come from my deep feeling, maybe my MIL was hearing my sound & she came near to out door and peeping from outside our sex, suddenly I looked at the door and see door is open, my MIL was looking our sex, I was on top so my husband could not look at her, but when I saw him I just was speechless, but I didn’t stop or didn’t go for lock the door.
When my MIL was looking on my she also seen that I have seen her but she just smile on me and wink me. I was feeling shy but I don’t know what should I do, I even didn’t dear to tell my husband. At night I could not sleep at well, next day when I woke up and went to make breakfast while I seen her and she was smiling on me, I was feeling shy & could not say any word.
We both usually make breakfast together as well as cook together usually I will help her to cook as I can not cook well but she can cook very good. When cook almost end while she compliment me that I’m very beautiful and sexy, & said that she never think I’m that beautiful under dress. But I didn’t understand it fully her sentence.
Then she told me keep my body fit, it will work… I just smile to her & say thank you mom, when we was taking breakfast, she was looking at me and smiling while I was feeling shy. When she was leaving from breakfast table she wink me again. After that one week pass & we are normal, my MIL also nothing say, just mostly look at me and smile nothing more, but she is just one leave still 2 week to go.
One day I was sleeping at day time after woke up from sleep, I sat on my table and open email, I got an email from unknown ID. She said, hi how are you? How is life & many more, I reply in same meaner as I thought that maybe some old friend, as also ask her who are you? With in 5 minutes I got reply from her that she wrote that,
she is some one that looking for me and she wants to take me her bed, then I said I’m married I don’t go with woman or man behind my husband, then she reply you will very soon, I didn’t reply, next message she write, how many girl have I been with? I reply how do you know I have been with girl?
Same time I never been with girl I wrote, she reply me, 97% woman like girls… you like girls I know it very well, then I said how do you know, she said from your looks. I said can you give me your Identity. She said she will one day. Next day she send me some erotic email, some incase story as well, some times some lesbian porn clip she sent me, I always read & was that curiously.
Main while I was feeling horny too, after one month my husband move in USA from a Project he will be there 9 months could be 3 months more. While my Husband leaves from USA. After 2 day, she send me an email that my husband move in USA so I could sleep with her if I like, so I reply her that if she can introduce herself I could think about it, I say it just to know her.
She didn’t reply me. Next day she email me that do I like family sex. I said no, then she said, you will do soon, I just stop replying her. After 2 weeks I was feeling horny while I was watching porn, in the same time my MIL came in my door and nock the door, I said wait plz, and come in few minute late as I had to ready, cuz I was watching porn in my laptop,
she come in my room and said what I’m doing etc, & she ask me if I like to go in beach next weekend, I said ok, but next day night after 8pm I have seen her that she were bra and short pant at home but she never wear that in front of me, not even short pant, before she always wear long pant, she asking me how she is look I said, she is very pretty and sexy, she said not like you,
I said believe me you more sexy and beautiful then me, she said thank you, at night when I was taking dinner with her, she would touch my leg by her leg & try to touch my upper leg, I just try to resist her. Then suddenly she asked me directly, Lisa, do you like girls? I was shock, I was quite, then she said your silent mean to me you like girl, I just could not said any word,
she said don’t worry if you like girl you can be with girl, I will not tell my son, we can be like close friend & share some experience, then I speak up & tell I like girl but its all was before married after married not even look at girls, then she smile. Suddenly she asked me do I like her, I said yes I like her as my mom, she said most of the girls doesn’t like their MIL how could I do?
I said you are wrong, we should respect your MIL, she said respect & like, love is difference, then I finish dinner, at mid night I was thinking of her words that she speak to me. As well as she was touching me I also feel horny about it. Then I masturbate myself thinking some thing about my past sex.
Next day morning I see her half naked walking in kitchen, she has shape size boobs quite big, she is 47 still her breast look very frame & attractive, I was feel shy. Then day pass & night come, at night I was about to go bed & I think to check my email, I open my email the same person email me that, if I like my mother in law then I can have her,
I said why I should make sex with my MIL, with in 2 minutes I got reply that I have to make sex with MIL because of double pleaser with husband & MIL both can enjoy. Then I was feeling horny, & she ask me do I have webcam I said no, she said why I lie, I really I don’t, then she asked me do I like cam sex, I never did cam sex but some how I said I like,
then she ask me do I like to look breast on cam or pussy I said if you like to show me, she said just breast nothing else I said ok, then she open her cam but she didn’t show me anything she just show her breast, even could not guess her room but I feel the same breast with my Mother in Law, when I was feeling same breast with my MIL while I was feeling more horny, then I was masturbating,
but I didn’t lock the door, while I was masturbate my MIL came in my room without nock, every time she will come in my room even my door is not lock she will nock but this time she didn’t nock, she just come in my room and seen me, I’m naked & touching my breast, she said that’s my girl, I like it.
And I was trying to cover myself, just now I have seen breast on webcam the same breast I have seen, she was topless. She come closer to me and kiss on my lips I didn’t speak up & she was rubbing my breast I was replying to her as I was horny then she kiss me, lick my breast and kiss all my body and I just touch her breast,
then she goes down to my pussy and lick it finger it I was feeling like cum, then she said don’t cum so fast dear. You should open my pant and underwear then I follow her commend and I was open her pant and underwear, she was gorgeous, no hair in any area, its like pure white woman, all area is shave.
She attract my eyes, she said don’t look like that you are 100% beautiful then me, every single woman would like to have you lisa, 1st day I have seen you with my son from that day I was trying to have you but I could not manage but now I got chance, she hugs me tightly, I touch her breast and suck it.
Then finger for her we did 69 position she was sucking my pussy I just finger her when she was licking me I was cum. She said too fast baby, why so horny, I said your son is not here so I’m horny then she said last night you also masturbate why so horny still, I was surprise. Then that night was did 1 more times & we sleep together, at morning usually she will woke up early as usual,
at morning I have seen she was touching my breast and pussy then at morning we did 1 more time and we made breakfast together, took breaks together also, she was totally naked, she ask me to stay naked its fun, I was shy to be naked & I don’t like to stay naked. Then she tonight she will give me big surprise, at night when I was watching TV,
I got doorbell, some one came as my mom was naked I asked her to dress up, she said don’t mind open the door, I didn’t open, then she goes to door and look the door hole who is outside then open it, when open the door I seen her close friend come with her friend Daughter in law, I was big surprise then we had sex 4 person together that was great sex ever,
I have many more sex experience with her I will write it next time, my husband doesn’t know anything about it. But me & my MIL do every thing we like, even we invite many girl in our house, now I became sex Silva. I’m so sorry I make you so boring to read it but its true story in my life, I live in New Zealand. But I;m South Asian girl. I don’t want to give my Identity.