Chandana having Hot encounter with Boss

I am writing this story of my own which happened in my life. I am not a good story writer. If any mistakes are there please excuse me. I hope u all excuse me if any mistakes are there. I am Chandana, my friends call me as chandu. I am an employee in a company as a personal secretary to my Boss.

After completing my graduation due to my financial problems in my home I cant continue my studies. So I have joined in this company as a receptionist an year back. I am friendly to every one in the office I use to help all the employees in there work, by this I have helped the secretary of my boss, I know the work what he does.
Later he got a better opportunity, she has resigned the job and I have became the P.A. of my Boss. As my responsibilities in the office are getting more my pay is also getting increased and I am happy wid that and I have to do late nights in office. Sometimes I may get late to reach the home.
My parents use to scold me at the first later they understand my problem they gave me a full freedom. My boss is very strict in work and he needs the work in time. some times I used to give d work in time but some times I use to get failed and I have to see his anger. To tell me about my boss he is around 53 years of age got retired frm the military department.
And u know they are very strict in work and they wont work in time. I forgot to tell u about me I am 5.2 inches not very beautiful but looks average. My friends use to say that my lips and my eyes looks very beautiful, rather u can say as sexy. Our is a consultancy office so there will be a regular meetings wid the officials people some times after office hours also.
So also use to attend to the meetings as I am his personal secretary. Once there was a meeting in the office with the officials as it was a week end day (Saturday). Me and my boss were present in the office and at the last movement it got cancelled and my boss invited me to have a dinner wid him as it was d dinner time as we waited for the officials.
We reached d restaurant and he ordered for the drinks and I said tht I never had any drinks. He did me and said tht it will juz like a cool drink and cant insist him as he is my boss. While having drinks he said that he has only daughter who stays in U.S. who got married a year and half back as it was a love marriage he was against it.
He said tht his wife also went to us to settle the issues raised between their family and he is alone and thts the reason he spends more time in office. He asked me abt my family details and my love affairs in my life. I said tht I dont have such affairs wid anyone and he laughed for a min and asked me is tht is a true.
He said that he wont believe now a days gals….. for which I got hurt some what and kept silent. Later he ordered for a food we had and slowly the power of the drink power is playing with my mind and some thing is happening to me, as it was for the first time that I was having drinks in my life. My body is getting lighter and lighter and I don’t know how I reached upto the parking.
My boss is nearby as I was about to get into the car but I slipped and my boss stop me as in such a way that I was hugging him on his chest and a sudden power has been has been passed in both of us. He slowly open the car door and sit him beside and driving. While driving also I was falling on him and touched his penis.
Some thing change has been came in him, drive his car to his home. While reaching his home he was playing wid my cheeks and my boobs and I was responding to him. We reached his home and me slept in the sofa and had given me one more drink for one more time and I accepted it. While having the second peg he made me sit on his lap made me kiss on my lips.
Hmmmmmmm…………….. wow what a feeling it was I was never kissed by any one and a strange feeling appeared in me and I too responded to him. He kissed me for a long time and started pressing my boobs which were juz like the small balls in hands and making me hot.
While pressing my boobs he slowly removed the buttons of my shirt and pressing them hardly and I liked that feeling and responding to him. He made free my boobs and started sucking my balls with his mouth and playing the other by his hand. I slowly removed his shirt. He had hairy body all his chest and I slowly removed his pant and he was in inner wears and I can see his long cock struggling to come out.
He removed my hair clip and made my hair free and kissed me and stood in the floor and said lets go to bed room darling. I obeyed him and followed to his bed room. Wow the bed was a king sized and made me slept on tht and removed my pant buttons and I was in my bikini and I know it was wet as I released.
He made free of his penis and juz came near me kissed and inserted the long penis to suck. I don’t know how to suck but he made me insert it in my mouth and slowly pushed it in. he said me to juz like a lollypop which I used to suck whn I was a child. I did so and he was moaning ahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……
And it was getting deeper and deeper it my mouth. While doing so he removed my bikini and inserted his middle finger in my pussy. I felt a pain and was abt to crush he cock, he understood and asked whether I was a virgin. I said yes and he made me suck his cock more deeper and deeper. He lifted me and made to come at the edge of the bed and inserted the finger more deeply and deeply.
I was moaning badly and saying hmhmhmhmhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………………………… ahahahhahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and slowly removed his finger and keep two fingers inside and said how is it.
I said I was having pain please remove but he did not listen and hot and hot. I was shouting badly but no body is there to listen my pain. Later he removed his fingers and inserted his cock.