Let’s Make A Deal

I was working a job out of town, at the end of the first week I wanted to find a good watering hole for Friday night so that I could blow off steam. Some of the local guys I was working with suggested a place called Dix, it was near my hotel and they said the drinks would be cheap. So after work and a quick bite to eat I headed down the street to find Dix. It was a small place; there were only about
five tables and half dozen stools at the bar. But being Friday after work the place was already at standing room only. I went to the bar and got myself a bourbon, as I did a stool opened up so I sat at the bar. While I nursed my drink, I noticed that the customers were mostly men, there were a few girls in the place, but I started to feel a little out of place. Just as I finished my drink and was about to leave, a very cute girl came over to the bar next to me and ordered a drink, she smiled at me and asked my name, commenting that she hadn’t seen me before. I talked with her and ordered another drink, it wasn’t long before she was leaning close to me as we talked, even rubbing her hand up and down the inside of my thigh. This got my attention, so I pulled her in close, reached around, and gently squeezed her ass, this made her giggle and she ran her hands up my thigh and rubbed my cock as it hardened in her hand. She whispered in my ear, asking if I wanted her to suck my dick, obviously I did.
She took my hand and led me towards the back past the bathrooms to a door tended by a very large bouncer. She smiled as she said “Jack we need a few minutes of privacy” and Jack opened the door. In the room, I saw several stuffed chairs and a couple of sofas, there wasn’t anybody else around so we sat on one of the sofas. She was very cute, with blonde shoulder length hair, blue eyes and a devilish smile. At just 5’ 2” and about 115 pounds, she looked very athletic with a perfect pair of 38D tits that were just about to jump out of her halter top. She started kissing me as she unzipped my fly; I pulled her tits out of her halter top, they were very firm no wonder she didn’t wear a bra. I kissed her tits and made out with her for a few minutes before she got my cock into her mouth, then the game changed quickly. She sucked my cock as if it was her last meal, I couldn’t believe that she could take my full 10” dick into her throat; she worked on me furiously sucking me while she massaged my balls. It only took a couple of minutes before I shot a big load of cum into her mouth with some of it leaking out her mouth and down her chin. I pulled her up to me and kissed her, tasting my cum in her mouth excited me, I really wanted more, so I sucked my cum off her chin and bent down to suck her tits while I let my hands reach down to her crotch. I was shocked when I felt a cock where I expected to find a pussy. At first, I didn’t know what to do, I had never thought about his, so my mind was reeling. It’s not as if I hadn’t ever sucked a little cock before, you know boys will be boys kind of stuff. But this was definitely a new area for me, I thought about running out, but my cock was still hard and she was rubbing me softly to keep my interest. I decided to see where this would go, after all I was open minded and another blow job would feel good. I continued rubbing her little cock and it hardened in my hand growing to be a good 6 inches, I asked if she liked getting rubbed like that and she said she loved it. It wasn’t long before I had removed her pants and was stroking her cock shaft, she moved down to suck my cock again and for some reason I wanted to suck her. I couldn’t help myself, I put her dick in my mouth and started sucking, and she moaned “that feels good” and I worked her as she worked me. I could taste her pre cum and I liked it, so I picked up the pace rubbing her tit with one hand and pushing her cock into my mouth with the other. I felt her finger rubbing my asshole, she only rubbed it a little before she pushed her finger into me, I gritted my teeth as it hurt a bit. She worked her finger in and out of my ass while she continued to suck my cock, I moved my hand down and without hesitation, I shoved my index finger hard into her ass, she cried “oh damn” then moaned as I worked it in and out. It only took a couple of strokes before she shot her cum into my mouth; I was surprised at the amount of cum as I couldn’t swallow it all before it ran out of my mouth and down my chin. I was still sucking her dick and fingering her ass when I let my second load go into her mouth. She didn’t swallow it, instead she jumped up and kissed me with a mouthful of my sticky white load, which we both tasted and enjoyed for several minutes of making out. After we had swallowed every drop, she asked if I liked having sex with her even though she had a cock instead of a pussy. I told her that I loved sex, and very much enjoyed everything we had done. “Good” she said and asked if I wanted more. Of course, but I told her it would be a while before I could go again. She offered to go get us some drinks as she put on her halter and pants and headed out the door. She sure looked cute; I would have never guessed that she was anything but all girl.
She returned with a tray full of drinks that included a bottle of bourbon, several shots of tequila, beer chasers, and a mirror with a couple long lines of coke ready to go. We snorted the lines, shot the tequila and sat back to sip on the bourbon. I was still naked, so I pulled her tits out as she slipped her pants off, we were just starting to pull each other’s cocks when the door opened and a man came in with his girl in tow. They had a tray of drinks and sat on the sofa next to ours. “Hey Brandi what you got there” the man asked with a snicker. “This is Dave, isn’t he sexy” Brandi asked. “He sure is” replied the young girl, “My name is Janet and this is Bob” she said to me while staring at my cock in Brandi’s hand. Janet was a very fair skinned black girl, she was very small with a nice pair of 36C breast that were showing nipples through her sheer white blouse. She had on a very short min skirt so I couldn’t begin to guess whether she was all girl or part boy. It didn’t matter to me, my cock was hardening in Brandi’s hand and Janet was staring at it as if it was the prize for first place in some weird sexual Olympics’ event. Bob squeezed her ass hard ass he pushed her over towards us and said, “Go suck that cock you little black whore”. Janet smiled back at him saying “Yes Daddy” as she knelt in front of me and licked at the head of my cock. This got Brandi going, she pushed me back on the couch crawling over top of me to put her cock in my mouth as I felt Janet push her mouth down over my cock shaft. I fingered Brandi’s ass and in a very short minute, she emptied her cock juice into my mouth. This time I swallowed it all before she jumped off of me and went over to Bob. As she did, Janet stripped off her clothes and quickly sat on my face, she had a nice little shaved pussy which I greedily sucked. I could taste her juice and it wasn’t long before she was cuming on my face while she sucked at my cock. As she finished cuming Bob came over and rammed his huge thick 10 inch cock into Janet’s tiny little asshole. She screamed, but you could hardly hear it because her mouth was stuffed with my cock. I continued to suck her pussy while Bob fucked her ass like he was raping a gorilla, I could feel Janet struggling with it when he pulled out of her ass and shoved his cock into my mouth. Janet moved to the side and gave Bob plenty of room so he could stuff his big cock into my mouth. He pulled it out and stroked it with his hand, as he told me to open my mouth he shot four big strings of thick sticky cock juice into my mouth and the rest he shot onto my face. I was covered in sweat, cunt juice, and cum; it was then that I realized that more people had entered the room. I was embarrassed that others had watched me suck and swallow Bob’s cock and load; but I was even more embarrassed that I had enjoyed it. Looking around the room there were at least a dozen guys and a couple more girls. Only these girls weren’t cute like Brandi and Janet. In fact, I could tell easily that these girls had boy equipment on them; in fact, the girl was packing a cock that could embarrass Bob. Brandi brought me a sip of bourbon and said “Everybody wants you tonight, but if you want to go, now is the time”. I couldn’t think straight, I had satisfied myself and two other cocks already, how much was enough. Janet leaned in and said “You can fuck my pussy if you stay”. I thought about that sweet tiny black cunt and decided it might be worth it. “What do you want me to do” I heard myself ask. Two of the guys opened a closet at the back of the room and brought a table to the middle of the room. The table had leather bindings for hands and feet, and was just tall enough to perfectly position the occupant for fucking by someone standing up. Bob grabbed me by my throat and said “You’re going to love this” as two other guys helped him pin me face up on the table. My hands were tied down by my sides and my legs were pulled up over my chest and tied so that my ass was lifted slightly off the table. The table was short enough so that my ass was hanging over the edge at one end and my heat hung over the edge at the other. Damn, I knew this wasn’t good.
Brandi climbed on top of me and stuffed her cock in my mouth, this got things started, before I knew it I was getting cock shoved in my ass and Brandi was getting cock shoved in her ass. Every time a guy was ready to come Brandi would pull out her cock and the guy would either cum in my mouth or shoot all over Brandi’s ass and let the cum run down on to my face and into my mouth. Even the other girl’s in the room were fucking my ass and cuming in me. A couple of guys came in my ass, which Janet hungrily sucked out and put in my mouth as she kissed me. In a matter of minutes, I had swallowed 10 loads of cock juice, then a very large man stood over me, it was Jack the bouncer. Jack pulled out the biggest dick I had ever seen, It was easily 15 inches long and more than three inches around. He stuffed the cock head into my mouth then pulled it out and walked around to my other end. I screamed in pain as he shoved it hard into my ass and started fucking me hard. This got everyone excited; they were cheering him on as he tried to put all of it up my ass. Brandi lifted herself up, Jack pulled out of my ass and came around to Brandi’s little ass. She was screaming and the room was cheering as Jack let his load go in her ass. His cum filled her ass and rang down his cock, dripping off his balls and onto my face. When he finished, his cum ran out of her ass which she had pressed down onto my mouth forcing me to eat his hot sticky cum. I was coated in cock cream and my ass felt like it was on fire. A couple of guys came back for seconds, filling either my ass or my mouth with more cum. After they were done, I was untied and Brandi helped me dress, as she whispered in my ear “Dave you were terrific, most guys pass out, you swallowed more than 20 cock loads tonight, that’s got to be a record for Dix”. Brandi helped me to walk, and as we passed through the bar everyone patted me on the back, hugged me or kissed me as we made our way out. Brandi even helped me back to my hotel, but I don’t remember much after that.
The next day when I woke Brandi was gone, she left a note on the dresser which said “I’d like to see you again”. With the note was $1000 with “your cut” written on one of the bills. Well I’m sure I earned it, but not only was I seriously deranged sexually, I had become a man whore with a lady boy for a pimp. I guess it could have been worse, I realize now that they could have done anything they wanted to, they could have even killed me. I spent the rest of the day trying to recover and finally by late afternoon I felt a little better. I showered, dressed and went out for a little dinner. By now it was getting dark when a little voice in my head said “I wonder…” As I walked through the front door of Dix; I was immediately confronted by Bob asking “What are you doing here”; and Janet piped in with “I know why” as she took my hand and with a smile on her face led me to the back.